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You have the venue and the dress but now it’s time to think about the wedding photographer! You didn’t spend all your time and agony on details to have them overlooked. When choosing a wedding photographer there are some key things to keep in mind.

Weddings are among the most important days of our lives so don’t leave choosing the wedding photographer to someone else. You need to personally vet out all the possibilities. It means talking to other brides and who they used or personally interviewing photographers. You want someone who understands your desires for what you want on your big day! Some wedding photographers are great at capturing natural light while others do more mixed media. Do you want more candid shots or staged photos?

You will also want to make sure your personality meshes with the wedding photographer (s). There could be more than one since sometimes with larger weddings it takes a few shooters to capture everything. Don’t underestimate the value of being comfortable and able to bond with the photographer! To get the best out of it make sure the wedding photographer is calm but assertive, has good social etiquette but is bold enough to get daring shots and cajoling enough to coax shy smiles from guests. The wedding photographer will be shadowing your entire day so you want to be able to speak with them to get the pictures you want!

It’s also a must to see a wedding photographers work/albums. Keep in mind they will show you their best work so be sure to also ask to view an entire wedding album. This way you can see if they capture moments that are important to you like ceremony shots, reception shenanigans or other fun shots! You should also ask to see an indoor wedding they’ve captured if you are having one. The lighting for indoor versus outdoor is very different. Your wedding photographer should be aware if you’re having a ceremony outside or reception inside. Picking a wedding photographer can be fun since you’ll get to see a lot of styles so don’t let it stress you out!


photo shot list

Photo Shot List

Photo Shot List


It is the job of your wedding photographer to create a photo shot list for your big day. That’s why you are hiring them! However, it’s good to understand what your photographer will want to cover and how you can help her get the best pictures on your wedding day.

It’s very important to work with your wedding photographer to make sure your wedding is captured in all its glory. Here’s a list of moments your wedding photographer will probably cover:

Bride Getting Ready
Groom Getting Ready
The First Look (if bride and groom are seeing each ot
her before the ceremony)
Posed Family Photos
Wedding Party Photos
Introductions as Mr. & Mrs.
Escort Cards and other Details
Wedding Cake
First Dance
Cake Cutting
Bouquet Toss/Garter
Guests Dancing
Check out this list of“50 Must Have Wedding Photography Shots” for further ideas. We often think of photographers as documenting a wedding, but even the purest photojournalist has a special way of seeing the world. Once you have the right photographer, let them know what you like. We always recommend spending time with your photographer so they can get a feel for what’s important to you both. For example, some couples are very much into family photos, some love detail shots, some want a picture of their high school friends who flew into town from far away. Make sure to let your photographer know what you love.
It’s also nice to give them ideas of the images you favor or want to emulate. You want to provide them with as much context of your style and give them creative freedom to bring it to life. This way you can collaborate on the part of the photo shot list that is unique to your wedding!
Ensuring Great Photos

Ensuring Great Photos

Ensuring Great Photos. The photographs from your wedding day are ones that you will cherish for life, looking over them and sharing them countless times, so don’t you want to make sure they are some of the best photos you’ve ever taken? If you follow these tips below, you’ll have photo you will love to re-visit over and over again.

Be Well Rested  The week before your wedding can be busy and full of last minute details to take care of, but sleep is a very  important factor in looking your best in wedding photographs. Lack of sleep can show up as bags under your eyes, tired posture and dull skin. While it’s true that photographers can fix some of these problems in Photoshop, it is best to come to your wedding day with your best face forward…literally! Sleep will not only help you look good, but also feel great. Setting a sleep schedule the week before your wedding and sticking to it will ensure you are well rested on your big day.


Hire a Professional Hair and Makeup Person  For some this may feel like an unnecessary splurge, but hiring professionals can make a world of difference in the final photos. Hair and makeup people know the products to use that will last all day and show up the best in all lighting situations. If you want to look and feel like a celebrity on your wedding day, this is an investment worth taking.

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Hire a Photographer That Makes You Feel Comfortable  Having a professional that you are comfortable with behind the camera may be the most important factor. When booking a photographer, you should meet with them at least once and see how the chemistry is between you. Asking for a reference or two may be a good idea as well so you can speak with people that have worked with the photographer on their wedding day. The photographer will be with you the most during your day, so this is a person you want to feel good around and someone that can bring the best out of you.


