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Mother and Father Of The Bride Gift Ideas

Mother and Father Of The Bride Gift Ideas

There are many people to thank when planning your wedding. Often, no people should be thanked more than the mother and father of the bride. Special gifts are often given to the bridal party, but you do not want to forget the two people who likely will be your best wedding planning helpers, your parents. Here are some thoughtful mother and father of the bride gift ideas.

A Handmade Photo Album Or Scrapbook

So many sentimental moments through the years culminate for your parents on your wedding day. What better way to show them you love and appreciate them than with a personalized photo album or scrapbook of photos of you together through the years? If simple is easier for you, You can use a blank photo album. In contrast, for a little more detail you could also get a wood carved album or scrapbook.  Parents will love the thoughtful gift and it’s a great idea that won’t break the bank.

Gift Certificate To The Mother & Father Of The Bride’s Favorite Restaurant

The mother and father of the bride are traditionally the hosts of the wedding, therefore lots of energy goes into both wedding planning and the wedding weekend. Because of this, a restaurant gift card is a great way to treat your parents to dinner out after a busy weekend. It’s always a relief to not have to cook dinner after a busy event.

A Handwritten Note

Is there something you’ve always wanted to say to your parents but never have? This is a great way to include them “thank you for everything” you’ve always wanted to say, or even just an, “I love you.” A handwritten note as opposed to a typed note makes it that much more special. You can even write it on pretty stationary that your parents can turn into wall décor in their home. Additionally, you could simply write a sweet thank you note to show your appreciate to them.

Keepsake Jewelry Or Handkerchief

We’ve all seen this idea all over Pinterest, but that’s because it’s a great idea! Practical gifts are always a great idea. A piece of wedding jewelry is something your mom can always wear and remember your special bond. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime. An embroidered handkerchief is a perfect gift for the bittersweet tears of their child’s wedding day. It’s practical, but it can also be a special memento to think of you. In contrast, if using the handkerchief isn’t for them, you could have a special messaged embroidered onto it and frame it for them.

As you choose for the mother and father of the bride gift remember the most important factor is meaning. The cost of the gift should not be the focus. The most special gifts are the ones that mean the most to the receiver. These thoughtful mother and father of the bride gifts are sure to bring a tear to any parents’ eye. Happy Planning! For more wedding planning inspiration, check out more Chicago Wedding Blog posts below.

Give Thanks To Mom

Give Thanks to Mom

Give Thanks to Mom

Weddings are a source of those kick up your heels, ice cream cones in summer feelings but they also impact each person differently. Emotions run high and low for each person contributing to the wedding – from the mother of the bride to the flower girl.

While, you as the bride, are the crowning centerpiece of the whole affair, it might be wise to take some time out and understand what your wedding means to others in your life. Take a few minutes to thank your mother for giving up so much of her time to help you plan for example. For a mother it’s that bond that seemed so unshakeable has now been fragmented and she sees her little girl moving on in life without her. Mothers of the bride are often emotional but instead of thinking of it as another thing gone wrong, try to see it as she cares for you deeply.


Give Thanks To MomKelly Hornberger Photography

Maybe it’s not a mother, perhaps it’s a father who raised you or a grandparent. As much as they’ve all tested your new husband to be, it might be worth your while to give them some reassurance during this hectic time. You’re still the same person they love and will remain that way despite the cake being chocolate when you wanted vanilla. No one will be happier for you on your big day than those who raised you to become the beautiful, elegant bride you are!


Give Thanks To Momvia The Bridal Times

As in most weddings, melt downs tend to happen at any given moment. Don’t let them ruin the day or your wedding planning. Take deep breaths and understand that marriage isn’t just one day – it is a lifetime of commitment. Those people who care about you know this and take it as a sign of good faith that they care enough to be invested. Of course, there are lines that if crossed, the bride has every right to stop the show and demand it be carried on her way!