Save the Date Etiquette

Save the Date Etiquette

Save the Date Etiquette

Save-the-date cards are a relatively new trend in weddings, and they came about as a way to respect guests’ time and make sure they can attend the wedding. In good etiquette, you’ll send these to your guests 6 to 8 months before your wedding date so that your guests can mark it on their calendars and make travel arrangements. They should be sent out even sooner, up to a year in advance, if you are having a destination wedding or during a high travel season. For instance, Cape Cod in the summer, San Diego during Comic-Con International, Mexico in the winter during peak travel season or perhaps Washington, DC during an inauguration. If you are getting married in a relatively small town, you’ll still have to check, you might end up competing with hotel rooms with the annual Scarecrow Fest.


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The point of using a save-the-date is to be gracious to your guests by giving them enough time with their busy schedules so that they can make travel arrangements well enough in advance and maybe use those airline and credit card points. Save-the-date notices are also used for non destination weddings if more than 25% of your guests are coming in from out of town and your event coincides with a peak travel season.

You should include the following information on your save-the-date:

  • Couples full names
  • Wedding date
  • Location
  • Wedding Website is a nice addition for guests to click for more details as they are updated


Save the Date Etiquette

Two of the biggest mistakes made with save-the-dates are:

1. Not putting enough information. Always make sure you include the wedding location, such as your hometown or a destination wedding locale, along with the date so that guests can make travel arrangements. Just having the date is not enough. Guests need to know how many days they’ll need to take off of work.

2. Send only to guests you are for certain you want in attendance. You can’t send a save-the-date and then not send them an invite.

After you drop off your save-the-dates at the post office, sit back, take a deep breath and feel better that you’ve crossed one more item off your to-do list. You’re one step closer to saying “I do!”

Save The Date Cards – Etiquette

Mailing out a save-the-date card months before your wedding invitations is becoming an increasingly popular trend. While not absolutely necessary, save-the-date cards can be a helpful and beneficial resource for you and your guests. It notifies guests of your wedding date months in advance and lets them know they’ll be invited so they can make the necessary arrangements. If you’re considering sending save-the-date cards for your wedding, here are few tips on proper etiquette:

If to Send: Save-the-date cards are not required. They are, however, recommended for destination weddings, long weekend weddings, and holiday weddings. It’s also wise to send a save-the-date if your wedding falls during a busy time the of year (i.e. holiday season or summer) or if you are expecting a lot of out-of-town guests.

When to Send: Save-the-date cards should be sent to guests six to eight months before the wedding. This will give out-of-town guests ample time to make travel arrangements, save up money, and request time off of work.

Who to Send: If you decide to mail save-the-date cards, you need to send them to all intended wedding guests. Even if you have friends or family that are definitely planning to attend the wedding, they should still receive a save-the-date card. Anyone who receives a save-the-date card should also receive an invitation, so make sure your guest list is narrowed down and finalized before mailing. Once a save-the-date is mailed, there’s no turning back. Also, on the save-the-date envelope, be sure to specify exactly who is invited (i.e. guests, significant others, plus ones, and/or kids).

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