5 Unique Wedding Guests Books

Traditional wedding guest books get stuck in the attic and never looked at. Have some fun with this wedding tradition and create “guest books” that serve a purpose after the wedding. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Photo Guestbook

If you have booked a photo booth for your reception, a photo guestbook is a refreshing alternative to an ordinary signature guestbook. A photo guestbook is a way to capture all of your guests on film and receive their best wishes wrapped up in a keepsake memento you can take with you on the night of your event.

A Framed Record

If your first dance song is a classic, buy a record of the song. Have your guests sign it; then frame it and hang it in your home. You will have a cool new decoration and a great conversation starter when people visit your house.

A Personalized Puzzle

You can order a puzzle with a photo of you and your fiancé. Guests can sign the back of the pieces. Later, you can frame the photo or put the puzzle together with your future children.

Anniversary Wine

Purchase four (or more) bottles of wine. Print customized labels for your one, five, ten, and twenty year anniversary. Have guests sign the bottles; then, save the wine for the designated anniversary.

Christmas Ornaments

Buy Christmas ornaments in assorted colors or your wedding colors. Have guests use markers to write their message on an ornament. Every year when you decorate for Christmas, you can reread your guests’ messages.