Saying thank you

Saying Thank You

saying thank you
Saying “thank you” is always in style! So don’t be ungrateful – say thanks for your wedding! Here’s how to give wedding thank you’s to all the people who’ve helped you put it together, given you gifts, or just have been a shoulder to lean on.
Wedding favors are the first thank you to your guests. So spoil them in return! It need not be anything expensive, even just a sweet, personalized thank you message on their place cards, a slice of wedding cake individually packaged, a mixed CD sharing all your favorite moments. Be clever about it: why not give away those expensive flower arrangements on the tables, by adding a little tag or bag with a message for your guests to please take them home with them. Create a sweetie or cookie bar where guests can indulge, give bottled home-made jams, cordials, ground coffee, specialty tea, olives, infused salt, cupcake mix or honey. Any small token of thanks will do, the trick is just to make it special, personal and lovely.
It may be the final piece of your wedding correspondence trousseau, but the thank you is certainly one of the most important. A beautifully written and presented thank you note is the last impression you will leave with your wedding guests — not to mention the first impression of you and your mate as a newlywed couple.
Most guests do not expect to receive a note before the wedding; they know that the couple is busy preparing for the special day. However, aim to mail your thank yous no later than three months after receiving a gift. When you return from your honeymoon, spend a concentrated 15 to 20 minutes per day on this task. Because you will need to write a thank you note for each and every gift received, writing in short periods allows for each note to remain lively and original. One way to expedite the process: Share the responsibility with your husband. (He can help by writing notes for those gifts from his family and friends.)
Many couples like the idea of matching the look, color and feel of invitations to the thank you notes. By doing so ahead of time, you can save money on design, ink and plate charges by ordering them alongside the wedding invitations. If you’d like to continue the tone set by your invitations but not match them exactly, select a similar ink color, type style and printing method that relates to your overall style. Methods for printing thank you notes are the same as for invitations—engraving, letterpress, embossing, off-set, and thermography—but if your invitations were engraved, save money by using thermography for your thank you notes to achieve the same look.
A popular trend in thank you note design is continuing the logo, pattern or motif first introduced on your invitations. Recently, a bride chose to recycle the Moroccan symbol of a hand used on her save the date cards. Another couple included the monogram used on its wedding invitations, simply tweaked with an updated color. It is this attention to detail (in addition to your heartfelt words) that will make your thank you’s more than just notes; they’ll be keepsakes for your guests.
Regardless of its design, a beautiful and graciously handwritten thank you note is a gift in itself.

saying thank you


Update Your Wedding Checklist

There is so much key advice that other bride’s will give you as you embark on your wedding adventure. So much so that almost all of it you may forget until you decide to  actually begin or update your master checklist with things to do and timelines for when they need to be done.  Once you have all of the major things covered and begin deciding on extras like personal touches and upgrades in décor, you may think you have everything you could think of covered! Wrong!

Like many brides, you will suffer the post- wedding, Pinterest infused, “ Why didn’t I think of that?” moment where every new idea seems so much better than your “old, so last minute” ones you used for your wedding. Stop right there! The brilliant thing about wedding today, especially in a time of social media, online e-zines, Pinterest and Etsy, is that it is ever-changing.  There are so many new and fresh ways to incorporate unique touches into your day that you almost need to keep your list tight so that you don’t “over plan.” But that’s an entirely different subject all together. So let us say this: Your wedding is the most important day of your life thus far but keep in mind that it really is ONE day. Stick to doing a few things very well and always value quality over quantity. Sometimes the best motto is to keep it simple and figure that you are treating yourselves and your guests to one great party.

So in this edition of “ The Wedding Checklist” we want to offer some vital tips that are sometimes overlooked and other things that you can definitely skip!

Here’s our thoughts:

Edit, Edit, Edit!:  You  don’t need a degree in journalism to know a good edit is imperative to the whole story making sense.  The same goes for your wedding. You want a constant stream of cohesion between the events, the colors, the feel and setting of you big day. Don’t try to cram in every idea you have ever seen in your life! Just go with what works and the best idea for the feel of your wedding should win. There will be other parties and events to use those secret touches on in the future! Remember, you’re not trying to impress anyone and keep in mind that guests are often more impressed with subtle, well executed details rather than over-the-top themes that don’t really work. Like we said before, taking some things off the list, is a great addition to the overall wedding.

Inexpensive Odds and Ends:  Something to keep in mind is how many Thank you notes you will be writing during this whole process From your showers, to bachelorette parties, engagement soirees and finally the wedding, consider a monogram or custom stationary that will take you from each event flawlessly. Think about different notes for each event and as is gets closer to the big day, you can really show off a lot of personal style well before the wedding. So have fun with it! Invest in a monogram address stamper that typically runs your about $40-$60 instead of paying for each envelope to be printed with a return address. You can also by matching address labels or seals to jazz-up any note. Remember, a thoughtful bride is always well regarded so don’t be shy when it comes to telling the people in your life how truly grateful you are. Adding personal paper to your list makes it so much easier when the time comes to thank everyone!