Wedding Transportation

You’ve just said “I do,” hugged your family and friends, and made a hasty getaway from the church. Now what? Your big send-off should be done in style so put some thought into your wedding transportation.

The options for wedding transportation are really as vast and diverse as the wedding itself. The most conventional and traditional option is a limo. It’s classy, private, and doesn’t require you, your spouse, or any of your attendants to operate a vehicle (which might come in handy if you’re offering an open bar). The limo is a great option because it allows the wedding party to stay together throughout the day and nowadays, you don’t have to stick with a sedan. There are a wide variety of SUV limousines for those who want something a little different than the norm.

If a limo really isn’t your style, there are a number of other transportation options that are fun, romantic, classy, or unique. Choose something that best reflects your wedding day and your relationship. If you’re going for a fairy tale motif, why not ride off in a horse and carriage? If you’re wedding is more about fun, how about renting a sports car? If you want something charming and nostalgic, why not consider a classic or vintage automobile? And if you and your spouse are known for your adventurous and athletic sides, imagine riding off on a tandem bicycle.   Whatever your style, taste, and unique personalities are, there’s a mode of transportation that will best reflect you as a couple and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Be sure to check out Joseph Limousine for a limo and Spare Wheels Transportation for your shuttle needs.