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Think Happy Thoughts and Be Yourself  Stay focused on what the day is all about and be in the moment. If you are authentic and allow those feelings of bliss, happiness and joy to permeate your being, that will show up on your photographs. And when you look back at these images years later, you will remember exactly how you felt on your special day.


DIY Photo Backdrop

Setting up a mini photo shoot for your wedding guests is a great way to keep friends entertained, capture hilarious moments, and create a fun wedding memento. Many wedding photographers have begun offering photo stations as part of their packages, but in the event that they don’t or it’s simply too expensive, here are a few tips for creating your own photo op at your wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower.

First things first, you’ll need some sort of backdrop. If your wedding or shower happens to be at a fab location with interestingly textured walls or breathtaking scenery, simply rope off a section that can be designated for mini photo shoots. If not, all you need is a photo backdrop (rentable from most camera or party stores) or some funky fabric that can be draped in front of the wall.

Once you’ve got your backdrop in place, you’ll want to provide your guests with plenty of props. These can be as classy or goofy as you want. The key is to offer an abundance of choices so that each photo is unique instead of looking like carbon copies. Some elegant ideas include empty frames, mini chalkboards, masquerade masks, or homemade signs. Couples hoping for hilarity can stock prop boxes with fake mustaches, silly hats, feather boas, oversized glasses, superhero costumes, and fill-in-the-blank thought bubbles made with dry-erase material or chalkboards.

Next, you’ll need a photographer or camera in place to capture the sweet and comical moments of the night. If you’ve got a photographically-gifted friend, ask them to set up shop, or position the camera with a tripod and allow guests to snap their own pics. To ensure quality snapshots, ask your photographer about the cost for hiring an assistant or intern to man the booth all night. If your event will be lasting well into the evening, make sure the photo station has ample lighting.

Create a lasting memento by having the best photos printed and put into an album, or order a printed photo book online with all of the shots. Let guests take home their favorite prints as well by setting up a photo printer at the event, or displaying proofs on an online gallery.

Saying ‘I do’ Come Rain or Shine

The uncertainty of weather can be one of the biggest causes for anxiety when it comes to a wedding. Unless you’re getting married on the beach in a country where it never rains, then weather will be a factor whether your wedding is inside or outside, in the spring or in the fall. It’s an unavoidable inconsistency that you’ll just have to bear with. That said, here are a few tips.


Rain is probably one of the worst nightmares of anyone who’s planning a wedding. If your wedding is outside, make sure you have a solid back up plan. Does your venue have an indoor option in case of emergency? Or maybe you can hire a tent company to shelter your guests from potential rain?

Even if your event is inside, you’ll still have to get from place to place. If the forecast predicts rain for your big day, invest in some good umbrellas. Have your groomsmen do the favor of holding them to shelter guests walking into the event. If possible, plan to get dressed at your venue to reduce the amount of time you’ll spend outside all dressed up.

Talk to your hair stylist about a back up style that will be less ruined or easily fixable if it should get wet. Keep any flowers and decorations as protected as you can until the last minute. Consult with your wedding photographer, who should be able to work around the rain, whether it’s moving indoors or taking fun photos of you dancing in the rain with umbrellas!


Who doesn’t want a sunny day and blue skies for their wedding? But what if it’s unexpectedly nearly 100 degrees and unbearably humid? If you’re getting married in the middle of July or August, then that could be a real possibility, and you run the risk of ending up with overheated guests and a dress soaked with sweat! Obviously, this scenario is particularly worrying if you’re having an outdoor event.

If that’s the case, look into providing fans for your guests; they can be decorated to match your wedding theme, and your guests will definitely appreciate even the smallest opportunity to cool down. You could also look into providing plenty of water with customized water bottles, to keep everyone hydrated.

If you’ve only just started planning your outdoor wedding, look at dresses that aren’t as heavy and prone to sweating. For your man and his groomsmen, see if you can find a lighter material for their suits or tuxedos. Finally, if you’re sensitive to the sun, use make-up that has an SPF factor so that you don’t burn!


When you’re looking at the weather forecast, it’s usually the temperature, sun, and precipitation factors you look at. But it’s a good idea to check out the wind, too. Especially if you’re outdoors, a strong wind could be detrimental to you and your guests’ dresses, hair, flowers, food, and more. Keep this in mind when planning everything so that you don’t get blown away on your big day!

The bottom line is, weather is completely out of your control, and the best you can do is have a backup plan and not get too worried about it. Come rain or shine, wind or snow, put the plans in place to ensure you have a beautiful day that you will always remember.