Popular Wedding Ideas

Popular Wedding Ideas

It’s getting to be near the end of the year, but we’re still hot on the trail of fun and popular wedding ideas. In 2018 we’ve seen a lot of technology free weddings or more simple settings.

One of the 2018 trends we love is the foregoing the favors. You can imagine on top of wedding cost the favors given to guests can add up. We love the idea that instead of small trinkets like cigars, chocolates or flowers. More and more couples are opting to spend funds on a live band or late night snack bar to make up for no favors. Plus, what do you really do with the favors from a wedding? They usually just get thrown out or eaten. A great memory lasts a lot longer than chocolate!

Going along with the no favors, more weddings are incorporating unique entertainment for their guests. Not just a live band. Couples can tailor the entertainment to their likes such as belly dancers, comedians, tarot card readers or even theatrical performances. The wedding reception is a place where awesome memories are created and a lot of fun! Instead of a photo booth your guests will not soon forget.

Another fun wedding idea we’re seeing this year is a first look that includes more than just your partner! What a fun way to capture the moment for all the most important people in your life. Perhaps your grandma or grandpa can’t make it to the wedding or stay for the whole thing – a first look gives them ample time to celebrate with you without the time constraints or having to stand so long. It’s also a way to make it more special for your bridal party who have put so much time and expense into being in your wedding! They get the first glimpse of the happy couple and share in your big day in an intimate way.


Get Your Craft On

Get your Craft On

Get Your Craft On

Calling all Martha Stewart wanna-be’s! This is your time to embrace your inner crafts(wo)men and tackle your wedding one delightful little detail at a time. Do it yourself most commonly known as DIY is the art of creating, replicating, etc. goods. With the right tools, a little creativity, and some patience you can practically recreate anything out there!

Want to learn how to emboss? Take a quick tutorial here:

Get Your Craft On

Want to learn how to make fun little décor such as pomanders check out this fun step-by-step guide:

Get Your Craft On

How about fun votive candle favors for your bridal shower. Check!

Get Your Craft On

Want to create an aisle runner with your monogram? Or how about a unity candle?

Get Your Craft On

There are so many wedding planners, designers, and the like that are dabbling in Marthaville-type projects that the possibilities are seemingly endless! Just think of all the fun projects you can learn to do and save some green while doing so.

If you have a Michaels, Archiver’s, Joann Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby in your neck of the woods…well you are in luck! These crafty spots always seem to have great prices, sales, and even coupons! Who doesn’t like 30-50% off?! In the long-run, every little discount, sale, or coupon can add up to save for your bottom line.

Of course, Martha is the queen of crafting, and her site is an unbelievable resource for all wedding things related, but especially DIY. Still seeking more inspiration? Check out Pinterest- Pinterest seems to be taking over the (wedding) world one pin at a time. With Pinterest you can search by the interest, look, design, or desired project such as “paper flowers.” By golly, you’re in luck. You can find the picture that peaks your interest, click, and away you go to learn how to master that craft.

Be bold and creative, save some money honey, and get your craft on!

Pins of the Week

Pins of the Week… Here’s a round up of some of our favorite finds on Pinterest!

pins of the week

Baby Faces: So we’ve seen how adorable table numbers with childhood photos are, but what about extending the child-like theme throughout the wedding? When we saw this lovable pin, we couldn’t help but become overjoyed with nostalgia and think of all the creative ways to use kiddie photos. The face masks are genius and can also double as fans with wedding programs printed on the back for guests to use and keep forever, of course. It also opens up the idea for loads of fun if you are using a photobooth are your reception. Either way, the idea is both fun, functional, and a unique touch that guests will be smiling about for a long time!

