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Wedding Hairstyles 2020

Wedding Hairstyles 2020

Let’s look at what the best wedding hairstyles of 2020 are going to be! It’s a big decision for a lot of brides.  Your hair can either complete your look or detract from it. We put together different wedding hairstyles sure to add unique details to your wedding hairstyle.

Style number 1 is reminiscent of Friend’s character Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston).

This hairstyle has a sleek, straight style with a center part. Many 90’s trends are back in style again. This includes hairstyles and accessories. A straight hairstyle is a fantastic option for brides who don’t like to curl their hair. This hairstyle is also a good option if your hair doesn’t hold a curl.

Style number 2 is Padded Hair bands.

These headbands are a great option if you aren’t a fan of tiaras or floral crowns. A stylish, sparkly hair band will stand out. You can even add a veil to them. Headbands are a great addition to your wedding hairstyle whether you want to wear your hair up or down.

Style number 3 is bows and scarves.

What’s more fun and attention grabbing than a huge glittery bow?! You can customize this option quite a bit. Are you flirty, glamorous, sweet, or dainty? Perhaps you want just a simple scarf to accent your neckline. Don’t be afraid to wear a huge bow that make a statement. Tailor your accessories to embody your personality. Nomatter your hairstyle, wedding hair accessories, can jazz up your wedding attire.

The final wedding hairstyle we’re into for next year is the color pink!

You can color your hair a fun pink shade! We know a lot of brides love to switch up their look. It is no longer frowned upon at weddings to dye your hair. If you want a little softer, more glam look; think about pink highlights or an ombre effect!

What do you think of these ideas? Are you going to incorporate any of them? Comment below your ideas and thoughts. For more wedding planning inspiration check out the recommended Chicago Wedding Blog posts below! Happy Planning!

How to Wear Flowers in Your Hair on Your Wedding Day

Flowers are a beautiful way to glam up your hairstyle on your wedding day, and they are a great accessory for bridesmaids and flower girls. For years, different flowers have been used to symbolize various emotions and characteristics. According to, these are a few of the common associations:

Daisy: Innocence and purity
Gardenia: Secret love
Camellia: Gratitude
Ginger: Strength
Tuberose: Forbidden pleasures
Hibiscus: Delicate beauty, sensitivity
Red rose: Passion, love
Pink rose: Friendship, admiration, happiness
Apricot rose: Desire, admiration, modesty
White rose: Purity, secrecy, spiritual love
Jasmine: Sensuality
Yellow carnation: Disappointment, rejection
Spider Flower”  “Run away with me”
Violet: Modesty, faithfulness

While the above list shows the meanings of various flowers, you may choose a flower simply because it is your favorite type or because it matches your theme. You also may choose to use one individual flower or several small flowers. They look beautiful in updos, half-up/half-down styles, and side-swept styles. You could also do a headband of flowers, which is perfect for flower girls.

When choosing your flowers, you may want to match the flowers used in your bouquet. This will help create a seamless look. Also, use flowers that are sturdy. This will decrease the risk of the flowers breaking throughout the evening.