wedding cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes

You’ve planned most of the details, booked the church and reception hall, now you’re left with the fun part! Besides the meal tasting, the other fun part of a wedding is the cake tasting. Now, the best decision is chocolate, vanilla, fruit, red velvet? And what frosting? What will adorn your cake?

Let us take a tangent off the traditional cake, though, and venture into another fantastic option. Wedding cupcakes. These delicious little treats can still convey the elegance and beauty of your big day but there’s also something nostalgic and just fun about unwrapping a cupcake!

Some things to consider first, of course, is cost. Wedding cakes average $4-5 per slice while cupcakes average about $2. However, you need to consider how you’re going to display them, decorative stands and how intricate you want them designed. If you choose wedding cupcakes in order to save money keep it simple.

The style of the wedding cupcake trend lends a light and whimsical feeling to your wedding. You may want to consider the “style” of the people attending and your vision. Some people consider cupcake too casual for weddings or worse, cheap. But, ultimately it’s your day and when they taste the decadent, moist cupcake they may just change their minds.

The other trip up using cupcakes is what do you cut for your wedding cake? Easy, just get a 6 inch cake to place on top of the cupcake tower and you have something to cut! You can even freeze the rest of it for your one year anniversary. So, whether you’re looking for something non-traditional or want to save a little money, cupcakes seem like a great answer!

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