pins of the week

Mini Champagne: The mini craze is still on! But this time, we are seeing new takes on miniature snacks and favors for weddings. Using mini bottles as escort cards on a beautifully decorates table and serving fun-sized cans like Sofia champagne with pink straws during cocktail hour is a festive way to put everyone in a great mood. People tend to overlook using gorgeous food and drink as decor, but it is not only functional but completely chic as well! If you are serving a beautiful bottle of win or champagne, why not let that be the centerpiece? Don’t be afraid to draw attention to those special details, especially if you have hand selected drinks for your big day.

pins of the week

Sleeves: It feels as though this week’s pins have a common thread. So many trends that have so much staying power. Sleeves on wedding gowns is one look we have talked about A LOT in the last year, especially since the Royal Wedding where Kate Middleton blew everyone away in delicate lace sleeves in her custom Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown. But the new take on sleeves is so stunning, we just had to share. We love seeing a more sultry and modern element to a very traditional look. Cue Kim Karadashian’s recent Givenchy wedding dress that matched high-fashion, a sexy silhouette and an incredibly timeless and romantic Italian lace look. We can’t wait for the weather to cool down and see more brides embrace lace and the long sleeve gown!


Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Drink Dispensers: We see A LOT of these on Pinterest and in just about every other wedding publication out there. The idea really took off a few years ago when rustic weddings became all the rage. Well, not just rustic but rustic with a refined, elegant edge. These special apothecaries are stunning filled with signature cocktails, fresh lemonade or flavor infused waters. When it comes to the self-serve aspect, we say be as creative as possible. Offer at least one non-alcoholic option and consider using multiple vessels. One drink dispenser never seems to be enough so catch your guests’ interests with multiple varieties ( at least 2.) Our favorites? Southern style sweet tea and vodka lemonade, Fresh squeezed lemonade with fresh mint sprigs and lavender, and cucumber and basil infused water. Delicious and absolutely beautiful! They are functional and will quench your guests’ thirst while setting the tone for your décor.


Pinterest Pins of the WeekKen Kienow Photography

Rose Gold: When it comes to delicate jewelry we have seen rose gold make a huge statement recently. But we have also seen it completely blow up in the realm of wedding rings. The look is chic, modern, and also somewhat vintage. The hint of pink adds a feminine touch and allows you to stay in the traditional gold tone family while also adding some personal flair. For pink lovers, it’s a must! The great part is that infusing rose gold with your existing pave diamond jewelry is a simple transition for anniversary gifts in the years ahead and adding a fun sparkly rose gold band to your engagement ring is a nice compromise if you are on the fence as well. But we can’t help but sit in awe over some of the rose gold engagement rings that take the tone to a whole new level of elegance and refinement. With all of these options, it makes ring shopping that much harder!


Pinterest Pins of the WeekVia Etsy

Creativity Rules: While these mega cute mini gumball machines certainly caught our eye, it wasn’t until we clicked inside this pin for some of the most creative and unique ideas for weddings we’ve seen anywhere! From the ultra-chic black and white chevron flower girl dresses, to the custom pickle bar and animal topiaries, this pin is a must read and see! We love just the thought of inspiring couples to do what feels right and really make their wedding a true reflection of their personalities. And it doesn’t hurt to have a home run idea that guests will never forget!


Pinterest Pins of the WeekLauren Rosenau Photography

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Favor Boxes as table décor: We’ve seen this approach more traditionally around the holidays, when presents are abound and perfectly wrapped boxes can be seen everywhere from under the tree to the front porch. But when it comes to bridal showers, we like the idea of form meets function. Wrapping the favors in same size ( of varying sizes) of boxes with coordinating papers is the perfect way to fill your table and add a sentiment of fun and celebration without breaking the bank. And with the unending variety of specialty wrapping papers available, from chevrons, to stripes, and metallics of every kind, you can really carry through your day’s color scheme quite easily. Our favorite vibe? Go for a one-color monochromatic scheme and add a punch of color with fancy ribbons on each box. Or go all out bold and elegant with black and white striped everything! The boxes will be too beautiful to open!


