Wedding of the Week: Coral Virginia Wedding

While browsing through one of our favorite blogs by the gals over at Southern weddings,, it became abundantly clear that not only is this next wedding more than worthy of a spot on our blog, but that events like this- so full of detail, Southern style and glorious paper ( wait until you see the paper!) are pretty rare.  We love the Southern charm that SW Mag brings us on a daily basis, but something about this wedding transcended your typical Southern Wedding and it chalk full of details and swoon-worthy elements that are perfect for so many different occasions. Let’s take you through a few of our favorites…


The over the top simplicity: This may sound like an oxymoron, but this Charlottesville gem’s choices of clean, fresh white florals accented with coral (the color of the day!) to the sleek vanilla palette of bridesmaids dresses just screamed elegant and purposefully simple.  Just the right amount of color is used throughout the entire event that keeping with a neutral palette is just about the chicest idea we can think of. The simple white wedding cake is adorned with a surprising petal detail and the insanely gorgeous head table is all clean lines and white flowers with just a pop of hot pink coral.  The entire look is the perfect balance of style and restraint. And to top it all off, the couple used a modern lampshade overhead for just the right amount of contemporary lighting.  It’s this type of attention to detail that is so thought out yet so subtle, that makes your guests feel so comfortable while knowing they are part of something so very special.


Pops of whimsy: Lampshades and color pops aside, the couple opted for little “stations” along the way. A fun sign “Just Dance” adorned to a basket of “dancing flip flops” in shades of pink and white and little stationery cards with cute quotes throughout the reception kept the occasion light and fun. And can we just take a moment to drool over the paper? The stunning paper accents were courtesy of the uber talented Charlottesville native Erika Jack, and they were everywhere! We especially love the Mister and Mrs. signs for the back of the bride and groom’s chairs and the one of a kind menu cards hand stamped with a wax emblem.  Almost everywhere you turn, there is another beautiful use of paper- from marriage advice jars to the elegant wedding programs and table names, it’s worth a peak at every last detail!


The tent: The Sperry tent (yes, that is the proper name, so don’t forget it when asking for your own!) is quintessential when it comes to have a wedding that screams “American Classic.” The fresh white flags on top are also about as cute as can be and with optional open sides, is perfect for various types of weather. And well the photo of the entire scene at night just about speaks for itself.


Photographer: Jen Fariello

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Burlap Monogram Runner.  Burlap has been popping up everywhere lately, and we are loving it.  We’re feeling an upcoming post about all things burlap.  But until then, check out this awesome ceremony runner, combining two of our favorite things, burlap and monograms!  The color and texture of the burlap keeps the runner from feeling too fussy, while the trim allows for the right amount of customization.  This would be great for either an indoor and outdoor ceremony, and we think fall is the perfect season for this runner’s debut!

Katherine Guidry Photography

Bright Florals + Pumpkin. Fall is finally here, which means we are on the lookout for great ways to incorporate fall’s most festive decoration…pumpkins!  And while pumpkins are beautiful in their natural orange color, we love the mix of this white painted pumpkin with the bright florals.  If you want to incorporate seasonal favorites without feeling too pinned down to a color scheme, consider paint as a great way to transform a seasonal favorite!

Photography by Robert Caruso

Crate Cakestand.  So if you can’t tell already, we’re thrilled that fall is here.  And this crate cakestand is another example of just how magical fall is; it somehow manages to make everything old and withered extra special!  These crates take the cake to a whole new level, making it a true focal point.  We could imagine a similar set up with bales of hay or vintage suitcases, all great ways to make a cake sing.

Photography by Elizabeth In Love

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Seven Arrows Poster Invites.  We love a classic, simple invite as much as the next person, but we also love when couples take a less traditional approach, injecting more fun and color into their invites.  This invitation package from Ladyfingers Letterpress takes the take when it comes to fun.  The bright colors, the mismatched fonts, the pop of yellow in the envelope lining, everything screams, “Come, celebrate, and have a good time with us!”

Kraft Paper Place Settings.  There are lots of different ways to help guests know where to sit.  Placecards, seating charts, table numbers…the list goes on.  But we love the simplicity of these kraft paper table settings.  With brown kraft paper and a simple marker, you’ve got instant place settings.  Even if you’re not doing assigned seating, this is still a great option; just think of fun and celebratory sayings to write or fun facts to share about the couple.  Instant conversation starter!

Green Apple Photography

Sprinkles Cake.  We are firm believers that sprinkles make everything better.  And this cake is the perfect proof.  How can you see this cake and not smile?  The all over sprinkle effect makes a bold statement, and the white bows add a pop of elegance.  This cake is perfect for a fun and spunky couple!

