Pinterest Pins Of The Week

Check out our favorite pins from Pinterest this week. This week, we feature Unexpected Invites, Downton Inspiration and Kids at a Wedding on Pinterest.

Unexpected Invites

Don’t get us wrong- we love a gorgeous photo save the date and beautifully letterpress cards with all the details for the big day as much as the next person. But there’s something entirely thrilling about opening a fun “package” that doubles as a bit of an interactive activity like these balloon save the dates. Guests are instructed to blow them up for all of the info cleverly printed onto colorful balloons. We can’t think of a better way to say “ this is going to be one fun wedding.” And the theme can be used so many ways too- printing the date and place on golf balls and sending them in small boxes, or even something simple like a novelty beach ball for a beach wedding is a perfect way to announce your plans. Whichever way you send it, keep in mind the postage costs and try to pick the best way possible to package it. And consider foregoing something else if this is a budget buster because this truly is a very memorable to kick off your big day.

Downton Inspiration

So if you haven’t already binge-watched the first 3 seasons of “Downton Abbey” like the ret of us then you better get on board, because the addicting 4th seasons is under way here in the U.S. And if you noticed a recent resurgence of long formal tables, long sleeved intricately beaded gowns, and vintage headpieces for weddings, it’s not just a friendly coincidence.  Brides are turning to Lady Crawley and the women of Downton for classic and timeless inspirations- and who can blame them? There’s something so romantic and elegant about this period piece and the return to the art of dressing is the perfect homage for a wedding look that is unique yet totally classic.

Kids at a Wedding

It’s always a huge etiquette question when it comes to kids at weddings. And while some couples who opt for a more formal night-time adults only try to gently say, “ NO KIDS THANK YOU,” others are all about having the youngsters as part of their day. Either way, we LOVE this idea of being super prepared and making a special tablescape for the kids at the event.  Think ahead and keep it simples: mason jars full of yummy treats and candies with their names on them, cute vessels filled with crayons and stickers, placemats that double as mini chalk boards or sketch pads will keep them busy for hours and make it a memorable night for them and their parents!

pins of the week

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Glassware + Greenery: As soon as we saw this table, we knew we’d be seeing it at an upcoming celebration.  It’s just too pretty not to recreate!  The simple yet stunning vibe of this tablescape can be attributed to two major pieces, glassware and greenery.  If you look at photo, there isn’t much else there.  A combination of vases and different shaped glasses mixed with moss and mismatched ferns create a nice balance at a likely elegant event. And don’t even get us started on the cloches; they are gorgeous!  Even if this doesn’t fit for your wedding day, we could see this as a gorgeous holiday table, easy to recreate in almost any location or climate.  Who knew a stunning table was as easy as glass and greenery?


Dia de Muertos Inspired Invite: With October drawing to a close, we are gearing up for several fun and festive celebrations, including Dia de Muertos, the famous and much celebrated Mexican holiday that remembers friends and family who have died.  We pinned this Dia de Muertos inspired invitation, loving its boldness and quirk, as well as its nod to an important cultural event.  It may not be everyone’s cup of wedding tea, but we love to see couples take risks and make their day uniquely theirs!


Perfect Fall Bouquet: When we’re searching for wedding bouquet inspiration on Pinterest, we often come across stunning bouquets.  Many are full of bright pops of color and bold florals, perfect the bride wanting to pack a floral punch.  We often also see some gorgeous neutral bouquets, made up of white and cream florals with touches of greenery.  However, it’s often hard to find bouquets that fall between the two, keeping a neutral base with just the right amount of spark and spunk.  So when we pinned this bouquet, we noted how wonderfully it seems to balance a neutral palette with a splash of personality.  We love the mix of texture, depth, and color, making this a delightful choice for a fall bouquet.




Pinterest Pins of the Week

Teacup Floral: With summer gone and fall in full swing, we are loving the slight switch up of florals.  We’re waving goodbye to the super bright and pigmented and saying hello to moody hues, layered pieces, and more organic shapes.  This wedding DIY teacup arrangement looks cool without being overly quirky.  The similarity of the shape of the teacups and the simple, classic color combos help create a streamlined look.  This arrangement is also heavy on greenery, which we totally dig for fall.


