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A newer trend we’re seeing is couples picking out their wedding rings together. An engagement ring and wedding band are some of the most important pieces of jewelry we will receive or buy. There’s no right way to go about it, but we’ve got some pros and cons to help you choose whether or not you want to pick out your wedding rings together.

Let’s start with the cons first of picking out your wedding rings with your partner.

Traditionally, it’s been the man who gets the engagement ring and surprises the bride with a proposal. A drawback to shopping for the ring together is the element of surprise is, of course, lost. But if you’re a bride who wants to be part of the decision and doesn’t like the surprise, then going shopping together is a great option. Some brides of the opinion that their partner should “know” them well enough to pick out the perfect ring. A con for going together is that you won’t know that since you’ll be the one picking it out essentially.

Now let’s look at some pros for shopping for rings together.

The first is of course, that you will be surprised when your partner does propose! It’s always fun to see what he or she picks out. You can even compromise by sending him pictures of rings you’d like but ultimately letting him decide which ring is “you”. This also is a great way to relieve stress on your partner. They’re surely feeling quite a bit of pressure to pick out the ring you want!

Another positive is that even if you do go window shopping for the ring with your partner it won’t spoil the actual proposal! A lot of brides are afraid of ruining this moment, but if you think about it, can anything ruin the magic of a proposal at the right time? You may have a little inkling about what ring you’re getting but for some people that’s totally fine!

So, have you decided how you will choose your wedding rings? Did you make it a surprise, or did you choose your rings together? We want to know! Tell us below! For more wedding planning tips and inspiration, check out the Chicago Wedding Blog posts below! Happy Planning!

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Holiday Season Engagements by

With the holiday season kicking off, loved-up couples all over are about to take their relationships to the next level by getting engaged! Statistics show that November all the way through to February are the most popular months for marriage proposals, and it’s not hard to see why. What better time to pop the question then a season of celebration with friends and family, love and thankfulness.

With Thanksgiving being the first official holiday to kick off the celebratory season, the gang at SimplyBridal saw it fit to create an infographic called ‘Will You Marry Me’ all about proposals. Find out what types of proposals are all the rage these days as well as some very interesting facts about engagements. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


The Perfect Wedding Proposal

Ever since you were a little girl (or at least ever since you decided you were dating the man of your dreams), you’ve probably fantasized about the perfect wedding proposal. If you talk to your friends and family or search the internet, you will find countless stories of the most creative proposals as well as embarrassing proposal mishaps. Here a few inspiring, touching, funny, and shocking proposals we found on the internet. Whether you’re recently engaged or nearing the big day, it’s always fun to see other people’s engagement stories as well as reflect on your own.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

This viral video has been featured on media stations and websites. The creative groom-to-be surprised his girlfriend with a well-choreographed lip-synched performance of “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. The video features 60 people dancing in the street before the modern day Romeo finally appears and asks his girlfriend to marry him. Not only is the gesture original, romantic, and comical, but it also sets the bar high for all men who haven’t proposed yet.

Engagement Ring Lost in Sand

A groom-to-be buried the engagement in the sand on a beach for his girlfriend to find it, but he lost it. The man, who happens to be a brain surgeon, doesn’t suggest this plan to other men. Luckily, after tons of digging and some help from a professional, they found the ring and the girl said yes.

A Proposal on Home Plate

This military man, who is supposed to be overseas, surprises his girlfriend on a baseball field. She thinks she’s just throwing the first pitch of the game, but she’s about to become a bride-to-be.

Rejected on Ellen – Real or Fake?

If this clip were real, our heart would go out to this sweet man who took the risk of writing to Ellen and asking to proposal on her show. As Ellen reveals, it is all a set up, but the video went viral as people assumed it was real.  It’s still pretty believable!