Ombre is Everywhere!

Ombre is Everywhere

A few years ago, the word “ombre” probably didn’t mean very much to anyone besides the super chic fashion loyals who were coveting the Prada ombre hobo bag, the hottest designer carrier of the season! But even to the average gal, (or guy even!) the trend is everywhere and it’s certainly a term we are all seeing pretty much everywhere. And whether you subscribe to the trend in order to gracefully and gradually darken your summer- lightened locks or are donning the dip dyed look in your latest wardrobe endeavor, we are all shamelessly in the midst of ombre mania. So it was no surprise when everything ombre became the next super trend in weddings! And it pretty much became officially the next thing when Style me Pretty featured a stunning feature giving tips on how to ombre everything!  Here’s our thoughts and some majorly easy and eye catching ways to bring the fancy craze to your wedding day!


The best part about ombre is the many hues you can get from just one color. The idea is to gradually lighten or darker by showing every shade in between of the same color. We love the idea of picking a color and sticking to it. It makes it a huge focal point, and monochromatic without being boring or one note. It also has great symbolism in that showing the inflections of each color is like taking a walk through time and reminds us of falling in love. Our favorite picks for a romantic hue? Pinks and reds of course! But we also love yellows and purples for spring!

ombre 3

Our favorite parts for a wedding? Ombre cakes! You can have your baker spray the color over white plain frosting to fade from dark to light. The look is super fun and a great way to a add a pop of color to any scheme.  Dip dyed linens are also perfect for the look. Think Gwen Stefani in her custom Dior wedding gown that was dipped in hot pink at the bottom and faded to light pink then to white! It may seem risky but it actually turned out to be quite classic. The trick is sticking with one color and letting that make the statement. Another great way to ombre is with your menus and invitations. gives a complete rundown on their ombre dinner party guide with perfect tips on how to DIY almost everything. The trend it seems is also fairly inexpensive to replicate!

ombre dress

Whichever way you choose to embrace the trend make sure it is for the right reasons. If you absolutely love a certain color and are looking for a way to do something stunning and also visually interesting this may just be the perfect look for you!