Gatsby-esque Invites: We hate to admit it, but we missed one of the year’s biggest blockbusters in theaters.  (Thankfully, The Great Gatsby is now out on DVD, so we plan to catch it soon!)  Nonetheless, we fell in love with the decadent and over the top style of the film, which of course has translated beautifully for weddings.  This awesome wedding invitation caught our eye, as we love the subtle yet statement making lines and classic colors.  The font is both playful and overstated, giving a fair nod to the Jazz Age and all it’s greatness.  Now if we could just get Leonardo Dicaprio to be our groom…


Team Toppers: Football season is in full swing, which means our weekends are consumed by only two things: weddings and football.  (Not a bad combo if you ask us!)  It only makes sense for people to find fun ways to infuse their sports team love into their real-life love, and these cake toppers are certainly a fun way to do so.  They celebrate team spirit, while still holding onto a sweet vintage vibe.  The only question is, what team are you rooting for?


pinterest pins of the week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week.
Clothesline Slideshow
. With beautiful Chicago weather upon us, we are loving everything related to the outdoors.  Chicago has so many beautiful green spaces, so we’ve been pinning a lot of outdoor-inspired ideas.  And this pin, well it might be one of our favorites.  Pictures have often been a part of weddings, and many couples choose to play a slideshow at their reception.  But for couples who celebrate with mother nature, a slideshow might prove to be challenging.  However, this gives couples a fabulous way to showcase special memories, while still keeping with the authenticity and vibe of an outdoor celebration.  So give us some twine and photos, and we’ll be on our way!

Photography: The Leekers

Instagram  Your Day.  Speaking of pictures, are you on the Instagram bandwagon yet?  We love this fun photo sharing site, and we are particularly smitten with how couples are integrating it into their day.  This pin gives you a great idea of just how easy this techie idea is.  Choosing a hashtag and letting your guests know the tag gives a great (and hip) way to collect your wedding day memories!  #countusin

Gold + White.  This pin is proof that sometimes simple is best.  Mix and match gold candlesticks with simple white taper candles for a sweet yet refined mood.  Grouped together they make quite the statement, and we can see this idea working for a garden party or an elegant celebration in a grand hall.  Want this look on a budget?  Scour thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales for mismatched candlesticks.

Photography: Julie Cate


Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Baby’s Breath Boutonniere.  Take one look at our Pinterest boards and you’ll know how much we love baby’s breath.  This floral accent seems to show up in almost every single one of our boards, and we’re not sure we’ll ever stop loving this “filler floral.”  Because baby’s breath is simple in size, shape, and color, it adds beautiful texture and layers, without being too overpowering.  This boutonniere is the perfect example that sometimes less is more.  A small bunch of baby’s breath, wrapped in twine, makes the perfect floral piece for grooms, groomsmen, ushers, and fathers.

DIY Photo Chandelier. Though this pin wasn’t originally intended to be a wedding idea, (it came from HGTV’s blog), we couldn’t help but swoon when we saw it.  We instantly started thinking of how you could work this into your big day, and we love the idea of having personalized chandeliers hanging throughout your reception space.  Include pictures of you and your partner, friends, and family.  This could also be a fun way to designate seating, having guests locate their photo on a DIY chandelier above their table!  We love to see couples personalize their special day, and this DIY wedding project is certainly a great way to do just that.

Floral Crown.  The sun continues to make small appearances in Chicago, which has most Windy City residents itching for spring.  And nothing says spring quite like flowers.  So it’s no surprise that this floral crown caught our attention, making a bold statement.  The majority of the flowers are fairly over sized for a headpiece, so we like the unexpected proportions of this crown.  We also love the small pieces of greenery mixed in, as well as the off-centered placement of the piece.  This is a twist on the more common and dainty floral crown, and for the bride wanting to make a statement, we say go for it!

