Honoring A Loved One At Your Wedding

If a parent, grandparent, sibling, or close relative has passed away, there are a lot of wonderful ways to honor their memory at your wedding or reception. Here are some suggestions of ways to pay tribute to someone you have loved and lost:

1. Photo Table: Set up a special table at the wedding ceremony and/or reception filled with framed photos of your late loved one. Cover it with flowers or candles for an elegant, respectful display.

2. Candle Lighting: Make your late loved one a part of the wedding ceremony by lighting a candle in their honor. This can be done by another family member at the beginning of the ceremony or by you and your fiancé during the nuptials.

3. Mention: Ask your officiant to make mention of your remembered loved one during the wedding ceremony.

4. Program Insert: If you’re passing out printed programs for your wedding ceremony, include a special mention, letter, photo, anecdote, or poem dedicated to your deceased loved one.

5. Moment of Silence: Observe a moment of silence during the wedding ceremony or reception to honor the memory of the one you’ve lost.

6. Scripture/Letter/Poem Reading: During the ceremony or reception, have someone read the loved one’s favorite scripture or poem or a personal letter written by them during their life.

7. Toast: During your reception, honor the memory of your late loved one with a special toast given by you, your new spouse, or one of your family members.

8. Song: Honor the memory of your loved one by having their favorite song (or a song significant to you) performed or played at the ceremony or reception.

9. Personal Memento: Wear or carry something of significance to your lost loved one on your wedding day, whether it be a piece of jewelry, hair barrette, or a handkerchief.