Wedding Photography

Wedding Day Photography Planning

Wedding Day Photography Planning

Congratulations, you’re engaged and have chosen your photographer! Now your wedding is quickly approaching. It is important to keep track of the photos you would like on your wedding day. We recommend making a list and photo schedule to keep you organized. We will teach you how to create your wedding day photography planning list and schedule.


It is will make your photographer’s job easier if they know who’s who in your family and bridal party. So make a list of names and titles. For example if your sister’s name is Emma you would say, “Emma, bride’s sister.” You only have to do this for your bridal party and immediate family.


This step is mainly important for the engaged/newlywed couple. Are there specific poses you want together? For example, some brides and grooms want photos of them doing a specific pose or from a certain angle. Make one list of the photos you want of just you two. Step two on this one would be if you want photos with specific groups, for example college friends, high school friends, etc.


Do you have specific locations you want specific photos? The photographer needs to know your preferences on what photos are taken where. For example, if you want just immediate family photos at the church. In that case, the bridal party gets a break until outdoor photos begin at the reception venue. Group photos by location so your photographer can easily keep track of the photos they need to at each location.


This is an important one! The day of your wedding you’re on a tight schedule, but if you plan ahead it will not seem tight. Your photographer needs the time of your wedding, but will also need the order in which you’d like photos taken. Sometime it is mart to do only immediate family at the church. The bridal party will have a break, then photos are being taken at the park. Lastly, just you and your fiancé are taking solo photos at the reception venue.


Your photographer can be your best friend on the ‘why’ front. It will be helpful the photographer knows any family or friend dynamics that may be at play at your wedding. For example, if you have divorced parents, who do not get along. Knowing that will help the photographer know to rush through the photos they take together to minimize interaction. In contrast, if grandma has a bad hip and needs to sit down. In that case, the photographer can have a chair ready as well as the ability to get grandma’s photos done first.

Finalized Schedule

Once you have your lists divided by the above categories you’ll put them together in a wedding day timeline, e-mail, and print off copies for safe keeping and for the photographer. This way, you’ll be confident you don’t forget anyone in your photos, have an organized, stress free wedding day, and have perfect wedding day photos you will cherish for years to come!

For more wedding planning tips and inspiration, check out the Chicago Wedding Blog posts below! Happy Planning!

Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

You’re already strapped for cash as it is, so why hire a wedding planner?

We’re delving into this big question because The Knot found that 29% of brides in 2018 hired a planner. Reasons to hire a wedding planner run the gamut from “control freak” to “disorganized hot mess”. If you’re very strict and like to control every detail a planner can still be a good idea to help keep your wedding planning checklist on track. If you’re always late and never remember to feed the dog then a wedding planner will help organize and keep you calm.

Even if you’re on a tight wedding budget, hiring a wedding planner doesn’t have to be a huge expense.

In fact, if you choose wisely, you could end up saving money in the long run! A planner will go over your budget and the legal contracts for venues, live entertainment, etc. They can see holes where money is going down before you do. A lot of wedding planners also have contacts in the industry and can possibly get you discounts. Vendors would sometimes rather bother a planner rather than you since you’re already stressed. A wedding planner is the middleman who takes the emotion out of a stressful situation.

Another great reason to hire a wedding planner is that they are in your corner 100%, they will fight for your dream wedding!

You definitely need to vibe with your planner because they are the ones who can make your vision a reality. The venues and vendors go through several weddings a month, but a wedding planner is solely focused on what you want.

Lastly, hiring a wedding planner is genius because they can coordinate your entire day. If you’re switching between ceremony and reception venues a planner will make sure the transition is smooth. They are worrying about the little details while you enjoy your special day! Even if you can’t afford a planner for the whole day, having one for part of it will make a lot less hassle for you.

Wedding Organization

Tips & Tricks for Wedding Organization
Planning a wedding is arguably one big, long test of organization and time management. Staying on top of things is KEY, or the whole process can get really overwhelming and out of hand if you aren’t keeping track of everything.
Here are our tips for staying organized while planning your wedding:
1. Get yourself a binder and some dividers, and make your own wedding organizer. Fill it as you go with inspiration photos, vendor contracts, business cards, and anything else you get that you need to keep track of.
2. Do most of your communication through email so there is written documentation of everything. You can print it out and put it in your binder.
3. Find a calendaring system that works for you. Whether it be a planner or on your Smartphone calendar, keep this with you at all times!
4. Have an individual document (either on the computer or on paper) to track wedding financials.
  • Each group contributing to the wedding financially (if you have multiple parties paying), showing their total contribution, anything they have paid so far, and the balance left over
  • Each vendor showing total cost, amount paid, balance,and whether there are any refundable deposits (e.g., our venue has one)
  • Miscellaneous money-related items to take note of (e.g., amount of cash needed on hand the dayof the wedding for vendor tips)
5. This may sound silly, but having a planner and binder won’t do you any good unless you actually USE it. Wedding organization in the form of binders are great but you need to be sure to keep updating them. So make sure to keep them handy and that way you won’t miss a meeting or (worse) a payment!
Follow these tips and you get to feel the sweet relief of knowing all your wedding organization is under control and at your fingertips anytime.