Jessica Hardy Photography

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Splatter Watercolor Invitations.  When we first saw this image on Pinterest, it was no more than a two by two square, but even then, we knew it was something special.  And even though the DIY tutorial was technically about how to make a floral party hat (which could be a whole other wedding idea in itself), we fell in love with the idea of translating this splatter watercolor concept into a wedding invitation.  The refined yet colorful technique creates a hint of whimsy, perfect for a fun and festive invitation.  So break out the watercolors, we’re ready to get splattering!

Photo from Anthropologie Craft Night

Personalized Cake Stand.  We’ve never been shy about our love for cakes, and to prove it, we’ve got a whole pinboard dedicated to the classic wedding dessert.  So it’s only normal that when we saw this personalized cake stand, we were head over heels in love.  From the pale and lovely color to the sweet, scalloped trim, it is the perfect accessory to make your wedding cake sing.  And the countless options for personalization make this beauty a no-brainer!

Simple Wreaths.  With the holidays “just around the corner,” wintertime wedding DIY projects are popping up all over Pinterest.  And although many of these projects will no doubt be lovely in December, we love stretching many of them to fit the entire year.  These simple wreaths are the perfect example.  Their simple yet elegant look would be perfect hanging from the windows, the ceiling, or a ceremony backdrop.

Ashley Ann Photography

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Vase + Twine.  It seems likes couples are getting more and more creative these days when it comes to DIY décor.  From centerpieces to florals, we love to see how couples turn everyday items into special accessories.  It’s often the simplest of pairings that creates the showstoppers, and this vase plus twine combination is the perfect example.  You can mix and match any glass canisters, filling the finished vases with beautiful vibrant greenery or exotic flowers.

Metallic Cake.  Metallics never seem to go out of style or out of season, but something about the temperature change and the promise of fall has us loving anything and everything shiny.  And this pin, well, it takes the cake!  We love that this metallic cake combines simplicity with a touch of the wow factor, leaving guests curious about their dessert.  If this cake tastes half as good as it looks, then guests are definitely in luck!

Vicky Starz Photography

Attendant Pavers.  We love when couples opt to celebrate their love with Mother Nature, though we know that the outdoors often comes with its own set of challenges.  One of the most common concerns we hear involves the old grass meets heels dilemma.  No one wants to be sinking into the grass all ceremony.  Thankfully, this pin offers the simplest solution…pavers!  The simple shaped concrete blocks allow each woman to stand sink-free, letting go of any fears or worries about the grass/heels combo.  These pavers offer another bonus as well, as they tell attendants exactly where to stand, so that they remain perfectly placed throughout the ceremony.

Danielle Daigle Photography

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Lace Covered Cake Table.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…we love cake!  We love the color and focal point it can provide a space, and of course, we love the taste.  But what we love about this pin, outside of the fabulous height and gorgeous texture of the cake, is the lace covered cake table.  It is beautiful!  We love that this couple has taken the extra step and given their cake a beautiful backdrop to sit on. The cream and white color keep the linens from taking all the focus, and the texture of the lace gives just the right amount of depth and detail.  Wanting to recreate this look?  Check vintage scores and flea markets for vintage lace, without the hefty price.

DIY Burlap Boutonniere.  This burlap boutonniere might be one of our most favorite pins ever!  Floral can take up such a huge piece of the budget, so we always love creative ways to cut back on the monetary impact on bouquets and boutonnieres.   The burlap brings in an element of nature, and the feathers mimic the lightness of flowers.  The buttons add just the right about of detail to finish the look off.  You can find an easy tutorial Green Wedding Shoes, so head over and get your DIY on!

Super Stylish Couple.  We stumbled across this pin this week, and couldn’t help but gasp out loud.  This couple defines chic, particularly because they have found a great way to blend style, personality, and a bit of whimsy.  The bride’s funky necklace, paired with a delicate blusher is a match made in heaven.  The groom’s dapper hat and bowtie looks hip without a bit of stuffiness.  After some digging, we found out that these two are Mat and Annie, and you can see more of their wedding here.



Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Vintage Tea Length Love.  We pinned several tea length dresses this week, and all we can say  is blame it on Chicago’s gorgeous spring weather!  We fell head over heels for the vintage inspired frock below, and we imagine we’re not the only ones.  With classic lines, a beautiful cut, and a few special details, we have no doubt any Music By Design bride would be stunning in this number.  We also can’t help but think how fabulous it would look topped with the perfect birdcage veil!

Custom Wood Cake Toppers.  We’ll admit, we’re suckers for just about anything sweet, so we love almost any wedding cake we see.  And with these cute wooden cake toppers, how could you not love what you see?  We think these toppers would be perfect on a simple cake, just right for the couple wanting a hint of the outdoors.  Even better, the Etsy shop responsible for these toppers offers custom wooden accents for your big day.

Childhood Photo Op.  We’re always on the hunt for cute photo ideas, and this is one we haven’t seen before.  Seeing a couple’s personality is so important on the big day, so to see a little “old school” personality, well, we dig it.

