Vendor Spotlight A Sweet Delivery

Vendor Spotlight A Sweet Delivery

Vendor Spotlight A Sweet DeliveryWith Valentine’s Day upon us, it seems that chocolate and sweets are all we can think about.  As much as we love sweet treats, we can’t think of any better way to receive them than being sent a gorgeous hand picked box of perfectly style artisan candy. A Sweet Delivery does just that- it takes the art of giving up a notch with customizable boxes for work or play that are equally as delicious as they are stylish.  Our favorite part? The versatility of sending someone you love a box of gourmet chocolates in sleek clear tumblers or just surprising your favorite little person with whimsical gummy bear collections for their birthday ( both occasions which are on our personal gift- buying agenda!)

The company’s motto “ Because candy is always in fashion” echoes the overall theme of super yummy treats dressed up to look just as good as they taste. The mix of prints and patterns in their candy box collections are perfect for literally anyone in need of a sweet gift. And they customize for corporate gifts as well!

And this is another Chicago vendor we think would be perfect for wedding gifting and thank you’s. Want to thank your bridesmaids or the lovely host of your bridal shower? Send them a thoughtful and fashionable gift that they will talk about for days.

Owner and creator, Ami DiTomasso started A Sweet Delivery as an extension of her already thriving dessert design service, Sugar Chic Designs. Her impeccable eye and flair for food styling has put her at the forefront of to -die –for wedding and event candy displays that go way beyond your typical candy bar. Check out both sites and prepare to be wowed- it’s all almost too beautiful to eat…almost! Vendor Spotlight A Sweet Delivery.

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Vendor Spotlight A Sweet DeliveryVendor Spotlight A Sweet DeliverVendor Spotlight A Sweet Deliver

Winter Wedding

For those of us brave enough to venture out to our mailboxes this time of year, ( is it just me or is this inordinately cold for December?) you might be surprised to see that token winter wedding invitation nestled in between every Christmas catalog company you’ve never heard of!  That old adage, “people get married every singe day of the year” pops into your head and you begin wondering, “ Have we totally written off the cold winter months for possible wedding dates?” The answer in short is, yes. You have. But as the cold, dark months approach, we can’t help but be inspired by the sometimes hauntingly beautiful scene this time of year sets, especially for an ultra-romantic wedding. So we thought we would share our thoughts on how to capitalize on the winter theme and perhaps motivate a few newly engaged couples to consider the classic Winter Wedding.


winter wedding

Now we know as soon as that first snowflake hits the ground, some of us tend to forget how to drive or completely refuse to leave our houses all together. But when you take a moment to really appreciate it, ( Hello! Californians see snow like 2 times EVER!) it is really quite beautiful. Let’s face it- it’s white. It glistens. And it makes for insanely gorgeous pictures.  Couple of super cute tips? Go with the whole vibe and wear ugg boots under your dress. Get cute fur stoles for your girls to wear for outdoor pictures. They are functional and look absolutely perfect in the photos. Consider how amazing a sleigh ride would look instead of a trolley or carriage. Either way, embrace the season and have fun with it. Isn’t it time we gave our guests something else to complain about besides being “soooooo hot” at every summer wedding they go to? It’s worth a shot!


valentines day

And while the winter can certainly feel long, there is really minimal time for actual snow to be likely falling. That’s why we like the idea of playing up a winter holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.  For Christmas, most venues are already perfectly decorated with twinkling lights and well-trimmed trees. You get more bang for your buck, plus things like food and drinks can follow suit with seasonal varieties that everyone will love. Serving a spiked hot cocoa when guest arrive to warm up is another super cute homage to your childhood while still inviting people to celebrate your wedding for one night only! As for Valentine’s Day, the possibilities are endless. With a whole holiday dedicated to love, you can really go wild. From your Valentine’s themed invites, to specialty chocolate box favors, and just about the most romantic wedding anniversary date ever, you really can’t go wrong.

SO there you have it friends- there is more to weddings that just June, July, and the ever so popular, September. If anything it’s a ( cold) breath of fresh air!