Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Will You be my Bridesmaid?

Will You be my Bridesmaid?

Your wedding day marks a milestone in your lifetime. Why not surround your nearest and dearest friends and family to help celebrate and support you through this new journey in life? With so many options for wedding planning (e.g. invites), it’s equally as impressive to have a “cool” way to ask your maids to stand up in your wedding. The following are Six Unique Ways to ask your girls to be a bridesmaid / maid of honor:

1) Create a photo Collage:  Reminiscing over old photos of the two of you is a fun way to break the ice and then ask her to be your maid.

Will You be my Bridesmaid?via Pass the Pineapple Blog

2) Create a fun craft project:  Here is a fun DIY way to invite the girls.

Will You be my Bridesmaid?via Lox Papers

3) Buy them a Keepsake:  An ornate, beautiful personalized handkerchief can be functional for the day of the wedding. But she may need it to wipe away tears of joy when you ask her!

Will You be my Bridesmaid?via Benign Objects

4) Wine Glasses or Champagne Flutes : A functional and fun way to get the party started.

Will You be my Bridesmaid?
via Etsy

5) Personalized Bridesmaid hanger to hang their gorgeous dress on:

Will You be my Bridesmaid?
6) Treat her to a Spa Day: Nothing bonds you better over some good ole fashioned girl / pamper time.

Will You be my Bridesmaid?

There is no right or wrong way to ask your future maids to stand by your side. If budget is standing in your way of creating some of the above options, you can always just ask face-to-face with no frills attached.

Warning: If you have a very large group of girlfriends narrowing down the lot may end up hurting people’s feelings. However, you should feel confident in your choices and explain to your friends that this does not reflect on your relationship. Believe me, it will happen.

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Tiramisu Wedding Cake.  We’ve raved about our love for wedding cakes before, and we admit it, we’ve got quite a sweet tooth.  We love to see how couples get creative with their wedding day dessert, and when we saw this pin, we were intrigued.  How come we haven’t heard of tiramisu wedding cake until now?  This cake not only looks and sounds delicious, but its also an example of how nontraditional elements can be a delightful surprise on your special day.

We Heart Photography

Messy Ponytail.  One of our favorite boards to pin to is our “Bride, Hair” board.  It might seem silly, but we never get tired of seeing all the creative styles brides come up with for their big day.  We see lots of loose waves and lots of updos, but it can often be hard to find something in between the two.  This pin is the perfect combination between the two styles, making a low ponytail slightly more formal with loose waves and haphazard pinning.  The overall look is relaxed, happy, and carefree, perfect for that oh so special day!

Wedding Day Quilt.  This next pin has to be one of our favorite wedding ideas to date.  It’s personal, intimate, and memory making, the perfect combination in wedding world.  The bride and groom requested that their guests respond to their invitation with a piece of fabric, any fabric.  The swatches were then incorporated and sewn into a beautiful and one of a kind quilt for the couple to have for the rest of their lives.  What better way to remember your wedding day than to wrap yourself in it on a daily basis?

Gia Canali Photography

Wedding of the Week: Snippet and Ink

There is a must see wedding on one of our favorite blogs,  Snippet and Ink, this week. You can find it under Nadine & Joe: Rustic FallWedding in the Berkshires. Everything about this event screams homespun, yet it remains utterly elegant and chalk full of festive and personal details.

The bride and groom said they were inspired by dinners they had growing up. With long, bountiful tables of family and friends, and of course amazing food. They called on Fire Roasted Catering to bring that homey feel to life while also taking the culinary element up a notch. With  a menu featuring salt rubber cod, roasted beef, and fire roasted pig with apple chutney, the bar was set and guests felt free to roam and eat and also take a seat at the gorgeous long tables. Piles of fresh corn and perfectly fragrant meats were on display as almost décor, which went perfectly with the rustic, yet refined scenery.

We absolutely love when couples mix high and low or rustic and elegant for their big day. The rustic element allows you to set a welcome and relaxed tone for guests, while also making things extra special for the occasion. These two were no exception. The tables were lined with crips white linens, burlap, and local flowers and finished with classic birchwood chiavari chairs. The look is timeless and the perfect choice for an Autumn affair.

Along with florals, the scene was enhanced by seasonal fruits and nuts wrapped in burlap, menus and invites tied in twine and baker’s string, and a sweet old-fashioned candy bar.  Simplicity truly proved to be the way to go with this wedding and we could just feel the love through the stunning and very candid pictures.

So if you are considering a homespun wedding, with an outdoor or even rustic feel, this wedding is too charming for words.

Sarah Culver Photography

3 Ideas to Make Your Day the Wedding of the Year

The modern bride and groom want to make their wedding personalized and fun. While there are plenty of wedding traditions worth following, there are also a lot of unique extras you can add to the day to make it more memorable. Check out these fun ideas, and your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.

 A New Twist on the Garter Toss

The garter toss is a timeless wedding tradition, but how many times have you seen the groom throw the garter toward the ceiling only to have it drop straight to the ground, feet away from all of the single men? Well, here is a fun and easy solution. Before tossing the garter, place it on a football and let the groom toss the ball to the guys anxiously waiting.

Gino Creglia Photography

Entertain Your Guests Before the Ceremony

Most wedding guests kill time before the ceremony by reading the wedding program, but most programs can be read in a few seconds. Why not add a little humor to your wedding program? Include some fun facts about the wedding party and explain any unique moments you’ve added to the ceremony. If you’re really worried about guests getting bored, include an activity such as a trivia game or crossword puzzle.

