Hot new Trend: GLAMPING

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For those of us obsessed with reality TV, the term “glamping” might be in your regular everyday realm of hybrid words that makes perfect sense to you.  After all, reality star and event planning maven, Tori Spelling “trademarked” the term after an idea for a family camping trip needed some glamorous updating. Enter the idea of “Glamping”: Glamorous Camping. The two words seems more like an oxymoron than a hot new trend on the event circuit, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Or perhaps where there’s a rustic tee pee tent, there’s LED uplighting and canvas fabric so thin you can see the stars.  We can already sense the eye rolls from hard-core outdoorsy types, but for the more pampered bride, or bride-to-be, this makes the whole concept just a bit more bearable.

Bizbash Magazine recently featured a fascinating segment on the new trend. Maxim even gave the look a whirl for their annual “Hot List” launch party. They definitely amped things up with faux coolers filled with dry ice used as listening stations fully equipped with Beats Headphones, and craft beers in specialty cans.  It had a definite nostalgic feel with nods to throwback brands and new prints like flannel and burlap.

We have seen the rustic wedding trends for the past few seasons and while we still love ourselves a chic barn wedding, or aisles lined with hay bales, there’s just something fun and super cool about this camping trend.  We love the fusion between old-school and hipster lighting- a definite upgrade to the look and making it perfect for an urban venue like a loft or somewhere with industrial elements. Not so sure you want to try the full-out look for your big day? We can’t think of anything cooler than a campfire with a s’mores station for your rehearsal dinner. Hiring a grill-master to cook up everything from high-end bison burger to artisan sausages can add a fun juxtaposition to the entire night!


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And the recent return to camping has hit Hollywood big-time. While Ms. Spelling is crazy for the idea and even themed her launch event for her Little Maven clothing line with all things “campy,” Matthew McConaughey adopted the trend for his Austin wedding last year too!  He and his bride opted for high-end, air-conditioned tents set up all along the grounds of is Texas home complex, to make the entire weekend have a  more communal feel.  We can’t say we love getting dressed for a wedding in a tent, but it sounds like it was certainly memorable! And if I’m going camping, it’s definitely going to be in style!


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