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Mason Jar InvitesEtsy has quickly become one of our favorite wedding resources.  Not only does it showcase great handmade products, but it also allows couples the chance to connect with beautiful artists all over the world.  Wedding invitations are one of our favorite things to browse on Etsy, and these beauties caught our eye this week.  They set the tone for an elegant and classic wedding, with touches of rustic simplicity.  Both the color and font create a relaxed, yet special feel, preparing guests for a one-of-a-kind celebration.  If you’re looking for that extra special touch when it comes to your invitations, may we suggest Etsy as delightful resource.

Mason Jar

DIY Silk Hairpin.  Do it yourself projects have been taking the blog world by storm lately, with more and more people embracing their inner artist and giving handmade creations a chance.  DIY in the wedding world is of course a longtime favorite, but with easy-to-follow tutorials and great resources, they’re becoming easier than ever.  This silk hairpin tutorial is a simple project, perfect for the bride who wants to add an extra something to her wedding day hair.  This would be perfect with an updo or loose curls, and may also be something to make for bridesmaids on the big day.

Flower Tray Centerpiece. As winter continues to wrap most of the country, we can’t help but look forward to spring and the warmth it brings.  (It’s probably not a coincidence that most of our recent pins involve bright sunlight, glorious florals, and grassy outdoor spaces!)  So of course, we loved this simple yet cheerful wedding centerpiece, made easy with classic florals and a wooden tray.  This could also be recreated with wooden drawers, mismatched in size and color.  This pin is proof centerpieces don’t need to be over-the-top to make a statement!


Amelia Johnson Photography

5 Best Apps for Brides-to-Be

You’ve probably heard horror stories about how stressful and time-consuming wedding planning can be, but you don’t have to worry. Thanks to technology, planning a wedding is now easier than ever. Here are five wedding apps that will make wedding planning a breeze, so you can enjoy your engagement instead of feeling overwhelmed.


pinterest logoMobile Pinterest

How did people ever plan weddings without Pinterest? This addictive site lets you create virtual inspiration boards featuring images from anywhere online. (You can also upload your own images.) Not only does this site let you organize your ideas, but it can also be handy to show vendors images so they can imagine your wedding as a whole. The mobile app lets you easily access the site on your phone or other device, making it easier than ever to share your boards with others.


iwedding deluxe iWedding Deluxe

This app will cost you, but it may be worth it if you need some help staying organizing. It keeps track of everything from your seating chart to guests menu chooses. For $9.99, you will have a comprehensive wedding planner that is easy to use. This is perfect for busy brides who may be planning on the go because you can complete wedding tasks on your phone rather than waiting until you get home.


brides wedding geniusBRIDES Wedding Genius 2.0

This free app is great for brides looking for inspiration. Featuring hundreds of photos, it will help you choose styles for wedding dresses, rings, and more. The best part is it lets you save your favorite images and locates vendors carrying the products near you.



Wedding Budget appWedding Budget

This free app is great for brides on a wedding budget. It lets you enter deposits and expenses. The best part is the visuals. This app creates graphs so you can visually see exactly where your money is being spent and how much money you have remaining.



wedding 911

Wedding 911 by The Knot

As you plan your wedding, you will definitely have questions, and The Knot has all the answers. Whether you are wondering if you have to feed your vendors or trying to figure out how to save money, this free app can answer your questions.




Pinterest: Pins of the Week

This week, we are loving all things table related.  We’re pretty sure our obsession is Turkey-Day related, induced by hours around the table with friends and family.  So this week, we’re embracing the theme, showing off some of our favorite reception worthy table settings!

Tory Burch’s Table.  This first pin comes from one of the most popular designers of our time, Tory Burch.  She posted this table setting on her blog, and we were smitten at first glance.  We love the rich jewel tones, particularly the deep fuchsia and marigold.  The patterned plate adds an ounce of the unexpected, and the monogrammed napkin takes the cake.  Add a few candles and some metallic pumpkins, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous fall table!

Green Glass.  This pin is one of the most unique table settings we’ve seen in a while, and we’re totally digging the green glass.  Something about it is unexpected yet unique, adding a great sense of depth to the table.  The light wood and scattering of pine cones brings nature to table, with simple and colorful plates keep things classic.  Think you might want to recreate this look for your big day?  Scour thrift stores and flea markets for green glass, matching various shades and sizes.

 Souder Photography

Gold, Green, and a Striped Tablecloth.  This table setting is perfect now that we’re almost in December, though we can certainly see this setting working in a variety of seasons.  We’re not sure what we love more…the bold black and white stripe, the simple greenery box, or the hand printed menus.  But honestly, who are we kidding?  We are swooning over the gold dipped classes!  Wedding or no wedding, this is one DIY we’re dying to try.  Can you say weekend project?

Renee Brock Photography

Update Your Wedding Checklist

There is so much key advice that other bride’s will give you as you embark on your wedding adventure. So much so that almost all of it you may forget until you decide to  actually begin or update your master checklist with things to do and timelines for when they need to be done.  Once you have all of the major things covered and begin deciding on extras like personal touches and upgrades in décor, you may think you have everything you could think of covered! Wrong!

