Daytime Weddings

While it’s typical to have a Saturday afternoon/evening wedding there’s nothing wrong with having a daytime wedding either. If you’re an early bird bride and think an 11am service is for you then check out our tips!

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your bridal party is on board and those alarms are set. A daytime wedding will usually require a much earlier start. A daytime wedding is also a great option because lunches are usually cheaper than dinners. After the ceremony, your guests can go straight to the reception venue where lunch could be served as soon as noon. You can still cut the cake, have dancing, mingling and speeches like an evening wedding. The only difference is the time.

Guests should be finishing their meals around 1pm. What should you serve? Most people do lighter fare like chicken or fish with a vegetable and starch. But going with the traditional beef option is up to you. Some couples love to do brunch for a daytime wedding! You can get fun and creative with festive drinks, waffle bars and juice bars.

As far as entertainment goes, the daytime wedding typically only lasts until 2:45 or 4:30pm. What happens after that? You and your groom can spend time alone or go to a spa for some couples time. If you’d still like to hang out with your guests suggest local activities like zoo’s, museums or games that you could all participate in. You can also limit this gathering to only close friends and family for a more intimate celebration.

For the daytime wedding it’s also a bit more casual. For men think morning coats or a lighter color like gray or navy rather than a full tuxedo. As for the bride, you can still opt for the glamorous wedding gown but perhaps with a few less bells and whistles. But it’s your day and you get to wear the dress of your dreams! A daytime wedding can be a lot of fun and a little more casual so that you can enjoy the rest of the big day.

Summer Wedding Drinks

Instead of your standard beverage offerings, why not add a little charm and some fun to your summer wedding nuptials with creative drink options? Here are five fun and whimsical ideas to cool down guests on a hot summer’s day:

Juice Bar: Refresh overheated guests with an assortment of fresh juices in various flavors. This works great for a brunch reception, but can be a fun and unique option for afternoon or evening gatherings as well. For a more mature option, offer liquor mix-ins to allow guests to sip on a refreshing libation, like screwdrivers, mimosas, or vodka cranberry.

Dan Cutrona Photography

Lemonade Stand: Add some rustic charm to an outdoor wedding or reception with an old-fashioned lemonade stand, complete with hand-painted wood signs and a tip jar. In addition to standard lemonade, offer lemon-inspired cocktails, like Lemon Drops, Lemon Martinis, Hard Lemonade, or Lemonade Sangria. To add a bit of whimsy, leave bowls of quarters on every table so guests can “buy” their drinks at the stand.

Soda Bottles: Stir up feelings of nostalgia by serving a variety of sodas in old-school glass bottles. Set up a few rustic metal beverage tub and put bottles on ice, or create a colorful display with fruit-flavored sodas.

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Ice Cream Concoctions: Cap off the night with a sweet treat by offering guests a variety of ice cream-laden drinks, including milkshakes, ice cream floats, and homemade cream sodas.Kellie Kano Photography

Coffee Bar: Providing coffee for your guests isn’t a new idea by any means, but you can cool down on a warm summer day by offering a variety of iced varieties. At the very minimum, iced coffee is a great refreshing option, but depending on complex your coffee bar is, you can also offer iced espresso drinks or blended coffee smoothies.