Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Drink Dispensers: We see A LOT of these on Pinterest and in just about every other wedding publication out there. The idea really took off a few years ago when rustic weddings became all the rage. Well, not just rustic but rustic with a refined, elegant edge. These special apothecaries are stunning filled with signature cocktails, fresh lemonade or flavor infused waters. When it comes to the self-serve aspect, we say be as creative as possible. Offer at least one non-alcoholic option and consider using multiple vessels. One drink dispenser never seems to be enough so catch your guests’ interests with multiple varieties ( at least 2.) Our favorites? Southern style sweet tea and vodka lemonade, Fresh squeezed lemonade with fresh mint sprigs and lavender, and cucumber and basil infused water. Delicious and absolutely beautiful! They are functional and will quench your guests’ thirst while setting the tone for your décor.


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Rose Gold: When it comes to delicate jewelry we have seen rose gold make a huge statement recently. But we have also seen it completely blow up in the realm of wedding rings. The look is chic, modern, and also somewhat vintage. The hint of pink adds a feminine touch and allows you to stay in the traditional gold tone family while also adding some personal flair. For pink lovers, it’s a must! The great part is that infusing rose gold with your existing pave diamond jewelry is a simple transition for anniversary gifts in the years ahead and adding a fun sparkly rose gold band to your engagement ring is a nice compromise if you are on the fence as well. But we can’t help but sit in awe over some of the rose gold engagement rings that take the tone to a whole new level of elegance and refinement. With all of these options, it makes ring shopping that much harder!


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Creativity Rules: While these mega cute mini gumball machines certainly caught our eye, it wasn’t until we clicked inside this pin for some of the most creative and unique ideas for weddings we’ve seen anywhere! From the ultra-chic black and white chevron flower girl dresses, to the custom pickle bar and animal topiaries, this pin is a must read and see! We love just the thought of inspiring couples to do what feels right and really make their wedding a true reflection of their personalities. And it doesn’t hurt to have a home run idea that guests will never forget!


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The Kentucky Derby Wedding

The Kentucky Derby Wedding

Derby ThemeThe Kentucky Derby Wedding. It’s off to the races! Or is it, a race to the altar? However you slice it,  The Kentucky Derby is chalk full of wedding inspiration.  Not only is it a spring right of passage for sporting fans, for us in the wedding biz, it’s the perfect time of year for the most gorgeous florals. From the signature cocktail (hello, mint julep!) to the special attire (ladies in hats and men opting for bow ties), it’s just enough theme without being overboard, and we have to say, we adore the look!

First, let’s consider the date. May is bustling with signs of summer, but also has a safe bet for temps staying comfortable for your guests. And while you always run the risk of rainy weather with a tent, we think an indoor venue with a vast veranda or terrace is perfect for echoing the same sentiment as Derby watching.  The event lends itself to plenty of other built-in musts like using silver plated mint julep cups for floral arrangements, choosing equestrian accents like horse figurines or even the quintessential sign of good luck, the Horseshoe for your escort cards. We also love the subtle homages to southern tradition that might be perfect for a preppy couple even if they aren’t from the julep

There’s a huge trend of turning to Southern traditions for weddings. For one, they really embrace the gala idea of several days of wedding festivities.  You can follow suit by adding a BBQ themed rehearsal dinner and opting for Southern style sides on your dinner menu as well. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love cornbread, mac n’ cheese and pecan pie? And no Southern Wedding would be complete without a grand red velvet cake!

One of our favorite blogs, Southern Weddings Magazine, is stocked with coverage of real weddings that embrace all of these terrific ideas. And show that is it completely possibly to try to theme out for an engagement party or bridal shower.  Some of our favorites we’ve seen so far? A bow tie bar for the guys and cigar rollers! Or maybe your guy would like a Kentucky bourbon bar for tasting.  We think the ideas are endless! And we are sure to see more of this trend in the year ahead!

Derby Cake

Groom Trends for 2013

Huff Post Weddings is a fabulous resource for nuptial news brought to you by The Huffington Post, one of our favorite sources for news of all kinds.  So this past week, when they sited new groom trends for 2013, we sat up and listened- as anything to do with grooms always seems to catch our attention. Let’s face it, even though you are one half of the main event, you aren’t exactly considered the star of the show, so for the groom, we are totally following this new trend of having your own influence infused with the theme of the day. As far as the Huff Post is concerned, here are some of their favorite new ways for the guys to show off their style, along with some of our own ways to make it your own.

Bourbon Bars: We know all about the signature cocktail, and while that still reigns supreme, we are loving the new take on theme bars. For the scotch or whiskey loving guy (or gal) these stations are perfect for educating guests and allowing them to sip something they may never have tried before. Holding a mini tasting of your own before the wedding is a great way to share your favorites with your guests when the big day arrives. It’ also very interactive, and a great way to take a chic dance break and strike up a conversation with someone new over a select glass of premium hard liquor.  This idea is perfect for just about any event from a black tie country club wedding to a backyard southern BBQ rehearsal dinner.

bourbon bar

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Co-ed Bachelor Parties: Okay, so before you guys all start to freak out and kiss your freedom goodbye, combining your “last night of freedom” with your soon to be new wife, is pretty genius especially when mutual couple friends are involved. These days, going to a wedding is a real commitment of time and money. From the sick days you forfeit to gifts for bridal showers and engagements, by the time the bachelor party rolls around, things can get pretty dicey in the money department. We like the idea of being able to bring your wife of significant other with and making a mini vacation out of the trip. There’s plenty of time for you to go your separate ways (spa days for the girls and casino trips for the boys.) Meeting up with the ladies for fancy dinners and days by the pool sounds like a great balance especially for the couples who are well out of their twenties and jut want to have a great time minus some of the debauchery.

