Break the Rules

Rules Are Meant to be Broken
There are many rules and traditions that couples can choose to follow….or not. You can break the rules and it could end up being the best thing you did. Here are a few traditions that you can tweak to your liking.
1) It’s Bad Luck to See Each Other Before the Ceremony
Some couples think a“first look”photo captures that moment of pure excitement and happiness. Instead of the big reveal happening at the end of the altar, you can surprise each other in a special moment between the two of you. It’s nice to have your photographer there to capture that moment forever.
2) Unity Candles are so Blah
Some churches only allow unity candles, but there are alternatives to this“two become one”symbol. You can choose to have a sand ceremony where the two of you pour different colored sands into one vase. Other options are the same concept with spices or vinegar and oil. Keep it creative!
3) Your Wedding Dress should be White
In Indian weddings, brides wear red! Understandably, that’s a pretty bold color if you aren’t practicing in that culture. However, choosing a non-white or ivory color such as blush, champagne, coffee, or nude is all the rage right now. Consider these shades for your big day, they might compliment your skin tone even more so!
4) Pictures Belong After the Ceremony
If you are choosing to do a first look photo, consider having all your pictures done prior to the ceremony. That way you will look fresh and stunning still! Sure, you might need a little touch up prior to the ceremony/reception, but at least your photos will be flawless. Also, this helps with timing of the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Your guests will thank you that there aren’t three hours between events and is one smooth transition to the next.
Sometimes it benefits you to break the rules.  Consider these alternatives when planning out your ceremony / reception day structure.