Staying Cool at Summer Weddings by SimplyBridal

Staying Cool at Summer Weddings by SimplyBridal

Staying Cool at Summer Weddings by SimplyBridal. Summer is such a popular time for weddings, who wouldn’t love getting a little sunshine on their gorgeous white gown? It’s perfect for the wedding photos, and the greenery is in full bloom. It’s safe to say summer wedding ceremonies are just too much fun, though in some areas the heat can really get to your guests. Being considerate hosts and hostesses don’t forget to take a few precautions to insure your guests stay cool and comfortable. SimplyBridal has helped you brainstorm just a few ways to stay cool!

Staying Cool at Summer Weddings by SimplyBridal

Guide to Changing Your Last/Surname by SimplyBridal

Guide to Changing Your Name by SimplyBridal

Guide to Changing Your Name by SimplyBridal. So the wedding is over, phew… time to relax! Oh wait, but don’t forgot you’ve just gone from Miss to Mrs. It’s time to change your last name, there are so many important documents with your name on it that will need altering. Make sure you have your Marriage Certificate before trying to make any leeway with any of the steps below. One really important factor before changing your identification (drivers license or passport) is to make sure you wait until after your honeymoon or preplanned trips before changing these docs. If you change it before your trip, the name on the official travel document and your identification won’t match.

Guide to Changing Your Name by SimplyBridal

Honoring your Father by SimplyBridal

Honoring your Father by SimplyBridal

Honoring your Father by SimplyBridal. Father’s Day is this coming weekend, and to appreciate all the men in this universe SimplyBridal has put together a special infographic to remind you how you can keep your father-figure involved in your wedding. Having him walk you down the isle is the most rewarding role a father could ever have. Give your father an important role at your wedding to show that your affection and respect for him.

Honoring your Father by SimplyBridal


something borrowed

Something BORROWED for your Wedding by SimplyBridal

Something BORROWED for your Wedding by SimplyBridal. Over the past two weeks we’ve been entertaining the old traditional wedding say, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. Something old, helped the bride incorporate things from her past or from her family’s past. Something old, focused on new technology and how to be cutting edge at the wedding. This week SimplyBridal has got something borrowed prepared for you and your viewers. Though it is the brides wedding day, remember not to “demand” to borrow items for your loved ones, but rather ask politely to express the value it would signify to have their item incorporated into the special day.

Something Borrowed

something old

Something Old For Your Wedding by SimplyBridal

Something Old For Your Wedding by SimplyBridal. The saying goes “Something old, something new, something borrow, and something blue”.  To have all four items will bring you luck and fortune on your wedding day in hopes of a happy marriage. For the next four weeks SimplyBridal will be celebrating this saying by creating fun inspiring visual to help the bride add a little bit of each for her big wedding day. This week we have thought up of a few ways you can add a little “something old” into your special day.

Something Old

Honoring the Women in Your Family by SimplyBridal

Honoring the Women in Your Family by SimplyBridal

Creeping up this weekend is Mothers Day, and in honor of all the women in the world SimplyBridal has created a special infographic to help all the women at your wedding feel special. Of course the bride is the golden star on her wedding day, but the special union is special to all the members of both families. As the bride, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone is included, make sure that the sister of the groom is treated just as dearly as your own (because you are one big family now)! SimplyBridal has brainstormed a few ideas for each female member of both families.

Mothers Day Honoring the Women in Your Family at Your Wedding


Alternatives to the Traditional Bouquet

As we are nearing the end of April, we hope that this month of showers will bring beautiful flowers next month. As the pollen levels rise and for those who will be living off anti-histamines the next few months and would prefer not to hold pollinating plants so close to themselves, we’ve got just the thing for you. This week the SimplyBridal creative team has put together a list of great alternatives to the traditional flower bouquet.  There are so many to choose from, which one is right for you?


Types of Traditional Bouquets

It’s the month of April, and SimplyBridal is celebrating flowers this season! Last week we enlightened you on the meaning behind flowers and what the flowers choose say about you. This week we’ve researched and compiled a list of different types of bouquets. If your going for the boho styled wedding, perhaps the basket bouquet would be the most suitable. Rustic wedding? Go with the cascade or shower bouquet. There are so many options to the classic flower bouquet, so check out this infographic to see which is the best for you.

Types Of Bouquet

Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Wedding

To celebrate the wonder and beauty of our planet, SimplyBridal has taken the time to create a fun visual of many ways for you to have a sustainable wedding. Can you believe that 62 tons of carbon dioxide is created from the 2.5 million weddings in the United States alone?  This doesn’t even account for the 9 million weddings that are celebrated in China, can you image in the figures worldwide? From the paper used for invitations, to the jewelry pieces that are worn by the bridal party SimplyBridal has thought of it all! Donate unserved food, and encourage your guest to take public transportation, do something good for our world today.

Eco-Friendly Wedding (2)