Out With the Wedding Binder, in With Pinterest

The wedding binder is perhaps one of the most stereotypical, yet sacred tools for planning a wedding.  The countless clippings, the organized tabs, the thought and detail…it’s a pretty serious thing.  It’s been around for ages, and we’ve seen more than our share of brides lugging it to and from appointments.  But now, there’s a new wedding inspiration tool that is giving the wedding binder a run for its money.  It’s name?  Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?  According to the website itself, “Pinterest lets your organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.”  Think about the countless times a day where you see something online and think, “I’ve got to remember that!”  Well now, with Pinterest, there’s no more bookmarking, saving images, or jotting down websites.  With the simple click of a button, you can save the inspiration right to your pinboard.  Another added bonus?  The site saves and links to the original source of the image, so you can easily revisit the link for a refresher.

How do you organize images?  The beauty of Pinterest is that you can organize your images and inspiration ideas however you want.  You can create as many boards as you want, labeling them whatever your wedding planning heart desires.  You can create a board for ceremony ideas, floral, centerpieces, hair, groomsman accessories…the list is endless!  Pinterest lets your organize your ideas however you want!

Where do I get pins?  You can pin things from any place on the web, but lots of Pinterest users love the site because it allows users to connect with one another and share ideas.  Much like you follow people on Twitter, you can follow different people’s Pinterest boards.  This allows you to see what they’re pinning and be inspired by them.  There are some incredible wedding boards out there, and in fact, we’re thinking about starting one of our own!

How can I share my Pinterest with vendors?  Another perk of Pinterest is that it can be viewed from any computer or smart device.  You can email links to vendors or even better, take Pinterest with you to meetings on your iPad or other tablet.  And of course, there is a Pinterest app!

As much as we love the old school wedding binder, we can’t help but dig the ease of Pinterest.  Inspirational and functional, a fabulous combination in the wedding planning world!  So go ahead, give Pinterest a try.  We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

3 Ways to Organize Your Wedding Inspiration

As you plan your wedding, you are surrounded by inspiration: wedding magazines, dress brochures, color swatches. To keep from getting overwhelmed (or forgetting a great idea), you need a way to organize your ideas and plans. Here are a few possibilities.

An Old Fashioned Folder or Notebook

As you flip through magazines and browse websites, you can collect pictures or passages that inspire you. You can then organize these ideas in a folder or notebook. You may want to divide the ideas into categories: dress ideas, cake ideas, décor ideas, ceremony ideas, etc. As you make decisions, you can create a section that showcases your choices. This will help you remember what decisions you’ve made and will make future decisions easier.

An Inspiration Board

For some people, a folder or notebook is too overwhelming. They don’t like to flip through endless pages of ideas. Instead, they prefer to see everything at once. If you are one of these people, an inspiration board may be for you. You can clip and print photos and passages that inspire you and pin them on a giant corkboard. You could also revisit your school days and use poster board and glue to create an inspiration board.

A Virtual Inspiration Board

If stacks of paper stress you out and you get most of your ideas from websites instead of magazines, you should consider an online inspiration board such as Pinterest. This website allows you to “pin” ideas from any website to a virtual inspiration board. You can also follow friends and businesses for more inspiration. A virtual inspiration board is easy to share with vendors or bridesmaids. Plus, it is clutter-free.

Whether you are a paper lover or technology-fiend, you can organize your ideas in a way that is fun and useful. Don’t be afraid to dream big and take risks. After all, you only get married once.


5 New Year’s Resolutions for Brides-to-be

As 2011 comes to a close, many of you may be starting to think about those New Year’s resolutions. If you are planning a wedding for 2012, here are a few resolutions you may want to consider.


Get Healthy

Every bride wants to look and feel gorgeous on her wedding day. Make-up and a fancy dress can help with this, but there are little changes you can make throughout the year to ensure a beautiful face and figure for the big day. It is as simple as beginning an exercise plan and adapting healthy eating habits. If you want boundless energy and glowing skin, start tweaking your lifestyle well in advance.

Pinch Pennies

We all know that weddings are expensive, but the cost doesn’t have to be stressful. Start looking for ways to cut expenses several months before the wedding. These can be simple changes like making coffee at home instead of stopping at the local coffee shop or cooking more homemade meals instead of always eating out. Put the money you save into a designated wedding account.

Get Organized

Weddings are more stressful when you are unorganized, so figure out a way to relieve some of the stress. One idea is to create a folder for all of your wedding papers such as receipts and contracts. You could also create online inspiration boards to free yourself from mounds of cut-out pictures.


Learn to Relax

As the wedding gets closer, your nerves and stress levels will start to get a little out of control. Start learning how to manage stress now, so it will not impact your big day. A few options include yoga and meditation.



Remember those people you asked to be in your wedding and to attend your wedding? Well, you might want to actually spend some time with them before the big day arrives. And don’t make all your dates involve wedding plans. Your friends and family have things going on in their lives besides your wedding; find out about them.