Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Favor Boxes as table décor: We’ve seen this approach more traditionally around the holidays, when presents are abound and perfectly wrapped boxes can be seen everywhere from under the tree to the front porch. But when it comes to bridal showers, we like the idea of form meets function. Wrapping the favors in same size ( of varying sizes) of boxes with coordinating papers is the perfect way to fill your table and add a sentiment of fun and celebration without breaking the bank. And with the unending variety of specialty wrapping papers available, from chevrons, to stripes, and metallics of every kind, you can really carry through your day’s color scheme quite easily. Our favorite vibe? Go for a one-color monochromatic scheme and add a punch of color with fancy ribbons on each box. Or go all out bold and elegant with black and white striped everything! The boxes will be too beautiful to open!


Pinterest Pins of the WeekVia Dee Dee

Message on a bottle: Wine bottles as décor really caught on a few years ago when we saw many brides mimicking the laid back elegance of Napa Valley nuptuals by numbering wine bottles to signify table seating for their guests. Now, the whole wine craze has taken on a new task: the entire menu! And with custom labels so readily available, the job is about as easy as can be! Or maybe only as easy as getting those pesky labels off in the first place. We like this look on long, farm style tables with a few bottles spread between every 4 seats or so. It echoes a sense of sharing and communal eating that is perfect for bringing people together at weddings.


Pinterest Pins of the WeekHitch & Sparrow Photography

Mix tapes are back! We can play music on our phones with the stroke of a finger, but some of us still long to pop in a mix CD that reminds us of our college days every once in awhile. Sadly for those of us above the age of 25, the mix CD is really beginning to look like a throwback and a mark of nostalgia. Perfect for couples who maybe met in the last 10 years, the mix CD is a sweet and romantic ode to the couple’s favorite music and possibly the songs that truly hold a special place in their hearts. The cool paper CD cases are just another great way to package them for your guests and carry out your wedding theme at the same time.


Pinterest Pins of the WeekTapestry House

Celebrity Wedding Advice

Celebrity Wedding Advice

Celebrity Wedding Advice

Don’t worry. You’re not the only ones still scratching your heads over the recent “ Conscious Uncoupling” of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.  If Hollywood marriages age in dog years, then we shouldn’t be surprised that the Celeb elite are now coming up with a more chic way to say “We’re splitting up”.


Celebrity Wedding AdviceFrom Perez Hilton

So it comes as a welcome refreshing breath of air when someone in the limelight seems so unaffected by it and offers up realistic and of course, ultra stylish advice. Enter Lauren Conrad- teen reality star turned do-gooder with her lovely Kohl’s clothing line, book series, and very smart website appropriately named, where she appeals to the every-girl. And now that she is a bride-to-be, we love following her every move and getting to the bottom of her super sweet and fashionable tips for brides. Here are a few of our faves:

Celebrity Wedding Advice

Always do a trial run: Who doesn’t want to look insanely glamorous on their wedding day? But don’t forget that you should look like YOU. NO surprises, no new makeup or hair trends, just the best version of yourself with styles that accentuate and compliment your unique look. Lauren is a self proclaimed purist- always knowing what looks good on her. She even swears “you’ll never see her with short hair.” Reason being? While we are certain she can rock just about any look especially a super chic bob, she just doesn’t feel as confident with short hair and feels that it isn’t her best look. Instead, from time to time she opts for a faux bob by pinning her hair up loosely and playing with the look for a night. Another great tip for undecided brides who may want that look for the ceremony but want their signature long hair on display for the reception.


Celebrity Wedding Advice

Don’t ask your groom about things he doesn’t want to know about: For Lauren, she wanted her groom to see sketches of her dress. He refused and wanted a traditional reveal on their actual wedding day. “ I ask him, is it a good time?” And she very quickly gives him a rundown of the must-know details to get his thoughts. Flowers, centerpieces, and décor are left totally up to her ( since of course that is her forte!) and wedding music ( he is a musician) is the element he wanted to solely focus on.  Dividing and conquering and putting your own personal seal on the things that matter most is the best way to avoid fights and end up with  a wedding that is a perfect mix of you and your groom.


Celebrity Wedding Advicevia Instagram


How To Get Keep Your Dance Floor Packed

“It’s really important to us to have a lot of dancing at our wedding. Is there any guidance you can give us?”

– Ashley / Wedding Date: 8.18.12

We received the above question from Ashley this week and she poses a common concern among couples getting married: What can we do to ensure a great reception?  Below are a few guidelines to help create an atmosphere conducive to dancing.