Ten Questions to Ask the Cake Baker

Before you settle on what will undoubtedly be the tastiest part of your wedding day, there are a few things you need to settle with the cake baker. As you’re attempting to narrow down the list of potential cake bakers, here are ten simple questions to ask now to save yourself a headache later.

How much will it cost? This seems like an obvious question, but there can be a slew of answers. Most wedding cake bakers charge per slice, but that price can vary greatly by a number of factors such as flavor, fillings, layers, and frosting type.

What are my flavor options? Many brides like to buck the tradition of serving plain old white cake and instead opt for unique flavors and fillings. Be straightforward with the cake baker upfront about what flavor options are available to you. This includes actual cake flavor, optional fillings, and frosting flavors and types.

What are the style options? The experience of your baker will determined the styles and designs available to you. A seasoned cake baker should be able to create a custom cake based solely on your ideas and preferences, but many bakers require that their brides choose from a predetermined set of cake styles. Be sure to ask ahead of time what your cake design options are so you aren’t disappointed when your dream cake can’t be made into a reality.

What are some cost-saving tips? If you’re working within the confines of a tight budget, there may be some easy ways to save funds on your wedding cake without sacrificing taste or quality. Fondant is often much more expensive than buttercream, and less tasty too. Many times, a cake baker will be willing to prepare a small lavish wedding cake to display, with cheaper sheet cakes available in the kitchen to cut and serve to guests. Ask about the various options available to you when it comes to cutting costs.

Can I see your portfolio? Experienced cake bakers should have a comprehensive portfolio of their previous work for you to peruse. Whatever you do, don’t just take a baker’s word for it when it comes to previous experience. Ask to see photos so you can judge for yourself the quality of his/her work.

Do you have references? Don’t be afraid to ask a cake baker for references of previous clients to contact. Discussing a baker’s work with another bride can be invaluable when it comes to making your decision, offering you insight on cake taste, delivery details, and overall execution.

Can I schedule a cake tasting? Sure, you want your wedding cake to be pretty, but you also want it to taste good. Set up a tasting with your baker to sample various flavors, fillings, and frostings to help you determine the best combination for your wedding day.

When will my cake be baked? The more elaborate and large your wedding cake is, the earlier it will need to be baked to give the baker plenty of time to decorate it. Most wedding cakes are prepared a couple days before the nuptials, but ask ahead of time just to be sure. Obviously, the more recently a cake has been baked, the fresher it will taste.

What is your delivery policy? Most cake bakers will offer delivery services, sometimes for an additional fee, but be sure you’re on the same page with your baker ahead of time. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is picking up and assembling a multi-tiered wedding cake. When it comes to your wedding cake, the extra delivery fee is almost always worth it as it ensures that the cake will be delivered, assembled, and touched up by a trained professional before the reception begins.

Is there a cake-cutting fee? Some bakers are happy to cut and serve cake to your guests, but it often comes with an additional fee. If you’d like your baker to do the honor of serving your cake, ask about what they charge and if it’s a one-time fee or a price per slice as this can greatly increase the overall cost.

Fun Alternatives to a Groom’s Cake

Though the tradition of a groom’s cake started in the South, lately we’ve been seeing the tradition spread, as grooms everywhere are staking their claim in the form of cakes.  Recently, we met a groom who wasn’t the biggest cake fan.  No matter the flavor or icing, he just didn’t like cake.  So he got us thinking about some fun groom’s cake alternatives.

Milk and Cookie Bar.  We love this playful option and can’t help but think back to our childhood when milk and cookies were the perfect nighttime treat.  This fun wedding treat can be done a variety of different ways, and we love the idea of offering your guests their pick of the cookie lots.  Start with the classics, including snickerdoodle, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and of course chocolate chip.  But then get creative with whoopie pies, homemade Nutter Butters, and candy coated cookies.  Stock the table with carafes of milk, including chocolate and strawberry milk for playful options.  We also love the idea of having an individual glass milk bottle for each guest.  The perfect throwback for guests with a sweet tooth.

Milkshakes.  If baked goods aren’t your groom’s thing, think about a yummy milkshake.  To keep the treat feeling fun and playful, we suggest reducing the serving size to something smaller, so guests aren’t overwhelmed with a drive through sized milkshake.  We love the idea of milkshake shooters complete with a shortbread cookie on the top.  For those doing a vintage inspired wedding, think retro with bold colored straws.  And for those feeling brave, treat your 21+ guests to adult milkshakes.  For flavor inspiration, check out these favorites!

Ice Cream Treats.  There are a million different ways to satisfy a sweet tooth with this option, and really, who doesn’t love ice cream?  We love the idea of passed ice cream sundaes or banana splits.  We also love the idea of having an assortment of novelty bars available for guest choosing.  And for a big wow factor, how about having an ice cream truck outside, waiting to treat guests as they exit your celebration!

Whatever you choose, remember that its about what you and your partner love.  So if its cake, cookies, milkshakes, ice cream, or something else entirely, follow your sweet tooth wherever it takes you!