How to Accommodate a Pregnant Bridesmaid

A pregnant bridesmaid can be a tricky situation, especially if the girl wasn’t pregnant when you originally asked her to be in the wedding. However, it is a common situation that must be handled delicately. Here are a few suggestions for making your day comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Choose the Right Dress

If you know a bridesmaid is pregnant before choosing the dresses, be sure to pick a dress that is flattering on a growing belly. You may consider allowing the bridesmaid to wait to purchase the dress until the wedding day gets closer. This way, she doesn’t have to stress about the dress being too small or uncomfortable. If this isn’t option, be sure to choose a style that will be flattering by the wedding date. Empire waistlines and maternity dresses are good choices.

Let Her Sit

If your bridesmaid will be far along in her pregnancy by the wedding date, allow her to sit down during the ceremony. She can still stand up there for pictures and walk down the aisle with the other bridesmaids, but you may want to have a chair for her during the ceremony.  Many pregnant women can’t stand for extended periods of time without being comfortable.

Plan Snack Times

Most pregnant women are encouraged to eat every three to four hours. Be sure to include snack times in your day of schedule. You don’t want anyone getting sick because they haven’t eaten since 6 am. (This true for everyone in the wedding, not just the pregnant bridesmaid.)

Remember that Food is Important

There will be a ton of events that revolve around food and drinks as you plan your wedding (bachelorette party, the shower, the rehearsal, the reception, etc.).  When choosing menus, make sure there are food and drink options that are appropriate for a pregnant bridesmaid. For instance, pregnant women can’t eat sushi, and they need plenty of fruits and vegetables. (Also, pregnant women are not encouraged to drink alcohol.) You may want to talk to your bridesmaid to find out her specific food and drink needs.

Talk to Your Bridesmaid

Most importantly, be sure to talk to your pregnant bridesmaid throughout the wedding planning process. Find out what will make her comfortable or uncomfortable. After all, you want her to enjoy your day, and it is better to make a few accommodations than to lose a great bridesmaid.

We’d love to know, do you have an expecting bridesmaid? What are you doing to handle the situation?