Meghan Andrews Photography

Rethink the Bar

Candy bars and ice cream bars have caught on as wedding dessert options, but we have another fun idea: a cereal bar. Simply fill some pretty glass bowls with your favorite types of cereals and let guests help themselves. This is a great late night snack, and it will be a hit with the kids.


Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Splatter Watercolor Invitations.  When we first saw this image on Pinterest, it was no more than a two by two square, but even then, we knew it was something special.  And even though the DIY tutorial was technically about how to make a floral party hat (which could be a whole other wedding idea in itself), we fell in love with the idea of translating this splatter watercolor concept into a wedding invitation.  The refined yet colorful technique creates a hint of whimsy, perfect for a fun and festive invitation.  So break out the watercolors, we’re ready to get splattering!

Photo from Anthropologie Craft Night

Personalized Cake Stand.  We’ve never been shy about our love for cakes, and to prove it, we’ve got a whole pinboard dedicated to the classic wedding dessert.  So it’s only normal that when we saw this personalized cake stand, we were head over heels in love.  From the pale and lovely color to the sweet, scalloped trim, it is the perfect accessory to make your wedding cake sing.  And the countless options for personalization make this beauty a no-brainer!

Simple Wreaths.  With the holidays “just around the corner,” wintertime wedding DIY projects are popping up all over Pinterest.  And although many of these projects will no doubt be lovely in December, we love stretching many of them to fit the entire year.  These simple wreaths are the perfect example.  Their simple yet elegant look would be perfect hanging from the windows, the ceiling, or a ceremony backdrop.

Ashley Ann Photography

Etsy Find of the Week

Etsy, for those of you newcomers, is an online marketplace where vendors can sell their handmade goods.  Sounds crafty, but Etsy has quickly become one of the go-to places for brides to find everything from custom signage and invitations to veils and jewelry for their big day.  The advantage is getting something completely unique and having your money go directly to the designer or creator, which seems to be how most vendors keep their prices so competitive.  Either way, this online bazaar of sorts can keep you busy browsing for hours and if you are getting married, Beware…their wedding sections are freakishly addictive!

Here is our pick of the week for a sweet bridal gift found on Etsy: personal, special and quite the keepsake!

Wedding Programs 101

The wedding programs can be a creative detail that also helps guests feel like active participants in your wedding ceremony. The opportunity for creativity and personalization are endless, but here are a few tips on how and why to create wedding programs:

What They Should Say:

Ultimately, what you do or don’t include in your wedding programs is up to you. Some couples opt for a simple, one-page list of the wedding events, while others use wedding programs as an opportunity to get personal and creative. Consider adding some or all of these details when creating your wedding programs:

  • Full names of the bride and groom, along with the date and location of the festivities
  • A full list of the members of the bridal party with the option of including a short bio, sweet or humorous, about the person’s relationship to the happy couple
  • A personalized note of thanks to the bride and groom’s families, as well as a message to all of the guests in attendance
  • Include a special mention, letter, photo, anecdote, or poem dedicated to any deceased loved ones
  • Order of the wedding ceremony, including details about specific readings or music selections
  • Explanation of traditions, rituals, or customs being performed during the wedding
  • The bride and groom’s new address
  • Favorite quotes, poems, song lyrics, or religious scriptures
  • Photos of the happy couple, the bridal party, or late family/friends that you’d like to honor

How They Should Look:

Like every other detail of the wedding, the programs should be unique and complementary to the theme. Consider adding fun embellishments or photos to them to personalize them, or get creative and think outside the box. Try making paddle fan programs for outdoor weddings, scrolls in bottles for a beach affair, or craft paper booklets for a rustic event. Use stamps, ribbons, unique papers, and colored card stock to add personalized touches.

How They Should Be Made:

Wedding programs are a great DIY project that is easy and can help you stick to your wedding budget. Ask everyone to pitch in by scheduling an arts-and-crafts night for a group of creative girlfriends. By creating specific stations and an assembly line, you can get all of your programs made in no time. If you’re looking for something slightly more structured, consider purchasing a print-at-home kit from a local paper or craft store with guided instructions on how to design and assemble programs. Lastly, if you don’t have the time or energy, you can pay to have programs designed and made at most stationery stores.

How They Should Be Distributed:

How you arrange and hand out programs is yet another opportunity to be creative and thoughtful. Assemble them inside baskets, tucked into wooden crates, laid along trays, or sticking out of pails—whatever complements your wedding theme. Having a close friend or family member pass them out as guests arrive adds a personal touch and allows you to incorporate another person into the wedding festivities. You can also have programs laid out on seats when guests arrive.

Easy Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

There are so many ways to make your make your wedding unique and special. Even if you want a traditional wedding, there are easy ways you can personalize the day to make it more meaningful. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Accessorize Your Bouquet

As you walk down the aisle, you can honor or remember someone special by accessorizing your bouquet with personal items. For instance, you could use a brooch from your grandmother or you could hang locket size pictures of various family members.

Include Your Heritage

Different cultures have different wedding traditions. For instance, during a Quaker ceremony, the bride and groom will sit down while guests stand up and offer stories or advice for the bride and groom.  Include your culture’s traditions in your ceremony and/or reception.

Create a Map

Instead of simple directions to the reception site, create a personalized map that highlights points of interest. For instance, you could include the spot of your first date or proposal. If there is a significant amount of time between the ceremony and reception, you could use the map to create a scavenger hunt for guests. The activity will provide a fun way to kill the time and start the evening off fun.