Your Post-Wedding To-Do List

Now that you are engaged, most of your time and brainpower is probably going to planning the wedding. However, many brides forget about the things they should do after the wedding. Some of these tasks are enjoyable, while others just have to get done. To help you remember the things you have to do after the big day ends, here is your post-wedding to-do list.

1)      Write and Send Thank You Cards — Different people have different theories on how much time you have to send thank you cards. Basically, the sooner you get them out, the sooner you can stop worrying them. (And the sooner grandma will stop asking you about them.) Since this task can be time consuming, enlist your husband’s help.

2)      Take Care of Any Left Over Wedding Business — Once the wedding is over, pay any remaining balances and return all borrowed items. Your vendors will appreciate not having to hunt you down, and the people who lent you items won’t have to worry about you losing, breaking, or forgetting about the borrowed pieces.

3)      Play With All Those Pictures — One of the most fun post-wedding tasks is creating your wedding album and any photo gifts you plan to make for family and friends. Let your husband help you sort through all the great shots and decide how you want to display them.

4)      Preserve Those Keepsakes — There will be plenty of items from your wedding that you want to hold on to, so be prepared to preserve them after the wedding. Some options include preserving your gown or bouquet or creating a shadow box of mementos.

5)      Open All Those Gifts — This is possibly the best post-wedding task. You’ll love reading all the heartfelt messages in the wedding cards and opening and using all the great gifts people bought. Plus, you can usually expect to find some cash in those envelopes.

6)      Begin the Name Change Process — You’ve been looking forward to the day you’d become a Mrs., but if you decide to change your name, there is a long-list of to-dos. Once you visit the social security office and motor vehicle department, be sure to change your name on all important documents such as credit cards, bank information, insurance companies, etc.

7)      Consider Your Finances — Now that you are married, you may want to open a joint account with your husband. While it isn’t necessary to combine all of your money, a joint account will help you pay the bills you both will share. You may also want to create joint accounts for your insurance or phone bills. Often times, married couples can receive a discount by being on the same plan.

5 Fun Wedding Photos

5 Fun Wedding Photos

You’ve all seen the traditional wedding poses and shots. Make the shoot more fun by including unique poses. Here are a few ideas to spark your creative juices. 5 Fun Wedding Photos.

The Groom Running Away

At the ceremony site, take a picture of the groom trying to run away and the bride pulling him back.

5 Fun Wedding Photos

The Man Ring

Have the groom showing off his ring while the groomsmen act excited and amazed.

5 Fun Wedding Photos

The Sexy Pose

Have the groom lifting up your dress to show off your garter and sexy heels.

5 Fun Wedding Photos

The Kiss Before the Wedding

Even if you don’t want the groom to see you before the wedding, you can still sneak a kiss and a great photo. Blindfold the groom and have the photographer snap a shot of the pre-wedding kiss.

5 Fun Wedding Photos

 The Goofy Props

Pick a fun background and give everyone in the bridal party props. Some ideas include boas, hats, glasses, etc.

5 Fun Wedding Photos





Wedding Photo Trend: Your Rings in Fun Places

Today’s wedding photos are more than smiling pictures of the bride, groom, bridal party and family. Wedding Photographers like to capture all the details of the big day, and that includes those shiny rings you now have on your ring. If your photographer is creative, he or she will most likely come up with a few fun ways to photograph your wedding rings. If you enjoy this trend, you may want to browse for some ideas online and share them with your photographer before the wedding. Here are a few designs to get you started.

Snap Some Pictures With Food

Many photographers look for fun foods to place your rings on. They might use anything from fruit to Hershey kisses to nuts to candy hearts to rock candy. Your options will depend on the type of favors and foods available at your wedding.

Show Off Your Rings in Nature

Many photographers like to get creative with ring photos by using your bouquet, centerpieces and any flowers or greenery at the photo locations. The options range from sunflowers to cornstalks to potted plants to tree branches to the bridal bouquet. If you like this idea, you might want to scoop out some locations prior to the big day.

Remember Your Stationery

Wedding stationery can be beautiful, so photographers love to use it as a prop. Your photographer may use anything from the place cards to the invitation to the program. Make sure your photographer has access to these items.

Your Shoes are for More Than Walking

The bride’s shoes are a wedding photo classic, but you may be surprised how many different ways a photographer can use them to photograph your rings. A few options include placing the rings on top of the shoes, inside the shoe or around the heel of the shoe.

More Props You Already Have

The possibilities are endless. Just a few more options include a bible, your wedding favors, a clothes line and a wine bottle.  If there is an idea you love, make sure you share it with your photographer, but don’t be too demanding. Photographers are creative professionals, and they don’t like to be given step by step instructions for each photo. Give them a few must have ideas, and then let them come up with their own ideas. They might just surprise you with their creativity.



Should You Buy a Reception Dress?

After you spend all that money on wedding dress you have to wear it all night, right? Not necessarily. Some brides choose to change into a reception dress once the party gets started. A reception dress is typically a shorter, usually just above the knee, white dress. However, you could choose to wear a different color if you wished. It depends on how you want to look on your wedding day.

Is a reception dress right for you?

Reception dresses aren’t for everyone. Before shelling out another $100 to $600 plus on another white dress, consider these questions.

Do I love my wedding dress so much that I want to wear it all night?

Will I get uncomfortable in the wedding dress? (Consider length, heaviness, and restrictions.)

Do I want to change into a dress that will be more comfortable to dance in?

What do I want to be wearing in my wedding photos? (Consider the garter toss, cake cutting, and dancing photos.)

Is there money in my wedding budget for a reception dress?

Where to Find a Reception Dress

Where you purchase a reception dress depends on your style and budget. Reception dresses can be simple, white cocktail dresses or extravagant gowns with bedding and lace. They are also available in a wide range of prices. Here are just a few stores to consider.

Department Stores – Most department stores have a dress section. You may be able to find a white cocktail dress or be able to order a dress in white.

Bridal Stores – Many bridal stores carry reception dresses. They also carry cocktail dresses or short bridesmaids’ dresses. Sometimes these are available in white.

Online – There are tons of online stores that offer reception dresses or dresses available in white. Be sure to check reviews and return policies before ordering. Check out BHLDN.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel beautiful. You don’t want to spend the night uncomfortable and self-conscious, and don’t be afraid to bend the rules. Just because you are bride doesn’t mean you have to spend the night in a long, white gown.