For the Love of Pink

For the Love of Pink is our theme this week. Welcome to Spring brides! This amazing shade is timeless and romantic and there are a hundred ways to use it. Even if pink isn’t your favorite color it can still add that touch of softness or femininity. Of course, you don’t want a venue that looks like Pepto Bismal threw up in but pink has it’s uses.

One way you can use the color is for flowers naturally. There are varieties of pink flowers available no matter the season! Whether on your cake, in your bouquet, your bridesmaid’s bouquets or as table decor.

A second way to use pink is for your bridesmaids! Hopefully your girls love this color and to give them some choice maybe you can let them decide what shade of pink they like best. You can have them choose from a deep pink to a blushing light pink. You can also let them pick what shape/style dress. They can be all the same length such as tea length or floor. But, you can allow them to pick straps or scalloped top, etc.

A final way we love using pink is the accents! Colored lights, invitations, place cards or curly script on banners is all fun. You can have the floor lighting or DJ lighting turn up the pink lights. They can glitter and glow all over the reception venue to make it a romantic, sparkling room. We love pink napkins too! You can emboss and personalize them with your initials or even the bridal parties.

Any way you use pink it’s a great color with many shades to make your day spectacular!

Spring Wedding Trend - Pink

Spring Wedding Trend Pink

Spring Wedding Trend - PinkIf you have to describe this Spring’s biggest look in one word, well here it is: Pink. Light pink, hot pink, ombre pink, pink as a neutral ( what?!), you name it and it’s going to be everywhere. And with so many options, hues, prints, you really can’t go wrong with finding the perfect tone to compliment your skin.

Pink also isn’t just for blondes anymore.  You may be thinking of bubble gum pink on Barbie, or Julia Roberts’ wedding in Steel Magnolias where blush and bashful really translated into pink and more pink of the pepto bismol kind. But we have seen pink for weddings in the last few years in a variety of special ways. We adored Kaley Cuoco’s all pink custom Vera Wang gown, Jessica Biel is tiered pink Giambattista Valli for her wedding to Justin Timberlake, and who can forget the all-time pink dipped dyed favorite from Gwen Stefani’s John Galliano wedding gown. But it’s not just for the bride anymore- new details are cropping up all over the place that makes pink accessible for everyone and all types of weddings.

Pink for the boys: Southern weddings have been doing it for years. Sharp pink bowties or light suits with pink dress shirts. The looks is equally preppy as it is fun and photographs beautifully. PSpring Wedding Trend - Pinkink can be so subtle that is can also be in place of a neutral white. That’s why for guys, it’s the perfect way to add a hint of color and switch up the basic white shirt. It also looks fantastic against a white gown!

Pink décor: Pale pinks, peaches and blush are often much more elegant and subtle than a bold pop of pink. We have been covering the ombre effect for quite some time and no other color seems to compare to the beauty of using multiple shades of pink. Paired with vintage accents and gold flatware, the look is impossible to beat. We love seeing it for Spring with the freshest pink and white peonies.

Pink for the girls: So we know when it comes to colored wedding dress, pink is always the first choice. Brides for years, even before it became popular have opted for a pink gown or a light blush when they realize how insanely beautiful the color can be on so many skin tones. It’s almost impossible to say no for some brides. And even for Brides that go for all white in their dress, we LOVE the new hot pink gowns from BCBG and other designers showing the pop of color for bridesmaids who then carry all white flowers. You can even add them to a pretty neutral palette for that shock of bright color. We love the surprise element and the color looks great on most people! Spring Wedding Trend Pink.

Pink Redux

We all remember the now infamous line from “Steel Magnolias” when the bride, Shelby is asked what her wedding colors are.  Her mother, played by the amazing Sally Field quips,” Her colors of pink and pink” but the bride insists that they are really, “Blush and Bashful.”  And while at the time, pink for weddings really did echo a certain Pepto Bismol sentiment, today the hue has been reinterpreted to an actual blush, varying in tone to seem softer and more accessible. We even see the grooms embracing the romantic color scheme as a trend in 2013, knowing full well that having a pink wedding is nothing like it used to be.

Blush and Bashful

So here are our thoughts on pink weddings: We love them! And when we say pink, we mean start with the color and then work your way to various shades and tones until you have the perfect balance of romance and elegance.  Or you can take pink to newer and more modern extremes. Hot pink fuchsia orchids or peonies wrapped in Kelly green foliage for a pop of color can make for a preppy and fresh statement.  We love to see brides embrace a very “Kate Spade” look when approaching their themes. Crisp colorful linens, with perfectly tailored accents like contemporary menu cards and modern vases, can take a shocking pink to uber chic levels.

pink collage

But we still say there is nothing more romantic than the beauty of blush.  Recently, the ombre effect has taken hold of wedding all over and we don’t see this trend slowing down one bit. For those of you confused by ombre, it’s simply the effect of using one color and having the hue fade from darker to lighter or lighter to darker. It’s the perfect way to show off the versatile use of one shade.  And for pinks, the ombre route is the way to go.  We have seen it with wedding cakes, linens, and bridesmaid dresses that vary in style and color while all remaining in the same family.  We even love the idea of Bridesmaids wearing metallic versions of blush tones- we simply cannot get enough and hope to see more metallics as Bridesmaid looks continue to branch out.

pink ombreombre cake

And let’s not forget that virtually no other color scheme is more complimented by candlelight than blushes. The tones tend to give off both silver and gold light and can even push you towards using mixed metals for things like flatware, chargers, and plates. Mixing and matching has never been more appropriate!   Timeless and trendy have struck the perfect balance!