Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Tiramisu Wedding Cake.  We’ve raved about our love for wedding cakes before, and we admit it, we’ve got quite a sweet tooth.  We love to see how couples get creative with their wedding day dessert, and when we saw this pin, we were intrigued.  How come we haven’t heard of tiramisu wedding cake until now?  This cake not only looks and sounds delicious, but its also an example of how nontraditional elements can be a delightful surprise on your special day.

We Heart Photography

Messy Ponytail.  One of our favorite boards to pin to is our “Bride, Hair” board.  It might seem silly, but we never get tired of seeing all the creative styles brides come up with for their big day.  We see lots of loose waves and lots of updos, but it can often be hard to find something in between the two.  This pin is the perfect combination between the two styles, making a low ponytail slightly more formal with loose waves and haphazard pinning.  The overall look is relaxed, happy, and carefree, perfect for that oh so special day!

Wedding Day Quilt.  This next pin has to be one of our favorite wedding ideas to date.  It’s personal, intimate, and memory making, the perfect combination in wedding world.  The bride and groom requested that their guests respond to their invitation with a piece of fabric, any fabric.  The swatches were then incorporated and sewn into a beautiful and one of a kind quilt for the couple to have for the rest of their lives.  What better way to remember your wedding day than to wrap yourself in it on a daily basis?

Gia Canali Photography