While elements like lighting and décor do play a role in creating atmosphere, 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the music.  The tone for the evening really begins during dinner, before the dance floor ever opens. Your DJ should not “auto play” dinner music and sit down to eat with your guests. A good DJ is vested in “actively programming” your dinner music in a way that energizes your guests. Based on your input, your DJ should play music based on beats per minute, i.e. slower songs at the beginning of dinner and gradually increase the tempo and volume into dessert. The goal is to get your guests tapping their feet, bobbing their heads, and itching to get out on the dance floor. We want to energize your guests early in the night.

As for the rest of the evening, be sure to communicate your music tastes, must play songs, do-not-play songs, and your stance on guest requests during the planning stage. By setting guidelines, your DJ will know what requests to take and which ones to avoid. Instead of trying to select “wedding music”, you should focus your attention on selecting songs and genres that you really like. If you are not sure what you like, try to pick songs you know that your friends or family enjoy. In our experience, when the bride and groom and the bridal party are out on the dance floor, that energy resonates with the rest of the crowd. Remember, your guests are all there to celebrate with you.

A good DJ will be able to evaluate your crowd and “dial in” the music that resonates with you and your guests. It is important to communicate with your DJ and be very specific about the atmosphere you expect. In addition, provide your DJ with a solid list of true Must Plays with an accompanying list of notes like: “We especially enjoy 80’s new wave” or “we love current dance music” or even “we like country and rap”. Giving these types of notes allows your DJ to exercise some creativity and select songs that are complementary to your must play list. On the other hand, if you do not have any specific requests and are not really sure what you want, be sure to communicate that with your DJ.

A great way to get reluctant dancers involved is to include song dedications. “This song is dedicated to cousin, Mike.” Mike may have been sitting in his chair all night, until he heard “Teach Me How to Dougie” ,at which point, he sprung out on to the dance floor and a circle formed around him as he performed the “Dougie” to perfection. Dedications also work well for slow songs. Do you have anyone celebrating an anniversary on or around your wedding date? Find out ahead of time what their first dance song was and have the DJ make a special dedication.

Your DJ’s objective is to keep the dance floor full and, at the same time, satisfying the guidelines you have provided. Therefore, communication is paramount when planning your reception. If you take the time to plan your night and set realistic expectations, you and your guests are sure to have a memorable evening.

Top 5 Wedding Planning Myths

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming if you feel the need to live up to every expectation you’ve ever heard of. Fortunately, a lot of wedding expectations out there are purely myth, so you can rest easy and focus on what matters. Here are the top 5 wedding planning myths you can forget about.

Myth: You’re expected to wear a white dress.

Sure, it’s the traditional thing to do, and you may be someone who’s been dreaming about that white princess wedding dress your whole life. But if you haven’t, you’ll be happy to hear there are a lot more options in today’s world.

You can easily find white dresses with designs or trims in a rainbow of colors, or you can choose a fun color for the entire dress, without a stitch of white in sight. Particularly popular are pastels that give a soft, elegant glow to any bride. Ultimately, though, the choice is yours.

Myth: You’re expected to break the bank.

Picking out venues, meal options, dresses, wedding favors and more can be an exciting task until you remember than someone has to foot the bill.

Happily, a wedding is a wedding on any budget, and if you mine your creativity, you can still have a spectacular wedding, even if you’re pinching pennies. Don’t feel obliged to spend every last dollar you have, or your wedding might end up one of the most stressful days of your life instead of the happiest.

Myth: If you want to cut costs, DIY projects are the way to go.

Sometimes, this is perfectly true. But you have to be careful and realistic. For example, you may choose to make your own favors, but depending on the gift, you might end up spending more than you would if you’d bought the same gift, pre-made in bulk.

Plus, you have to consider how much time you’re putting into a project, as well as how much it could cost you if the project goes wrong. DIY wedding projects are a great way to express your creativity and have fun, but if you’re looking to cut costs, make sure you’ve done your homework first.

Myth: Cheesy music is expected.

Ready to blast the Macarena or dance to “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston? You’ll find huge lists of “the cheesiest songs of all time” out there, and many of them you’ve probably heard at weddings. And if you love those songs, by all means play them. But if you’re worried about scaring your guests off with cheesy music, then feel free to create a “Do Not Play List.” Talk to your DJ about your music tastes and concerns. A good DJ should listen to your wishes and be full of suggestions for avoiding those cheesy wedding classics. Wedding Music.

Myth: You’re expected to invite those who invited you.

Most people have attended a handful of weddings before planning their own, but it’s a total myth that you have to invite those same couples to your wedding. Maybe your guest list is already a little too long, maybe you don’t know the couple very well, or maybe your relationship with them has changed over time. Whatever the reason, your guest list is your choice.

