No Makeup Wedding

No Makeup Wedding

No Make Up Wedding

Have you ever thought about having a no makeup wedding? To most brides, this is a terrifying thought. We have tips on how to achieve a natural look if you can’t bear the thought of going completely without! Especially if your wedding day is in the summer and don’t want all that product dripping down your face – even if all those products say they are sweat proof.

The first step to a no-makeup wedding look is glowy skin.

Find a great exfoliator to rub those dead skin cells away. Then, instead of a foundation you can try a BB, CC or tinted moisturizer cream. A lot of BB creams or tinted moisturizers come with SPF in them. You can’t go wrong with protecting that glowing skin!
Another way to avoid foundation is to just use a concealer for those trouble spots. We love concealers with a wand so you can be sure to get the foundation exactly where you want it. Use a sponge to blend into your skin and you’ll have that flawless, dewy skin look without a lot of foundation!

Next step to getting the no-makeup look is to make sure your eyelashes are wide open.

Use a thick mascara to get those lashes to pop and curl up! Along with lashes are brows. If you’ve got naturally shaped and thick brows congrats! But for those who have some thin spots we recommend just filling them in with a brow gel to get a more consistent look for wedding pictures.

The final touches we love are using a highlighter on your skin.

When you use highlighter it helps make you appear natural in your wedding photos and look like “you woke up like this”. The facial part that brings it all together is lips. We find that even a simple tinted lip balm gives you a soft, weightless look.

See! You don’t need a lot of makeup to get that smooth, glowing skin look. If you’re a bride who doesn’t want a glam squad on the big day than these steps are easy to do! Best wishes on planning your wedding! We hope you find more inspiration and tips from the blog posts below! 

Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Your wedding day is the day you’ll be photographed like the star you are! We have your back and here are some wedding makeup mistakes to avoid.

1 . Don’t try anything new. Your wedding day is not the time to try that new found some of these wedding makeup mistakes: foundation or eye liner you’ve heard some big actress uses. Your wedding makeup should be products that you’ve tested and hopefully used before. Some brides hire professional makeup artists to help them on the big day. Their job is to make you look like yourself. Sometimes over doing makeup or trying that new thing can make you look unnatural.

2.  Going unprepared into your trial make up test. You will want to give yourself and/or your bridesmaids trial make up runs. If you don’t go into the test prepared you will waste time. Be sure to bring pictures of make up styles you like. You could also bring photographs of yourself in what you either like or dislike about your makeup. That way the makeup artist will be able to compile an accurate color palette for you. Also, don’t forget to wear white! It is a great idea to wear white in order to see what the makeup will look like against your dress. Or, if you are not wearing white, wear the color of your wedding dress.

3. Don’t wear lipstick or gloss. We love a lip stain instead. Lipsticks and gloss will rub off after a few hours or worse rub off leaving weird shapes on your lips. A gloss is also messy. It will stick to your veil if you are wearing one or it can rub off on your groom too! The gloss can also make your lips appear shiny and in pictures this will leave a glare and can make you lose definition.

4. Too much drama in your eyes. We know you want to look at least a little more glam than your normal self on your wedding day. However, black liner and shadow is usually too harsh for most brides to pull off. Think instead of browns, blues and deep purples. Those colors will soften the dark edge but still give you great depth to your wedding makeup.

DIY Makeup Infographic by SimplyBridal

DIY Makeup Infographic by SimplyBridal

Creating the perfect wedding look takes time and precision, and one of the finishing touches to your overall look is the makeup style you select. This doesn’t have to be a painstaking decision, in fact, it should be one of the most fun parts where you get to experiment with different shades and styles to create the DIY makeup look which you’re happy with.

To get started on selecting the perfect makeup look , consider your wedding theme and what will work best. For instance, if you’re having a beach-themed wedding you’d probably want to go for softer more natural makeup whereas a winter wedding allows for darker more intense hues.

At the end of the day, the makeup style you select should make you feel beautiful, but also comfortable at the same time. If you’re someone who doesn’t usually wear a lot of makeup then dark, smoky makeup may not be the right choice. SimplyBridal has compiled four fabulous makeup looks to help you find a look that will fit your wedding look to a tee.

DIY Makeup

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Tips For Brides

bobbi brownBobbi Brown Tips For Brides

A headline like “ Things all brides should have” is certain to catch our attention. In a feature on brought to us by the knot, the super famous makeup artist to the stars , and go-to cosmetic staple creator, Bobbi Brown have a very insightful list for , get this, ALL brides. That means accessible, affordable and universal tips that all ladies about to say “I do” should consider embracing. Let’s take a look at their list and detail some great ways to achieve these must-haves!

  1. A pretty décolletage: the neckline whether a deep sweetheart, an asymmetrical one shoulder, or high halter is an undeniable focal point in your overall look. So always follow through your makeup look with a little dusting of bronzer or shimmer to carry out the overall color so that we aren’t seeing 2 different shades from your face to your body. And if you are donning a high neck look, that’ no problem! Play up your shoulders with a luminous lotion or shimmer powder. You’ll look positively glowing…literally!
  2. A clutch bag: You wouldn’t leave the house with your purse, right? So why should you walk down the aisle without an extra special bag tucked away with those important essential to touch up during the day. Bobbi suggests having one of your Bridesmaids carry the clutch but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t reflect your style for the day. Some of our favorites? Lauren Merkin, BCBG MaxAzria, kate spade and some extra special Judith Leibers courtesy of
  3. A bright smile: Of course! It IS after all the happiest day of your life! So why not show it? To accentuate your greatest feature, Ms. Brown says go for a bright hue instead of a pale/neutral lip. Stick with pinks, roses, and plums that give you a hint of color while still remaining classic and natural.  Always take a photo after your makeup consultation as well so that you can be sure the overall makeup look translates from real-life to camera- ready.judith leiber

The best of the rest?  Waterproof mascara, duh! And the most important element to any wedding day tip? Have fun!