Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Cake Servings Made Simple.  Sometimes we pin images because they are too breathtaking for words; sometimes we pin images because we can’t wait to recreate the beauty or style of a particular scene.  But sometimes we pin images because they’re so darn helpful and handy!  This pin about cake servings is the perfect example of those helpful and handy pins, as it breaks down cake size and servings by the slice and tier size.  Though most cake bakers are aware of this information, its nice to go in to a cake meeting prepared, so you know what to expect.  This is also perfect for the DIY couple who wants to they have enough sweetness to go around, without going totally overboard.  Who said helpful and handy isn’t sweet?

Bold Kate Spade Bauble.  With neon having a major moment this summer, this necklace was love at first glace.  We love bold jewelry on brides, and the bright colors in this piece make it the perfect accessory for the bride wanting to add just the right amount of punch to her look.  Not sure you want so much pizzazz for the whole day?  Think about adding this bold accessory for the reception or later in the night when the dance party gets going.

Make Your Tables Glow.  We are always looking for fun ways to jazz up reception spaces and help set the mood with lighting, and this pin certainly provides a unique and gorgeous way to glam up your reception space!  Add garden lights under tablecloths to provide the perfect glow and ambiance to any space.  Your linens will help determine the exact hue of the glow, providing endless options for that special touch.  We love this look for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, and our minds are now spinning for all the cool places you could incorporate this idea.  So get some garden lights and get your glow on!



Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Bridesmaid/Groomsman Schedule: Attendants are such an important part of a wedding.  They’re important not just because they’re our dear friends, but also because they’re supporting us on one of the biggest days of our lives.  They have a variety of jobs and duties over the course of the wedding weekend, and we love the idea of providing them an easy to follow timeline, telling them where to go, when to be there, and what to bring with them.  And while a word document would get the job done, we love this illustrated timeline.  Informative and eye-pleasing, a delightful combination!

Macaroon Cake: Macaroon’s have always been a classic French dessert, and over the past year, they’ve made a big splash among the wedding world.  We love how beautiful they look whether served singly on a plate or boxed in a tiny box.  But this inspiring cake takes macaroon love to the next level.  We love the whimsy of the ombre, and if we were wedding guests, we might just have to have one of each color!

One Love Photography

Go Gray: The majority of grooms tend to opt for black on the big day, but we love that more and more guys are embracing lighter options, including gray and khaki.  We particularly love the guys in this photo, as they opted for shades of gray, in their jackets and vests, polished off perfectly with a classic black tie.  We also love that the groom is standing out in a lighter shade and a lighter tie.  Classic with a bit of modern, always a win in our eyes!

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Ceremony Seating Sign.  One of the things we hear guests mutter most often as they enter a wedding is, “What side do we sit on?”   The age-old tradition of having guests sit either on the bride or the groom’s side, based on which member of the couple they know better, has continued to stump guests for years.  And though many couples take a “sit wherever” approach, guests often don’t know unless the couple has told them prior to the big day.  So when we saw this sweet sign, we sighed deep breath, not just for the sweet sentiment, but also for all the guests out there who can now pick a seat without so much stress.  Recreate this look by using an easel, a DIY chalkboard, or a framed print as guests enter the ceremony.

Multiple Cakes.  We’ve seen the grand, multi-tiered wedding cake approach, and we’ve seen the sweet and singular approach, and we’re big fans of both.  But when we saw these six vintage inspired cakes, we had to smile.  They managed to incorporate both approaches!  We love how they have six different cakes, each a little different in size and texture, made festive with multi-colored cake stands and cute vintage cake toppers.  This is a great way to incorporate different flavors, as well as a budget friendly approach to cakes.  And if you’re going to DIY wedding route, this approach would be a great solution!

Pinky Promise.  Most of us can remember “pinky swearing” at some point in our life.  Whether with a childhood friend, a parent, or a first love, the knotting of pinkies has long represented a special promise.  So when we saw this creative photo idea, we couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It captures the pinky swear as the ultimate sign of commitment and also gives the couple a chance to show off their newly acquired bling.  We know we won’t forget this photo…pinky promise!


Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Neon, Neon, Neon: We’ve already said it this spring, but we cannot get enough of neon!  The bright colors just scream warm weather, and they add the right amount of fun and whimsy without sacrificing style.  We love this tablescape, because the neon isn’t in the floral like usual; the neon is in the dishes, flatware, and table linens.  The floral is simple and sweet, letting the neon shine on it’s own.  And for the DIY couple, this one tablescape if perfect, as you can fine ceramic paint at most craft stores.  Combine that with some wholesale or thrifted dishes, and you’ve got set up in the bag!