How to Choose Your First Dance Song

Maybe you’ve had a favorite tune between the two of you since your very first date. On the flip side, maybe you’re clueless when it comes to picking a song to dance that first dance to. Whether you can’t wait to whip out those dancing shoes or whether you’re a little dance-shy, here are some tips to choosing that special song.


Unless you’ve agreed to surprise each other, the special first dance song should be chosen together. Dig into your shared memories to find an old song you like, or pore through each other’s iTunes libraries to find something you both enjoy. No matter how you find the song, make sure you both like it!

Mood and Tempo

Even if you find a song you both love, you’ll want to evaluate both mood and tempo. Is it a sappy, old 6-minute song? Or is it fast, loud, and jarring and better saved for later in the reception? Either way, remember is it your wedding and you call the shots. One important factor to consider…the mood and tempo of your first dance will not set the tone for the rest of the reception. Choose the song you really like and a good DJ company will make it work. The DJ can change both the tempo and pitch of a song to fit the mood.


Make sure the song is something you both can easily dance to! You don’t want to be tripping over each other in an attempt to keep up the pace, nor do you want to be glued to the same spot on the dance floor, waiting for the song to pick up! It’s up to you whether you want to rehearse or not, but either way, it’s recommended you at least practice a little to make sure the song is dance-able!

Listen to the Lyrics

You might have found the perfect song with the perfect feel and pace, but have you listened to the lyrics? All too often, a song with a lovey-dovey chorus can end up being a break up song if you listen to the verses! Avoid making a similar mistake by listening to – or even reading through – the lyrics.

Get Advice from your DJ

A great DJ will already know what works and what doesn’t for first dance songs. Run your suggestions by your DJ, or if you’re still totally clueless, ask for some ideas. Since they’ll be coordinating the rest of your music, too, they will be able to find something that works wonderfully for you newlyweds and sets the tone for the rest of the evening, as well. Be sure to check the Music By Design website for first dance suggestions. In addition, here are some great ceremony music tips.

Good luck and have fun dancing!

Ceremony Music Tips

Ceremony Music Tips

Ceremony Music Tips

Hiring Your DJ to Play During Your Ceremony Makes Sense and Saves Money. A string quartet will run you between $300 and $500 per hour. Your DJ will charge you between $100 and $300 to run your ceremony.

When it comes to planning your wedding, a lot of attention is paid to the reception part of the day, but there’s also quite a bit to be considered when it comes to the ceremony itself.  One key question you may be asking yourself is, “Who will be providing the music for the ceremony?”  If you are having your ceremony at the same site as your reception, chances are your DJ will gladly provide music of your choice for your ceremony for considerably less (or at no charge) than it would cost to hire a string quartet or other musicians.

Live music is beautiful, but when you are on a budget, prerecorded high-quality digital versions are just as effective.  Your DJ will also have the microphones needed for your officiant and any readings you may have during your ceremony.

In terms of the music, you have unlimited options.  Some couples prefer traditional music and others prefer more contemporary options that reflect their personal taste.

The following are some examples in Ceremony Music Tips:


Canon in D
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Ave Maria
The Four Seasons: Spring
Lohengrin: Bridal Chorus
Midsummer’s Night Dream: Wedding March


Storybook Love from the movie “The Princess Bride”
When I’m Sixty-Four: The Beatles
Over the Rainbow: Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole
All I Want Is You: U2
Lovers in Japan: Coldplay
Lucky: Jason Mraz
Into The Mystic: Van Morrison

For a great mix of traditional meets contemporary, look into the Vitamin String Quartet.  They perform classic string versions of music for hundreds of artists – from The Beatles to Guns ‘N’ Roses.

Also, be sure to check out Fred Benedetti for some great instrumental guitar selections.

To make your ceremony easier to envision, the following is a sample of a timeline including notes where a special song is typically played.

Ceremony Timeline

Guests arriving and seated by ushers (ushers distributing programs) Prelude music playing

Ceremony begins

1. Groom and officiant processional Select a Song
2. Grandparents then parents processional (Select a song – usually same song as number 1)
3. The parents will light the candles (if you decide on a unity candle)
4. Bridal party processional Select a Song
5. Bride’s processional Select a Song
6. Bride and groom give flowers to the parents (optional) Select a Song
7. Readings (this is not as popular these days)
8. Vows
9. Unity candle or sand ceremony Select a Song
10. Bride and groom recessional Select a Song

Weekend Top 5

The following requested songs are listed because they absolutely packed the dance floor this past weekend.
Check our music database for all your personal favorites.

1. I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas

2. I’m On A Boat – The Lonely Island

3. Beer – Reel Big Fish

4. Total Eclipse of The Heart – The Dan Band

5. Down – Jay Sean