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Spin Spun Cotton Candy Chicago

Spin Spun Cotton Candy ChicagoWe recently saw an amazing photo on a food blog of said blogger being presented with a gorgeous mound of fluffy pink cotton candy dressed with edible gold glitter and donning a birthday candle. Now that is what we call an upgrade on the typical free piece of cake on your birthday.  After doing a little research on how to make my own, and by that we mean BUY my own and sprinkle it with sparkles, we came across this adorable ( and local!) vendor, Spin Spun.

Spin Spun prides itself on being all-natural, gluten- free, nut- free, kosher, and containing as little as 100 calories per serving. It’s fun and super health conscious- 2 things we love! The sugar is even organic and to top it all off, they are serving up sweetness with a conscience- they are even fair trade certified!

So, now that we know that Spin Spun’s crazy cool concept works for just about every event and every palate, let’s get into the important details- the flavors! Although, the company claims this cute recipe is the secret to their one of a kind sugary magic ( see below), some of the innovative flavors include lemon coconut, salted caramel, and pistachio just to name a few!

Spin-Spun Cotton Candy Recipe (Same for each of our more than 25 flavors) :

1 Tablespoon of Inspiration

1/2 Cup of Passion

1 Tablespoon of Love

2 Teaspoons of Fun

1 Cup of Nature

2 cups of Awesomeness

And even CEO Seth Bankier can’t resist this old-time favorite. The idea originally came about while he was working in his office and suddenly had a craving for cotton candy. Simple as that, and about a million hours of research and development later ( tough gig, right?) Spin Spun was formed! The company is currently available for custom events and weddings and we can’t think of a more exciting surprise for wedding guests that grabbing a stick of cotton candy customized with your very own wedding colors! To check for availability or just to drool over the photos, here is all the info on Spin Spun!

Spin Spun Cotton Candy Chicago