Pinterest Pins of the WeekVia Dee Dee

Message on a bottle: Wine bottles as décor really caught on a few years ago when we saw many brides mimicking the laid back elegance of Napa Valley nuptuals by numbering wine bottles to signify table seating for their guests. Now, the whole wine craze has taken on a new task: the entire menu! And with custom labels so readily available, the job is about as easy as can be! Or maybe only as easy as getting those pesky labels off in the first place. We like this look on long, farm style tables with a few bottles spread between every 4 seats or so. It echoes a sense of sharing and communal eating that is perfect for bringing people together at weddings.


Pinterest Pins of the WeekHitch & Sparrow Photography

Mix tapes are back! We can play music on our phones with the stroke of a finger, but some of us still long to pop in a mix CD that reminds us of our college days every once in awhile. Sadly for those of us above the age of 25, the mix CD is really beginning to look like a throwback and a mark of nostalgia. Perfect for couples who maybe met in the last 10 years, the mix CD is a sweet and romantic ode to the couple’s favorite music and possibly the songs that truly hold a special place in their hearts. The cool paper CD cases are just another great way to package them for your guests and carry out your wedding theme at the same time.


Pinterest Pins of the WeekTapestry House

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Custom Paper Favor Bags.  We love when couples go the extra mile to integrate wedding favors into their big day.  The thought means a lot to guests, and it’s a great way to extend the memory, even once guests leave.  And because we love all things food related, we tend to be partial to yummy treats.  These personalized bags are the perfect vessel for a sweet or salty treat, great for guests to take home once the celebrations are over.  We can imagine popcorn, candy, or even freshly baked cookies tucked inside, though the possibilities are endless!

Peonies + Sunny Yellow Bouquet.  The Chicago temperatures have been teetering on the edge of spring lately, and the increased rays have left us wanting all things bright and cheery.  This wedding bouquet of white peonies is perfectly accented with pops of yellow floral, making the perfect statement for spring.  And the not-so-put-together bunch makes the look complete, finding a great balance between organic and polished, the perfect combination for spring.

Glass Ring Box.  Ring bearers tend to bring up images of small toddlers in suits, teetering down the aisle with a soft satin pillow, with three rings tucked in the center.  As much as we love that classic scene, we also love this more modern take on a transporting rings down the aisle.  The glass and metal combination keeps the box from looking too sweet, and the moss adds just the right amount of whimsy and nature.  Pretty rings and a pretty box, sounds like a winning combo to us!


How to Use Your Engagement Photos

Nowadays, many couples are getting engagement photos. What exactly should you do with all those great shoots you paid for? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Save the Dates

If you are sending save the dates, you can use the photos to personalize this classic wedding stationary. One of the most popular options is a magnet featuring a great photo and the wedding date. Magnets are awesome because people are less likely to lose them.

Timothy Whaley & Associates – Photographic Artists

Alternative Guestbook

Instead of a traditional guestbook, you can frame an engagement photo and have guests sign the border. Instead of storing a guestbook in the attic or basement, you can display the signatures on a wall in your home. You could choose your favorite picture to frame or create a collage of photos.

Wedding Website

The internet has changed the face of wedding planning. Now, you create a wedding website to share with friends and family. Engagement photos are great way to showcase your personalities and love for each other on the site.

Table Numbers

While taking your engagement photos, include props that feature numbers. You can then frame the photos to use as table numbers.


Parents, and other relatives or close friends, love pictures. Most people give a wedding photo as a gift, but you could also frame and wrap one of those gorgeous engagement photos.


Modern couples love to personalize their wedding events. Use the engagement photos to decorate the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony site, or reception venue.

