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Fancy Favors

Fancy Favors to Suit your Fancy? Let’s take a look back at the history of wedding favors and some modern thoughts on the tradition.

A wedding was considered a lucky occasion way back when. Although specific customs vary according to culture and time period, wedding favors have been around for centuries as a way for the bride and groom to thank their guests for attending the ceremony. Some couples still opt for a traditional “thank you” to their guest, while others find it not necessary.

One of the earliest accounts of a wedding favor dates back to 16th century England. It was common for couples to give love knots constructed from lace and ribbon to each of their guests as a favor and to represent their bond of love. Throughout history, favors have evolved into a tradition that can be seen around the world.

Centuries ago, European aristocrats, most notably those in France and Italy, would send their wedding guests home with a small gift called a bonbonniere, or as it’s called in Italian, a bomboniere. A bonbonniere was actually a box made of porcelain, crystal, precious stones or metal. Inside one would find delicacies made of sugar. It was from these boxed and gift wrapped confections that today’s wedding favors are derived.

By passing bonbonnieres and other treats onto wedding guests, the couple felt they were also bestowing their good luck upon their guests. In most cases, these lucky gifts consisted of five almonds or pieces of candy that represented fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity.

Bonbonnieres evolved as confectioners began making candied almonds by dipping them in sugar or some other sweet coating. This tradition is kept alive today with the brightly colored Jordan almonds given out at many of these joyous occasions. In fact, if you count, you may find of these tulle wrapped treats – still represent the five wedding wishes.

While Jordan almonds and bonbonnieres are still a thriving tradition, favors come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and personality. Here are some of our favorite options:

Romantic / Tuscan Inspired Wedding

Rustic / Country Inspired Wedding

Regional Finds / Treats

3 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Picking wedding favors seems so easy, but it is one of the hardest details to plan. You don’t want to waste money on a wedding favor that will just get thrown away after the reception, but you’d like something more creative than a candy bar with your name on it. Well, fear not. Here are three unique favor ideas that your guests will love.

Personalized Mugs

Before you start thinking that you can’t afford a personalized mug for every guest, relax. One, these cute favors can double as your escort cards, so you won’t have to purchase both. Two, you can get creative and make the mugs yourself. Go to the dollar store, big box store, or an online retailer and purchase plain, inexpensive mugs. (You might even be able to get a discount for buying so many.) Then, get some fun paints at the craft store and have fun.

Gifts in a Jar

Mason jars are great for fun, crafty projects. You can use chalkboard paint to personalize each one and use as glasses at the reception, or you could fill them with homemade goodies like jam, cake mixes, or spices. You can make these easy favors super cute by creating personalized labels.

Everyone Loves Plants

Give away easy-to-grow plants like succulents in cute jars. Every time your guests water their plant, they will remember how much fun they had at your wedding.