Like many brides, you will suffer the post- wedding, Pinterest infused, “ Why didn’t I think of that?” moment where every new idea seems so much better than your “old, so last minute” ones you used for your wedding. Stop right there! The brilliant thing about wedding today, especially in a time of social media, online e-zines, Pinterest and Etsy, is that it is ever-changing.  There are so many new and fresh ways to incorporate unique touches into your day that you almost need to keep your list tight so that you don’t “over plan.” But that’s an entirely different subject all together. So let us say this: Your wedding is the most important day of your life thus far but keep in mind that it really is ONE day. Stick to doing a few things very well and always value quality over quantity. Sometimes the best motto is to keep it simple and figure that you are treating yourselves and your guests to one great party.

So in this edition of “ The Wedding Checklist” we want to offer some vital tips that are sometimes overlooked and other things that you can definitely skip!

Here’s our thoughts:

Edit, Edit, Edit!:  You  don’t need a degree in journalism to know a good edit is imperative to the whole story making sense.  The same goes for your wedding. You want a constant stream of cohesion between the events, the colors, the feel and setting of you big day. Don’t try to cram in every idea you have ever seen in your life! Just go with what works and the best idea for the feel of your wedding should win. There will be other parties and events to use those secret touches on in the future! Remember, you’re not trying to impress anyone and keep in mind that guests are often more impressed with subtle, well executed details rather than over-the-top themes that don’t really work. Like we said before, taking some things off the list, is a great addition to the overall wedding.

Inexpensive Odds and Ends:  Something to keep in mind is how many Thank you notes you will be writing during this whole process From your showers, to bachelorette parties, engagement soirees and finally the wedding, consider a monogram or custom stationary that will take you from each event flawlessly. Think about different notes for each event and as is gets closer to the big day, you can really show off a lot of personal style well before the wedding. So have fun with it! Invest in a monogram address stamper that typically runs your about $40-$60 instead of paying for each envelope to be printed with a return address. You can also by matching address labels or seals to jazz-up any note. Remember, a thoughtful bride is always well regarded so don’t be shy when it comes to telling the people in your life how truly grateful you are. Adding personal paper to your list makes it so much easier when the time comes to thank everyone!

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Make a Statement.  We did a complete double take when we saw this image.  This bride is absolutely breath-taking, no doubt about it.  The statement headpiece, the slightly vintage inspired dress, the bold peach blush, the ruffled sweetheart necklace…it all works.  The look is elegant, special, and unique, a perfect combination for any bride on her wedding day!  However, we know the headpiece is a bit of a bold choice, so we’re curious; how many of you would embrace this look for your special day?

Austin Warnock Photography

Simple SeatingPlace cards are one of our most favorite parts of wedding receptions.  Perhaps because they’re a small expression of love, perhaps because they show a special touch of personality; we love to see how couples recognize their beloved guests.  We recently spotted this pin on Style Me Pretty, and we love the seasonal simplicity of it.  A simple linen, a small piece of greenery, a piece of twine, and a simple font makes for a delightful place card, certain to make any guest feel right at home.  And if you’re wedding isn’t for a few months, may we suggest trying this look at your Thanksgiving dinner?

Jillian Mitchell Photography

An Oh-Sew-Cool Cake Table.  Pardon our pun, but is this cake table not one of the coolest cake tables you’ve seen in a while?  It manages to look effortlessly cool, combining old and new, gilded and natural, glass and fire.  The florals add the perfect pop of color, while keeping the focus on the real star of the show, the cake.  Want to recreate this look on your own?  Scour thrift stores, garage sales, and attics for long lost treasures.  And don’t worry about finding a machine that’s in perfect condition; it’s the flaws that give it real character!  Mix it with an oversized metallic frame, a few glass canisters, and some mismatched florals, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous DIY cake table!

Tiny Water Photography

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Wheat Centerpieces.  It’s no secret that we love the look of seasonal favorites, so when we saw these wheat inspired centerpieces, we couldn’t possibly keep them to ourselves.  The combination of wheat, floral, berries, and burlap, gives a great combination of both color and texture.  We also love the oversized nature of these centerpieces, as just a few make quite a statement.   These centerpieces would look great in an outdoor reception or underneath twinkle lights inside of a barnyard celebration.  Wheat isn’t the most common floral element, but after seeing these centerpieces, we’re sure this won’t be our last wheat loving pin!

Aves Photographic Design

Gray + Brown. We love to see the fun color combinations that grooms come up with for their big day, and in all the wedding images we’ve pinned, we think this combination might be a new one.  We are smitten with the gray and brown combination, utilizing two much loved, but rarely  paired together neutrals.  The look is classic with a twist of playfulness, and we of course love the seasonal nod of the brown accents.  And the gold tie clip?  Well, that just takes this groom’s style to a whole other level!