Singing the blues away

Socks!: It wasn’t too long ago that the famous younger brother of the Kardashian girls, Rob, decided to design his own line of socks for the discerning gentleman with a flair for fashion. His reasoning was that guys have way less options for switching up their outfits and when it comes to statement making accessories for the big day- sock are a perfect option. Grooms are opting for stripes in every color and bold prints that make a real statement. We love this look with gray suits or less formal looks. They add a personal touch and some whimsy too!


Summer Wedding Details

Sometimes the smallest details can set your wedding apart from all the others and truly make it memorable for your guests. Here are ten sweet and small ideas to incorporate into your summer nuptials that are sure to make a splash:

Parasols: Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, parasols are an adorable way to add elegance to your summer ceremony. These are especially helpful if your wedding is outdoors, giving your bridesmaids some relief from the sweltering sun.

Photo via Pamela’s Parasols

Seed Packets: Fruit, vegetable, or flower seed packets are a great favor idea for summer nuptials. Or, incorporate them in your décor by using them as table numbers or place cards.

Fans: Cool guests down with pretty hand fans. Available in tons of shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns or easy to make yourself, fans add a pretty touch to outdoor ceremonies. Make them serve double duty by printing menus or programs on one side of handmade paddle fans for outdoor ceremonies or receptions, or offering them as favors to guests.

Ice Cream Treats: In lieu of cake (or in addition to it), offer guests homemade ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, or an assortment of chilled goodies at a sundae bar.

Fruits & Veggies: Send guests home with baskets of fresh produce or spruce up summer wedding tables with a variety of colorful, in-season fruits and vegetables.

Signature Cocktail: Create an original and refreshing cocktail, specially designed for your wedding day, to cool guests down during the cocktail hour or reception.

Outdoor Activities: Entertain guests at a casual summer reception with fun activities outdoors, such as croquet, cornhole, tetherball, or badminton.


Krista Mason Photography

Bicycles: Nothing says summertime quite like a bicycle. Create a memorable getaway by riding off together on a tandem bicycle or aboard vintage cruisers, or add a little whimsy to an outdoor ceremony by adding vintage bicycles into your decor.


Deidre Lynn Photography

Mason Jars: Mason jars are a great way to add rustic charm to your summer affair and they can serve so many purposes. Filled with candles, they look darling when hung from tree branches at an outdoor reception, or loaded with flowers, they make darling centerpieces. Best of all, they make great glasses for guests to sip lemonade, soda, water, or cocktails at your laid-back summer shindig.

 Orchard Cove Photography

Flip Flops: Help guests relax at an outdoor reception by providing flip-flops! Stock up on an assortment of colors and sizes and have them available for guests when they arrive, allowing them to slip off uncomfortable heels or dress shoes and ensuring they’ll be ready to dance, mingle, and play late into the night.

Planning a Killer Cocktail Hour

A cocktail hour is a great way to entertain guests while the bridal party is having photos done or to kill time before dinner is served. To ensure your cocktail hour is memorable, follow these easy steps:

Step One: Create a Signature Cocktail

Don’t just offer traditional alcoholic beverages. Add some panache by having the bar create an original cocktail specific to your wedding day. Or, take it one step further and create an entire menu of cocktail concoctions with names based on your bridal party, your hometowns, or your dating relationship.

Step Two: Offer Comfy Seating

A cocktail hour is a fun way to incorporate a different, more informal style to your wedding festivities. Not nearly as regimented as a sit-down dinner, the cocktail hour is intended to be a fun, lighthearted time for guests to mingle and celebrate. Create cozy seating nooks for small groups to gather or offer an outdoor lounge for guests to relax.

Step Three: Provide Background Music

Keep things from getting awkward while simultaneously adding ambiance with music. Create a laid-back playlist for the DJ to spin, or use the opportunity to incorporate live music with a jazz trio or acoustic band. Whatever the selection, keep the melodies low so guests can easily talk and visit.

Step Four: Sip in Style

While the reception site is undoubtedly bedecked in the finest wedding décor, don’t forget to spruce up the space for the cocktail hour as well. Not nearly as formal or involved as the reception hall, the locale of the cocktail hour should include a few unique touches, such as candles, twinkle lights, or small flower arrangements. Use the opportunity to showcase a different side of your style by decorating in a different, yet complementary, way as the rest of the wedding events.

Step Five: Provide Delicious Fare

During the cocktail hour, guests should have some tasty nibbles to nosh on while they wait for dinner. Choose a selection of bite-sized treats that are sure to satisfy guests without being overly filling.

Step Six: Create a Theme

There should be some consistent theme to the cocktail hour, a decision that can actually make your life (and wedding planning) easier. Pay homage to your heritage by dedicating the cocktail hour to your ethnic background, with foods, drinks, and décor that represent the culture, or use the opportunity to serve up relaxing comfort fare at a laidback, rustic gathering.

Step Seven: Personalize It

Adding a few personalized touches to the cocktail hour make it fun and memorable. Serve drinks with customized beverage napkins, or sip through personalized straws. The cocktail hour is also a great time to provide guests with party favors.

Step Eight: Offer Some Variety

The cocktail hour shouldn’t be limited strictly to cocktails. Be sure to offer some nonalcoholic varieties as well, such as flavored waters, sparkling cider, and soda.

Step Nine: Entertain Them

Keep guests occupied with fun activities. If the cocktail hour is outside, set up croquet or cornhole (bean bags) on the lawn. If it’s indoors, keep guests happy with a fun photo booth or table games.