Floral Tiara: If you’ve always wanted to be a Disney princess, but aren’t quite sure you could pull of a rhinestone tiara, this pin is for you.  This tiara is almost 100% floral, and we are loving it!  Though we’ve seen floral wreaths and headbands, this piece has a bit more of a dramatic flair, perfect for the bride wanting to make a statement in a unique and special way.

Home Is Who You Share It With: We know wedding planning can be stressful, but at the end of the day, you and your significant other are planning a new life together, and this pin is the perfect reminder.  No matter what happens, where you go, or what you encounter, don’t forget that the most important thing about home…is who you share it with.

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Balloon Spelling Bee: We’re always on the lookout for fun wedding photo ideas, and this pin caught our eye.  We’ve seen couples holding chalkboards with text, pre-made signs, and brightly colored balloons, but these shiny gold XOXO balloons are beyond delightful!  Seeing these letter balloons had our brains thinking of all the other fun combinations you could do.  “Love,” “kiss,” “I do”…the possibilities are endless.  We could even see a couple holding the letters of their new monogram!

Susan Sancomb Photography

Kate Middleton Updo.  In a little over a year, Kate Middleton has become an international celebrity and a major fashion icon.  She has had an influence on a 2012 wedding trends.  So it’s no surprise that just hours after she attended a London Olympic gala concert, images of her were all over Pinterest.  Women everywhere were pinning images of her dress, makeup, and jewelry.  But it was this fabulous updo that had us clicking faster than you can say “princess.”  We love that its elegant, but not over the top, young but not overly trendy.  Well done, Kate Middleton, well done.

Mixed Summer Floral.  The weather is heating up which has us itching for the new season of florals.  This summer bouquet is bright and playful, adding the perfect amount of fun to a summer wedding.  This bouquet would also be great for the budget conscious bride, as it would allow her to mix and match with what she or her florist has on hand.  Bring on the summer florals!

Jennica Jo Photography

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Pink + Navy Stripes.  No matter what year or decade, stripes always seem to be a popular spring trend.  Nautical just never goes out of style!  We love the simple and classic look of this centerpiece, as pink meets navy.  While most people would pair navy with yellow or red, this centerpiece takes a bit more of a fun twist with a nice springy pink.  And for people who think carnations aren’t the most elegant flower, are you thinking twice with this look?  Grouped monochromatically, they pack quite the punch without going overboard.

Black + White.  Brides have long worn all white wedding dresses on their special day, and while some brides go non-traditional with colored dresses, most choose to stay with the classic white.  But when we saw this bride’s black accents, we stopped in our tracks with a collective “oooohh!”  She introduces the classic color with her belt, birdcage veil, and pendent necklace.  We’re especially smitten with the black birdcage, an elegant yet funky combination.

Christina Carroll Photography

Small Things + Love.  We started pinning quotes this week, and it’s amazing how much a few simple words can inspire and uplift you.  We love this quote because it’s such a great reminder that no matter what you do, do it with love.  No matter how small it seems, love takes it to a new level.




Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Statement Back.  We often find ourselves swooning over bridal gowns, but when we saw the back of this bridal number, we were literally speechless!  We’re not sure we’ve ever seen such a magnificent backside view of a gown.  Sometimes guests complain about having to stare at the back of the happy couple as they say their vows, but with this dress, we don’t think anyone would mind!  Wanting a blinged out backside like this?  Think hair up and simple jewelry to really let the gown sing.

Paul Vincent Photography

Streamer Backdrop.  Springtime in Chicago is upon us, and that means we’re gearing up for some fantastic outdoor summer weddings.  While we love some of the popular outdoor venues in the Windy City, we also love how more and more couples are embracing backyards, nearby parks, and hometown nature preserves.  This simple streamer backdrop adds the perfect amount of pizzazz, without distracting from nature’s beauty.  We love the multicolored streamers, but we also think this backdrop would look beautiful with shades of white, draped with ivory, cream, and tea stained linens.

Erin Chen Photography

Embrace Neon.  Neon is one of the biggest wedding fashion trends of the season.  We’re seeing it in both men’s and women’s fashions, with brightly hued chinos, handbags, and sunglasses.  So when we saw these groomsmen’s neon pink socks, we couldn’t help but love their attention to both trends and personality.   The pairing of the spunky color with the classic argyle print is a match made in sock heaven.  We also love that these socks add some whimsy without distracting from the overall look too terribly much.  Bring on the neon socks!


Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Layered Centerpieces: Centerpieces are often the focal points for receptions, particularly if you’re planning on serving a plated or buffet meal, as opposed to passed hors d’oeuvres.  As much as we love the look of grand, oversized centerpieces, we also love the look of smaller, layered centerpieces, made possible with various shapes and heights.  This centerpiece is the perfect reminder that size isn’t all that matters when it comes to sprucing up reception tables.  We love the simple yet layered look of this centerpiece, made possible with simple floral elements and natural burlap ribbon.  The clear glass allows guests to be able to communicate across tables, sharing their favorite memories of the happy couple.  Wanting to take a DIY route?  Look for vases and glass containers at thrift stores and wholesale stores.

Joel Lala Photography

Boho Fishtail Braid: Braids have been a longtime staple in the wedding world, and with the recent obsession with a certain Hunger Games star, braids are back and bigger than ever.   We absolutely love this take on the classic fishtail braid, swept to the side and tousled just enough to look effortless.  This look is also perfect for someone wanting to secure their hair for the big day, without the formality of a traditional updo.  Swoon!

Jessica Janae Photography

Cheese + Cracker Favors: Food is one of the most popular wedding favors, and if you believe the old adage that food is the way into a person’s heart, we see why couples continue to share food with their guests.  We often see favors that appeal towards guests’ sweet tooth, so this food favor caught our attention, as it’s something a little different…cheese and crackers!  We think this favor would be particularly appropriate for a couple focused on local or organic, seeking out local farms and independent vendors.  So let your guests dance the night away and then leave with a little something to help restore their energy for the after party!

Photo originally from Martha Stuart Weddings

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers: We know, as well as any bride, that floral can often take up a big part of the wedding budget.  Floral can definitely have a big impact on a space, with its ability to infuse color, texture, and height into a space.  And while many couples decide to pursue DIY floral, it can be tricky, because it often means spending the days and hours before the big day surrounded by flowers, floral tape, and everything else you need to floral elements come together.  But what if DIY floral could be done weeks and even months before the big day?  Perhaps couples everywhere would rethink it.  With these DIY crepe flowers, DIY has never been easier, especially because you don’t have to wait until the day before to prep; there isn’t the living plant element to deal with.  We love these flowers for centerpieces, bouquets, and even boutonnières for the guys.

Save the Date Postcards: We love how creative couples get with their save the dates, and this adorable postcard is no different!  The photo and short caption on the front keeps things simple, and the details on the back are organized and easy for guests to read.  Another bonus to these cute save the dates is the savings you can have with postage.  Postcard stamps are significantly less expensive than regular stamps, which means you can send adorable save the dates and score a win for the budget.  What’s not to love about that?

Kate Ketzal Clutch: We are always on the lookout for fabulous bridal accessories, and this sparkly clutch had us swooning at first glance.  Small enough for a bride to tuck in her hand during a receiving line or cake cutting, yet large enough to stash lipgloss, bobby pins, and a mini perfume, this pint-sized purse is a match made in heaven.  The intricate detail and overwhelming bling factor make it extra special.  And though we’ve seen celebrities toting similar jeweled clutches on the runway, this one comes without the A-list price tag.

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Lace Covered Cake Table.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…we love cake!  We love the color and focal point it can provide a space, and of course, we love the taste.  But what we love about this pin, outside of the fabulous height and gorgeous texture of the cake, is the lace covered cake table.  It is beautiful!  We love that this couple has taken the extra step and given their cake a beautiful backdrop to sit on. The cream and white color keep the linens from taking all the focus, and the texture of the lace gives just the right amount of depth and detail.  Wanting to recreate this look?  Check vintage scores and flea markets for vintage lace, without the hefty price.

DIY Burlap Boutonniere.  This burlap boutonniere might be one of our most favorite pins ever!  Floral can take up such a huge piece of the budget, so we always love creative ways to cut back on the monetary impact on bouquets and boutonnieres.   The burlap brings in an element of nature, and the feathers mimic the lightness of flowers.  The buttons add just the right about of detail to finish the look off.  You can find an easy tutorial Green Wedding Shoes, so head over and get your DIY on!

Super Stylish Couple.  We stumbled across this pin this week, and couldn’t help but gasp out loud.  This couple defines chic, particularly because they have found a great way to blend style, personality, and a bit of whimsy.  The bride’s funky necklace, paired with a delicate blusher is a match made in heaven.  The groom’s dapper hat and bowtie looks hip without a bit of stuffiness.  After some digging, we found out that these two are Mat and Annie, and you can see more of their wedding here.