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Vendor Spotlight: Engagement & Wedding Photographer

Vendor Spotlight: Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Elle Taylor Photography

Our Vendor Spotlight: Engagement & Wedding Photographer, is featuring Elle Taylor Photography this month. Elle Taylor is a local wedding & engagement photographer in the Chicagoland area. Elle Taylor Photography’s style is beautiful, bright natural light photography. She loves bringing couples’ love stories to life in her photos. Elle also loves light pink and her puppy. Trust us, you want to learn more about Elle Taylor Photography and her beautiful photos. Because of this, we’ve interviewed Elle so she can tell you about herself and answer your wedding planning questions!

1.What is your favorite part of  being an engagement and wedding photographer?

My favorite thing about shooting engagements and weddings is the relationships I’m able to make with my couples. They’re all SO sweet, and I am genuinely so excited to meet them/see them again when I photograph their engagement sessions and wedding days. I always leave with a full heart (and full memory cards, haha!)

2. What attire or clothing advice do you give couples when they plan their engagement photos with Elle Taylor Photography?

When planning for engagement photos, I send each one of my couples an in-detail outfit planning guide with my favorite tips and tricks for coordinating outfits, my favorite stores to purchase clothing for their “formal” looks and their more “casual” looks. I also send them tons of inspiration photos from other couples’ outfit choices to help show what outfits will look like when paired together for their photos. The most important thing I tell me couples to remember is to make sure that they’re comfortable in the outfits they choose because if their uncomfortable, it’ll show in the photos.

3. Is there an experience you’ve had while photographing an engagement or wedding that you will never forget?

This is such a hard question because I leave the majority of my engagement sessions and weddings with my face hurting from laughing so much with my couples. I could never forget any of them, but there is definitely one shoot that I will never, ever forget. After one of my shoots this past summer, I got engaged!! My fiance (boyfriend at the time) had been setting everything up while I was at the shoot, and he surprised me later that night 🙂 Best day ever!

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Wedding Photographer

You have the venue and the dress but now it’s time to think about the wedding photographer! You didn’t spend all your time and agony on details to have them overlooked. When choosing a wedding photographer there are some key things to keep in mind.

Weddings are among the most important days of our lives so don’t leave choosing the wedding photographer to someone else. You need to personally vet out all the possibilities. It means talking to other brides and who they used or personally interviewing photographers. You want someone who understands your desires for what you want on your big day! Some wedding photographers are great at capturing natural light while others do more mixed media. Do you want more candid shots or staged photos?

You will also want to make sure your personality meshes with the wedding photographer (s). There could be more than one since sometimes with larger weddings it takes a few shooters to capture everything. Don’t underestimate the value of being comfortable and able to bond with the photographer! To get the best out of it make sure the wedding photographer is calm but assertive, has good social etiquette but is bold enough to get daring shots and cajoling enough to coax shy smiles from guests. The wedding photographer will be shadowing your entire day so you want to be able to speak with them to get the pictures you want!

It’s also a must to see a wedding photographers work/albums. Keep in mind they will show you their best work so be sure to also ask to view an entire wedding album. This way you can see if they capture moments that are important to you like ceremony shots, reception shenanigans or other fun shots! You should also ask to see an indoor wedding they’ve captured if you are having one. The lighting for indoor versus outdoor is very different. Your wedding photographer should be aware if you’re having a ceremony outside or reception inside. Picking a wedding photographer can be fun since you’ll get to see a lot of styles so don’t let it stress you out!


Wedding Photo Trend: Your Rings in Fun Places

Today’s wedding photos are more than smiling pictures of the bride, groom, bridal party and family. Wedding Photographers like to capture all the details of the big day, and that includes those shiny rings you now have on your ring. If your photographer is creative, he or she will most likely come up with a few fun ways to photograph your wedding rings. If you enjoy this trend, you may want to browse for some ideas online and share them with your photographer before the wedding. Here are a few designs to get you started.

Snap Some Pictures With Food

Many photographers look for fun foods to place your rings on. They might use anything from fruit to Hershey kisses to nuts to candy hearts to rock candy. Your options will depend on the type of favors and foods available at your wedding.

Show Off Your Rings in Nature

Many photographers like to get creative with ring photos by using your bouquet, centerpieces and any flowers or greenery at the photo locations. The options range from sunflowers to cornstalks to potted plants to tree branches to the bridal bouquet. If you like this idea, you might want to scoop out some locations prior to the big day.

Remember Your Stationery

Wedding stationery can be beautiful, so photographers love to use it as a prop. Your photographer may use anything from the place cards to the invitation to the program. Make sure your photographer has access to these items.

Your Shoes are for More Than Walking

The bride’s shoes are a wedding photo classic, but you may be surprised how many different ways a photographer can use them to photograph your rings. A few options include placing the rings on top of the shoes, inside the shoe or around the heel of the shoe.

More Props You Already Have

The possibilities are endless. Just a few more options include a bible, your wedding favors, a clothes line and a wine bottle.  If there is an idea you love, make sure you share it with your photographer, but don’t be too demanding. Photographers are creative professionals, and they don’t like to be given step by step instructions for each photo. Give them a few must have ideas, and then let them come up with their own ideas. They might just surprise you with their creativity.



3 Reasons to Get Married in the Winter

The busiest time for weddings is spring and fall because of the cool yet warm temperatures. Summer also has its fair share of weddings, but there is another season that is perfect for your big day — winter. Most people fear winter because of the cold weather and short days, but here are three reasons why a winter wedding may be perfect for you.


Because vendors are less busy in the winter, they may be willing to offer discounts. Brides who get married in the winter report savings on the venue, photographer, florist, and a Chicago Wedding DJ. You can also get great savings on your honeymoon. It is typically cheaper to travel in the winter because it is the slow season (unless you are getting married near the holidays). You can save money on the flight, hotel, and even excursions.


Many vendors start booking up about a year ahead of time. If you have your heart set on a particular vendor, you have to book early. There are also issues at the dress stores. Sometimes, you have to get alterations done three months before the wedding because the seamstress is so busy, but in the winter, the dress store can accommodate your schedule and needs.


Many brides fear snow on their wedding day, but it can a beautiful plus. Translation: you will have stunning pictures and a romantic setting. Check out the photos below for inspiration. Just make sure you have a backup plan in case of heavy snow. Most venues have a cancellation or postponement policy, so make sure you ask before signing contracts.

No matter what season you choose, your wedding will be beautiful. When making important decisions about your wedding, always consider your budget, style and vision, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Some of the most beautiful weddings are the ones that take risks. Translation: horse and carriage in the snow or February beach wedding.

Happy planning!