Amber Weimer Photography


Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Custom Paper Favor Bags.  We love when couples go the extra mile to integrate wedding favors into their big day.  The thought means a lot to guests, and it’s a great way to extend the memory, even once guests leave.  And because we love all things food related, we tend to be partial to yummy treats.  These personalized bags are the perfect vessel for a sweet or salty treat, great for guests to take home once the celebrations are over.  We can imagine popcorn, candy, or even freshly baked cookies tucked inside, though the possibilities are endless!

Peonies + Sunny Yellow Bouquet.  The Chicago temperatures have been teetering on the edge of spring lately, and the increased rays have left us wanting all things bright and cheery.  This wedding bouquet of white peonies is perfectly accented with pops of yellow floral, making the perfect statement for spring.  And the not-so-put-together bunch makes the look complete, finding a great balance between organic and polished, the perfect combination for spring.

Glass Ring Box.  Ring bearers tend to bring up images of small toddlers in suits, teetering down the aisle with a soft satin pillow, with three rings tucked in the center.  As much as we love that classic scene, we also love this more modern take on a transporting rings down the aisle.  The glass and metal combination keeps the box from looking too sweet, and the moss adds just the right amount of whimsy and nature.  Pretty rings and a pretty box, sounds like a winning combo to us!


3D Event Design Software

Let’s face it: we live in a very visual world. Nevermind Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like, there’s a new graphic suite ready to delight brides and wedding planners alike called 3D Event Designer.   Imagine this, you have a digitally conceptualized 3D model of your reception space and are able to manipulate tables, linens, chairs, flowers, votives, and just about any other decorative item you can think of to build your dream room. Even for the creatively challenged, the idea is genius and super fun to play with for all of industry folks trying to come up with new and exciting ways to set up for an event.

It also starts with a great space. Venues can literally send in their dimensions and features ( with photos, no less) and the group over at 3D will create a model for them to use over and over again for all of their clients.  And when it comes to communicating your ideas between your planner, on-site workers, florists, set-up crew and just about anyone else involved, this new gem leaves no stone unturned and every last detail addressed in a perfectly packaged model. It can be emailed as a PDF and is insanely addicting when it comes to playing around with ideas for the big day.

And the folks over at 3D Event Designer know that not everyone is a graphic designer, hence making the site ultra user friendly. You can upload plans to Facebook, log in to make changes that can easily be sent to multiple people and even send them a request for a custom item design (think custom pieces that are hard to find or ultra premium linens and designs.)  Although they are updating their inventory of digital items almost weekly, the cost ranges from about $5-10 per custom item – a steal when you consider the perks of being able to see the actual set up before the wedding!

And who doesn’t love sharing their wedding vision with their friends? Part of the joys of planning a wedding, is including others in the process. We love how this product celebrates technology’s role in today’s wedding planning and also reminds us how fun planning the biggest day of your life can be! So jump on over to 3D Event Designer today and sign up for a free webinar to see what your wedding or next event can look like. It’s perfect for all of you planners and venue folks! We can’t wait to see what you dream up!

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Candy Necklace Napkin Ring.  The blog we found this image on may be written in another language, but that didn’t stop us from loving this idea and pinning its gorgeousness!  The candy necklace provides the ideal amount of childhood nostalgia, while the pastel color is perfect for the quickly approaching spring.  The simple white linens and old school name tag keep the focus on the candy necklace.   And if guests can’t wait for wedding cake, they can always take a nibble or two out of their napkin ring!

The Naked Wedding Cake.  Wedding cakes have long served as the symbol for tradition and wedding day celebrations, and over the years, they’ve gone through quite the transformation.  From tiered and tall to substituted with cupcakes, the wedding cake has seen it all.  Now, a new trend is taking over, as couples embrace “naked” cakes.  With exposed layers, stacked butter cream, and simply displayed fruit, these cakes take a “less frills” approach.  Perhaps this cake is the perfect example of less is more, because we are in love!

Pine cone Place cards.  Pine cones tend to be something we only see once a year, as the holiday season hits it’s peak.  They conjure up images of warm nights by the fire and cinnamon scented candles.  However, this pin has us rethinking the holiday only name that pine cones have taken on.  The neon paint gives this natural place card holder a fresh look, making it appropriate for just about any season.  Aren’t quite a fan of neon?  Think about a more subtle color, such as robin’s egg blue or lavender.  Perfect for a spring soirée.



