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Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas

Every couple appreciates receiving monetary gifts from their wedding. However, some wedding guests can’t afford a large monetary gift. Here are some wedding gift ideas newlyweds are sure to love!

First Idea: Artist Rendering Of Couple’s Photo

As newlyweds begin their lives together, they will need to decorate differently than when they were single bachelors or bachelorettes. Photos and artwork of the married couple is a great gift. But if you’d like to make the gift more special, get an artist to hand paint or design a caricature of a favorite photo of the couple  or even one of their engagement photos and have it framed. This is a great gift for a range of budgets depending on the size or skill of the art. A meaningful keepsake perfect for the couple to decorate their new home.

Second Wedding Gift Idea: A Funded Date Night

This gift can be done many ways. You could give a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant in a basket with a bottle of nice wine. Give a card written in calligraphy that you will pay for a date night of their choosing and place that certificate in a photo album for their wedding photos. A gift certificate to a spa or hotel is also a great gift for a quick getaway. This is a great way to treat a newlywed couple nomatter what your budget may be.

Third Gift Idea: Special Home Goods or Decor

Most people will not splurge to get themselves nice home decor. Purchasing a special item for the newlyweds’ home you know they’ll love is a generous gift. Maybe you know the couple LOVES Crate & Barrel, but is very frugal. Purchasing them a gift from that store would be a meaningful surprise for them. Home decor or serverware is a great gift especially if the couple loves to have friends over.

Fourth Gift Idea: Contribution To A Charity In Their Name

Some couples have a cause they are passionate about. A beautiful way to support them and their passion is by making a donation to a charity close to their hearts for them. This is especially meaningful if the couple has lost someone close to them from an illness. Some charities sponsor children others rescue animals. Choose one close to the couple’s heart.

Fifth Wedding Gift Idea: Holiday Decor

We’ve discussed how couples love to decorate their new home. Giving decor for each holiday will be a useful and fun way for couples to decorate their new home. Keep in mind which holidays the couple celebrates, or if they have a favorite holiday. If they love Christmas, you can throw in extra Christmas decor. You can also put in holiday glasses, plates, or serverware to accommodate extra people at holiday gatherings.

What physical wedding gifts have you given? As a couple what would be your favorite gift as above? Let us know! For more wedding planning advice, tips, & tricks check out the blog posts below!

What to Gift

watchAlong with all of the many millions of details that will undoubtedly fog your brain leading up to your wedding, the idea of getting a gift for your soon to be husband or wife sounds like an agonizing final task.  And we agree!  But wouldn’t it be great to think outside the (Cartier) box and go for a more personal and perhaps themed gift for your soon to be spouse that will pay homage to your relationship right before you solidify your union?

We aren’t knocking the classic choices of jewelry and timepieces as gifts. We will take diamond studs any day! And if your budget allows, we love the idea of having a fabulous watch or gem for the rest of your life that reminds you of the best day of your life.  Our only suggestion is that watches must be engraved with a special saying, quote or date and all ladies jewelry should be accompanied by a heart felt note or engraving (perfect for a locket or cocktail ring.)  But also consider other options…


In a recent wedding post on Stylemepretty,  one gorgeous bride presented her man with a vintage cigar box chalk full of his favorite aged whiskey, a copy of the classic The Old Man and The Sea, a beautiful tie and other gentleman’s essentials. She catered the entire box to a theme that she felt truly embodied her new husband and his tastes.  Clearly, she thought long and hard about the elements which made it all the more special.  Here are a few other favorite ideas…

cigar box

We know of one bride who chose a luxury vintage bottle of wine and placed it in a cedar wine box that will be perfectly aged on their 10th wedding anniversary.  She also slipped a love letter of sorts into the box that will be read when they are ready to drink the wine to remind them of how far they have come. Of course the two are wine lovers, but more importantly, die-hard romantics. We love the sentiment that the wine represents but we love the idea of the ritual that awaits them on their anniversary.

vintage wine

Of course grand gestures are always welcome. Keys to a new car or house  are things we only read about, but whatever the budget, let your heart do the talking and choose a gift with more sentimental value than dollar signs. We love that!