Saying ‘I do’ Come Rain or Shine

The uncertainty of weather can be one of the biggest causes for anxiety when it comes to a wedding. Unless you’re getting married on the beach in a country where it never rains, then weather will be a factor whether your wedding is inside or outside, in the spring or in the fall. It’s an unavoidable inconsistency that you’ll just have to bear with. That said, here are a few tips.


Rain is probably one of the worst nightmares of anyone who’s planning a wedding. If your wedding is outside, make sure you have a solid back up plan. Does your venue have an indoor option in case of emergency? Or maybe you can hire a tent company to shelter your guests from potential rain?

Even if your event is inside, you’ll still have to get from place to place. If the forecast predicts rain for your big day, invest in some good umbrellas. Have your groomsmen do the favor of holding them to shelter guests walking into the event. If possible, plan to get dressed at your venue to reduce the amount of time you’ll spend outside all dressed up.

Talk to your hair stylist about a back up style that will be less ruined or easily fixable if it should get wet. Keep any flowers and decorations as protected as you can until the last minute. Consult with your wedding photographer, who should be able to work around the rain, whether it’s moving indoors or taking fun photos of you dancing in the rain with umbrellas!


Who doesn’t want a sunny day and blue skies for their wedding? But what if it’s unexpectedly nearly 100 degrees and unbearably humid? If you’re getting married in the middle of July or August, then that could be a real possibility, and you run the risk of ending up with overheated guests and a dress soaked with sweat! Obviously, this scenario is particularly worrying if you’re having an outdoor event.

If that’s the case, look into providing fans for your guests; they can be decorated to match your wedding theme, and your guests will definitely appreciate even the smallest opportunity to cool down. You could also look into providing plenty of water with customized water bottles, to keep everyone hydrated.

If you’ve only just started planning your outdoor wedding, look at dresses that aren’t as heavy and prone to sweating. For your man and his groomsmen, see if you can find a lighter material for their suits or tuxedos. Finally, if you’re sensitive to the sun, use make-up that has an SPF factor so that you don’t burn!


When you’re looking at the weather forecast, it’s usually the temperature, sun, and precipitation factors you look at. But it’s a good idea to check out the wind, too. Especially if you’re outdoors, a strong wind could be detrimental to you and your guests’ dresses, hair, flowers, food, and more. Keep this in mind when planning everything so that you don’t get blown away on your big day!

The bottom line is, weather is completely out of your control, and the best you can do is have a backup plan and not get too worried about it. Come rain or shine, wind or snow, put the plans in place to ensure you have a beautiful day that you will always remember.

The Tuxedo Debate

The Tuxedo Debate

In recent years, weddings have become less traditional and more about couples’ personal tastes and styles.  Brides are wearing more color, venues are becoming more casual, and dance floors are turning into dance parties.  So it’s only fitting that guys’ go-to wedding uniform, the tuxedo, is now being called into question.  Are tuxedos a thing of the past?  Here’s our take on the issue.

A tuxedo is a classic, a gentleman’s uniform.  Grooms have been wearing them for decades, and looking quite handsome while doing so.  There is something about a man in a tuxedo that just says, “wedding.”  So for the traditional man who wants to wear a tux, we say, “go for it.”  You’ll look handsome and timeless, a combination that is sure to leave any bride speechless.  But for those of you who are considering something a little more “outside of the tux,” pardon the pun, we have three great options for you.

A tuxedo with a few personal twists. One of the biggest complaints we hear from grooms is that it is hard to rent a tux that truly fits.  For the most part, rentals won’t fit like a custom tuxedo, and some guys crave a more personalized fit for the big day.  What guys don’t always love is the price tag that comes with a custom tux.  So for these guys, we recommend renting the basic tux pieces (jacket and pants), and buying the rest.  For example, buy your own tuxedo shirt for a fit that is closer to your own.  An hour into the reception, you’re likely to have your jacket off anyway, so a nice fitting shirt is important.  Find a pair of black dress shoes you love and feel comfortable in.  You can re-wear the shoes with almost any suit or office look for years to come.  Also, consider purchasing your own tie for the exact color, style, and pattern that you want.  Look at some of your favorite upscale retailers for a special something that is perfect for your big day.  Also think about incorporating your own cuff links.  Maybe you already own a pair that you love; maybe you have a pair that has been in the family for years.  Or maybe, your bride surprises you with a pair to celebrate your special day together.  Whatever the case, consider having these pieces be your pieces.  You won’t be buying an entire tuxedo, but you’ll be buying enough pieces to make it your own without breaking the bank.

A custom made suit. Many guys think about having a custom tux made for their wedding day, but then think, how many times in the next ten years will I need a tux?  For most guys, we can answer that question for you…a few.  But how about this question: how many times in the next ten years will you wear a classic black suit?  If that number is higher than ten, a custom made suit may be a good choice for you.  After all, you can wear a classic black suit in a million different settings.  And you know what they say?  Nothing beats a man in a well tailored suit.  For proof, just look at James Bond.

A high end suit. Ok, so maybe a custom suit sounds a little bit more appropriate for you.  You think you’ll get your wear out of it, and you’re ok forgoing the traditional tuxedo for your wedding.  What you’re not ok with, however, is the price tag that comes with a custom made suit.  We completely understand, and offer up a different solution.  Look at purchasing a suit that is a little higher end than you’d typically see at the office or as a guest at a wedding.  Consider a suit from a retailer that makes you “ooh and ahh.”  The cut, fit, and details will still be impeccable, but not quite as pricey as having a suit specially made for you.  To keep the cost down, we recommend looking for these beauties at places like Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus Last Call or Filene’s Basement.  It’s common to find Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors hanging from the racks at these stores with a drastically reduced price tag attached.  A custom look without the custom price tag.