Naked Wedding Cakes

You’re Pinterest board is full of them. Wedding cake after luscious wedding cake, ripe for the choosing. Every picture, more mouth watering than the next, so how ever will you choose? Well, for some of the more adventurous couples, naked wedding cakes have never been hotter. You probably even have a photo of one or two on that very same Pinterest board. You’ve pinned it and you don’t even know how on trend you are! Naked cakes, as they are being called, are still perfectly acceptable for weddings and while they share the same tiered look as more traditional ones, these confections are different in that they don’t have icing or frosting on the outside- showing off the layers of filling and various cake flavors.

naked cake 3

4 Eyes Photography

This option is perfect for cakes featuring fruits or fruit fillings. You know all of those elegant farm inspired pastries with layers wrapped in raffia or colored bows? Well this is the time to bring that to life for your wedding and show off the natural beauty of the cake.  Many wedding cake bakers are highlighting these choices with raspberry preserves or current jellies that add a pop of color and delicious flavor layer to a vanilla or lemon flavored white cake.

naked cake 2

And to show off some of our favorite new options, we have a list or “menu “ of sorts that we’ve compiled from the best of the web. Enjoy, and try not to eat your computer screen!

naked cake 1

Our first choice, isn’t so much a recipe or flavor but the idea of having multiple layers and flavors. Because the outer layer isn’t frosted, guests can easily see their choices and entice their senses by getting a glimpse at multiple cakes. But beware, some guests may go cake crazy and opt for the sampler platter as opposed to just one slice.

Whoopie pie, anyone? Layers of beautiful classic chocolate cake layered with white vanilla butter cream is not only sure to please just about everyone but also doubles as a large scale doppelganger for the sweet favorite, whoopie pies. Topped with some fresh flowers or sentimental bride and groom figurines, it’s an instant classic!

Strawberry Shortcake. Another flavor that brings you right back to summers as a child, this cake can use standout strawberries to unearth a fresh balance between moist layers of buttery white or pound cake.  Paired with fresh whipped cream and you have taken this cake to a whole new level. And the idea of serving it naked is almost a necessity considering how gorgeous the layers look. Think about adding a red tie to each layer or pulling it into a bow for a sweet look.

naked cake 4

Any way you slice it, cake is delicious. But these naked cakes just might be the next big thing. And for those of us who aren’t crazy about frosting to begin with, there isn’t a thing missing! Bon Appetit!

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Succulent Bouquet.  Succulents are literally popping up all over Pinterest.  Whether in terrariums, garden accent walls, or wedding centerpieces, we’re loving them!  They add a great sense of the outdoors, while being fairly low-maintenance.  They also add a touch of spunk to a space, perfect for the couple who wants to infuse a hint of personality into their florals.  But they’re not just for tables and outdoor spaces; they’re beautiful in wedding bouquets too!  Cluster several together for a big statement, or mix them in with other florals for a subtler look.  This bouquet is a perfect example of how succulents can be mixed into other florals for a fabulous overall look.

Statement Brooch.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.  We love all things J.Crew, this look included.  But this look caught our eye even before we realized the look was J.Crew.  Brooches are no strangers to our Pinterest page, and they’re certainly not strangers among brides.  But the simplicity of this look and the placement of this brooch, well, it left us speechless.  No sash, no large floral, just a simple piece of bling, perfectly placed at the waistline.  Can’t afford the J.Crew price?  No worries, just about any brooch with do.  Scour thrift stores, flea markets, or your grandmother’s closet for a great statement piece.


Dress Display.  You know those people who say you only use your wedding dress once?  Well, this pin challenges their theory just a little bit.  This couple decided to showcase the beautiful dresses of the important women in their lives, sharing not only the dresses, but also special photos from their loved ones’ big day.  It’s a different idea for sure; proof there are always new and creative ideas in wedding world!

Jen Fariello Photography