Harwell Photography

Tiered Wooden Cupcake Stand.  Cupcakes have become quite the wedding dessert favorite, coming onto the wedding scene strong in recent years and earning a special place among couples and guests alike.  We love to see the creative genius behind not just the cupcakes themselves, but also behind the presentation of the cupcakes.  This tiered cupcake stand is the perfect way to show off your bite sized desserts, adding a sweet touch of the outdoors.  This stand would also be great for mini-milkshakes, chocolate chip cookies, stacked macrons or any other pint-sized dessert.

Available on Etsy

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Braided Crown Tutorial.  We love the look of relaxed yet elegant updos, especially when paired with a magical and formal wedding down.  The juxtaposition is unique and keeps the bride’s overall look cool and relaxed.  We’ve blogged about braids before, so when we saw this DIY braided crown tutorial, we knew we had to share.  The instructions are simple and low-stress, both important qualities for the DIY bride.  So click, learn, and braid away!

Balloons + Golf Tees = Floating Balloons: When we saw this picture, we had to look twice; are these balloons floating?  Well…not really, but the effect is pretty amazing!  And the look is pretty easy to achieve!  Anchor balloon with eye hooks, tent stakes, or golf tees, and stand back to watch the magic.  This would look beautiful in so many settings, colors, and patterns; we’re in floating balloon love!

Feather Boutonnieres.  We spotted these feathered creations on a popular art blog, and to be honest, we’re not sure whether they’re darts, feather dusters, or conversation starters.  We were drawn to them, however, because we think they’d make the most rockin’ boutonnieres!  We can see them pinned against a grey suit or some funky suspenders, perfect for the groom and groomsmen who want a little spunk in their wedding day look!

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Seven Arrows Poster Invites.  We love a classic, simple invite as much as the next person, but we also love when couples take a less traditional approach, injecting more fun and color into their invites.  This invitation package from Ladyfingers Letterpress takes the take when it comes to fun.  The bright colors, the mismatched fonts, the pop of yellow in the envelope lining, everything screams, “Come, celebrate, and have a good time with us!”

Kraft Paper Place Settings.  There are lots of different ways to help guests know where to sit.  Placecards, seating charts, table numbers…the list goes on.  But we love the simplicity of these kraft paper table settings.  With brown kraft paper and a simple marker, you’ve got instant place settings.  Even if you’re not doing assigned seating, this is still a great option; just think of fun and celebratory sayings to write or fun facts to share about the couple.  Instant conversation starter!

Green Apple Photography

Sprinkles Cake.  We are firm believers that sprinkles make everything better.  And this cake is the perfect proof.  How can you see this cake and not smile?  The all over sprinkle effect makes a bold statement, and the white bows add a pop of elegance.  This cake is perfect for a fun and spunky couple!

Jessica Hardy Photography

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Gown + Tux.  When it comes to fashion, we love the classic look of a black blazer.  Pair it with jeans, pencil skirts, or dresses; it’s hard to go wrong.  However, as much as we love blazers, we have to admit, we don’t think we’ve ever seen the classic closet staple with a wedding dress.  But, after this pin, we are over the moon for the gown and tux pairing.  Everything about this look works!  And while the black/white combo might not be for everyone, we’re know there are some Chicago brides that could definitely pull off this pairing.

Dean Alexander Photography

Corn Husk Topper.  We’re not shy about our love for cakes or cake toppers, and this pin is so simple and elegant it takes our breath away.  A simple white cake with a cake topper straight from nature.  Now that fall is here, the leaves are changing, and the temperatures are cooling, we think that now the perfect time to debut this cake.  Simply stunning.

Jose Villa Photography

Aisle Markers.  We’ve seen couples decorate ceremony spaces using all sorts of special touches, and aisle markers are one of the most common features of the ceremony space.  Typically aisles are marked with some sort of embellishment on the end chairs, but this pin takes a different approach, marking aisles with floor florals.  The unique placement acts as both row markers as well as an aisle runner, and we love the pop of color sprinkled down the aisle.  The marigold color of these florals is also perfect for fall!

Kristi Wright Photography

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Splatter Watercolor Invitations.  When we first saw this image on Pinterest, it was no more than a two by two square, but even then, we knew it was something special.  And even though the DIY tutorial was technically about how to make a floral party hat (which could be a whole other wedding idea in itself), we fell in love with the idea of translating this splatter watercolor concept into a wedding invitation.  The refined yet colorful technique creates a hint of whimsy, perfect for a fun and festive invitation.  So break out the watercolors, we’re ready to get splattering!

Photo from Anthropologie Craft Night

Personalized Cake Stand.  We’ve never been shy about our love for cakes, and to prove it, we’ve got a whole pinboard dedicated to the classic wedding dessert.  So it’s only normal that when we saw this personalized cake stand, we were head over heels in love.  From the pale and lovely color to the sweet, scalloped trim, it is the perfect accessory to make your wedding cake sing.  And the countless options for personalization make this beauty a no-brainer!

Simple Wreaths.  With the holidays “just around the corner,” wintertime wedding DIY projects are popping up all over Pinterest.  And although many of these projects will no doubt be lovely in December, we love stretching many of them to fit the entire year.  These simple wreaths are the perfect example.  Their simple yet elegant look would be perfect hanging from the windows, the ceiling, or a ceremony backdrop.

Ashley Ann Photography