Mexican Wedding Traditions

Mexican Wedding Traditions
What can you expect in Mexican wedding traditions? Pinatas, mariachi bands, thirteen gold coins….Oh my! These are just some of the symbols and customs you will find prevalent at a Mexican wedding. Family is very important to Mexican families. It is not unheard of to have very large weddings and invite all extended family relatives.
In addition to many guests, Mexican wedding traditions have a large number of attendants. The attendants are called madrinas and padrinos and they have special roles in the wedding. Sponsors’are usually god parents or special others who contribute to the cost of the wedding. In establishing the wedding budget, and particularly in contracting for wedding services, it is important to know which sponsors may be paying for what part of the wedding.
Other members of the wedding party include:
Flower girl, ring bearer, and madrina de arras holds 13 coins
The Madrina de ramo carries flowers for the Virgin Mary
The madrina de laso carries a jeweled or beaded rope
The madrina de copas carry the wine glasses for the toast
The madrina de velacion, is chosen to turn to for guidance throughout her married life. There are two symbols significant in the ceremony of a Mexican wedding including thirteen gold coins as a symbol of his unquestionable trust and confidence. These coins become a part of their family heirloom. As part of the ceremony to symbolize unity, a large loop of rosary beads or a lasso (cord) is placed in a figure eight shape around the necks of the couple after they have exchanged their vows. At the end of the ceremony, the lasso is given to the Bride as a memento of her becoming the mistress of the groom’s heart and home.
As in many cultures, music and food are muy importante to Mexican families. Traditional meals are feasted upon and the sounds of cumbia, meringue, and salsa fill the air. Mexican dancers and mariachi bands are often hired to play music and dance during the dinner portion of the wedding and to get guests dancing!