Hazelton Photography

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Layered Centerpieces: Centerpieces are often the focal points for receptions, particularly if you’re planning on serving a plated or buffet meal, as opposed to passed hors d’oeuvres.  As much as we love the look of grand, oversized centerpieces, we also love the look of smaller, layered centerpieces, made possible with various shapes and heights.  This centerpiece is the perfect reminder that size isn’t all that matters when it comes to sprucing up reception tables.  We love the simple yet layered look of this centerpiece, made possible with simple floral elements and natural burlap ribbon.  The clear glass allows guests to be able to communicate across tables, sharing their favorite memories of the happy couple.  Wanting to take a DIY route?  Look for vases and glass containers at thrift stores and wholesale stores.

Joel Lala Photography

Boho Fishtail Braid: Braids have been a longtime staple in the wedding world, and with the recent obsession with a certain Hunger Games star, braids are back and bigger than ever.   We absolutely love this take on the classic fishtail braid, swept to the side and tousled just enough to look effortless.  This look is also perfect for someone wanting to secure their hair for the big day, without the formality of a traditional updo.  Swoon!

Jessica Janae Photography

Cheese + Cracker Favors: Food is one of the most popular wedding favors, and if you believe the old adage that food is the way into a person’s heart, we see why couples continue to share food with their guests.  We often see favors that appeal towards guests’ sweet tooth, so this food favor caught our attention, as it’s something a little different…cheese and crackers!  We think this favor would be particularly appropriate for a couple focused on local or organic, seeking out local farms and independent vendors.  So let your guests dance the night away and then leave with a little something to help restore their energy for the after party!

Photo originally from Martha Stuart Weddings

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this week we’re sharing our favorite “green” pins!

Succulent Centerpiece.  We’re used to seeing centerpieces bursting with color from various floral elements, but we love the approach below which features a centerpiece composed of different succulents.  Mix in various varieties, shapes, and sizes, and you’ve got yourself a fabulously green focal point.  Succulents are fairly easy to care for, so if you’re going the DIY approach, you’ve got plenty of time to collect them ahead of time.  And for that extra bang for your buck, give succulents to guests as favors as they leave!

Minty Green Cake Stand
.  We love all shades of green, but if bright isn’t your thing, go minty!  We love the shade of this cake stand and how it makes the pale pink cake shine a little bit brighter.  Mint green is the perfect compliment to so many shades of pink, yellow, blue, and cream, and there are so many ways to infuse the minty color into your big day!

Let Guests Take Away Green.  Don’t let your love for green end after the reception; keep the green theme going by giving your guests green favors!  We love these matchbook seed favors, because they embrace the green theme in color and in environmental love.  What better way to honor the color green than to give guests a way to beautify the planet?

How To Tell If Your Wedding Budget is Too Strict

Everyone knows weddings can be expensive, and unless you happen to have parents (or in-laws) who are millionaires, wedding planning typically involves compromise. However, that doesn’t mean that every decision should be based on price. It is okay to plan a budget-savvy wedding, but be careful not to become too strict; you might later wish you had planned a wedding more suited to your dreams. Here are two ways to tell if you might regret your cost-cutting ways.

You’re Settling

If you are settling on a place because it is the cheapest or choosing a wedding dress because it is on the clearance rack, you may want to reconsider what is important to you. Could you make coffee at home for the next few months instead of visiting the local coffee shop to help you pay for the dress you really want? Could you have the wedding on a Sunday or Friday to save money on the venue you really love? Compromise doesn’t have to mean settling for the cheapest option.

You’ve Become Obsessed

For some people, saving money can become an obsession. You get so excited about saving money that you focus all your attention on how much more you can save instead of focusing on the wedding plans . You are no longer choosing invitations or favors or flowers because they fit your wedding theme but because they are a good price. There is a line between budget-savvy and cheapskate. Try to stay on the right side.

There are plenty of ways to save money on a wedding. You don’t have to sacrifice the wedding of your dreams to make it happen. Instead, figure out which details are important to you and look for ways to cut spending in other areas of your life. Also, get creative with your wedding details. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you have to wear a discounted dress in an unflattering style and host the reception at a venue with broken toilets. Find some balance and you can have a beautiful wedding and a healthy bank account.