How to Handle a Momzilla

Brides often get a bad rep for being bridezillas, but the mother-of-the-bride can be just as demanding and troublesome. If your mom (or the mother-of-the-groom) is getting a little out of hand, use these simple tips to help save the peace at your wedding.

Warn Others

If you are dealing with a Momzilla, don’t keep it a secret. Warn your wedding planner and other vendors. They can help you handle a Momzilla who is interfering with your wedding plans, and they will appreciate knowing in advance what to expect. For instance, if you don’t tell the DJ to ignore all song requests from your over-involved mom, you may end up listening to all of your mother’s favorite songs at the wedding instead of the songs you and your fiancé requested. While you should consider your parents’ opinions, the day ultimately belongs to you and your fiancé.

Plan Ahead

If you know you will be dealing with a Momzilla, make plans before she can interfere. For instance, if your Momzilla will be too outspoken about the dress you wear, go shopping with friends to find the perfect dress. Then take your mom back to see the gown once you have made a decision about the dress you want.

Keep Her Busy

Momzillas want to be involved, and they will be very offended if you don’t take any of their suggestions. To avoid an argument, choose a task that isn’t too important to you and assign it to the Momzilla. This could be something simple like creating the welcome bags for out of town guests or something more involved such as the rehearsal dinner. Giving the Momzilla a job will not only make her feel involved, but it will also keep her busy so you can get more important planning done.


Happy wedding planning, and best of luck dealing with your Momzilla.

Music Requests

When it comes to planning your reception, everyone wants to give advice. We often find that family, friends, co-workers, and vendors are constantly telling our clients what to do and how to do it. At Music By Design, our philosophy regarding customer service is elementary, yet revolutionary; we actually listen to your needs and deliver them. By having complete control over song selection and reception planning, you and your guests will have more fun. Our dedication to customer service will give you peace-of-mind and increase the overall enjoyment of your reception.

That said, your DJ is responsible for handling incoming music requests from your guests.  Prior to your event, you will have filled out a detailed list of “Must Play” and “Do Not Play” songs as well as detailing the music genres that are most in tune with your taste.  Leading up to your event, your DJ will personally call you to get a clear understanding of what songs will be appropriate during your event and how you would like them handled.  Some couples are very open to taking requests. Some may say, “We only want you to take requests from the bridal party.”  Others still may tell the DJ not to take any requests whatsoever. Whatever the case may be, your DJ will use good judgment and will not play any song that is not consistent with your taste.

What’s more, your DJ will not want your guests bothering you during your event asking you to “make” the DJ play a song.  To stop this from happening, a good DJ will simply tell the guest, “I don’t have it” when a “Do Not Play” song is requested.  While some guests may find it hard to believe the DJ may not have the song “Celebration”, it is a quick and easy way to stop the situation from escalating.  Some guests may try to bribe the DJ with money to play a song.  Keep in mind; you hired your DJ to play the music you wanted to hear at your special event.  A professional DJ should NEVER be convinced to play a song that was on your “Do Not Play” list in exchange for money.

The bottom line is this: your DJ is there to serve you.  At Music By Design, our number one priority is to satisfy the needs of the bride and groom.