Vendor Spotlight Rosemary Fanti

Vendor Spotlight Rosemary Fanti

Vendor Spotlight Rosemary FantiVendor Spotlight Rosemary Fanti
Rosemary Fanti is a nationally recognized and published fashion, wedding and event illustrator whose work speaks for itself when it comes to capturing the most important moments in one’s life.  Her perfectly detailed work can be the ultimate keepsake and even double as a timeless piece of art to display in your married home. The portraits are impeccable and the idea of having an artist on-hand at your wedding to create a live illustration perhaps of a moment you may have even missed, is also just about the most romantic thing we can think of!

And the options are pretty great. Ms. Fanti will create a live version or will book a sitting for after the wedding sessions for a more intimate experience.  And how about this for Grooms looking for a perfect gift for their new bride? A custom illustration of her in her dress- now that’s a surprise of a lifetime!

Each piece is hand signed by the artist and the ideas for gifts don’t stop at weddings. Rosemary creates classic sketches for new moms and their babies, couples celebrating a milestone anniversary and capturing major events like birthdays and family celebrations.  It’s a whole new take on portraiture but it’s also a complete ad total homage to classic illustration and we love it!

Rosemary Fanti has now become a Chicago institution and will dream up something incredible for any special occasion or even not so special occasion. Her website features people and pets, celeb sketches, and classic family pieces that delight clients for years. But for our purposes we really can’t think of a better way to document the big day than with an original piece of art you’ll have forever!

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Vendor Spotlight Rosemary Fanti

Vendor Spotlight Rosemary Fanti

vendor spotlight rosemary fonti

vendor spotlight rosemary fonti Vendor Spotlight Rosemary Fanti