How to Look Thinner in Your Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to look as beautiful as possible on her wedding day. Almost all of us wish we could lose a few pounds before the big day, but it isn’t always possible to shed the extra weight in time. To look thinner in your wedding gown without dieting, check out these great tips.

corsetThe Undergarments are Just as Important as the Dress

Most brides spend a lot of time and money on the perfect gown, but what they wear under the dress is just as important. The proper undergarments will make the dress fit better and enhance your figure. Many brides choose not to wear a bra with their gown because they want to comfortable, but a great bra (possibly one with a corset included) can really improve your figure. Ask a consultant at a bra store or dress store for suggestions.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Corset

Dresses with a corset top are a great way to show off a tiny waist because you can tighten or loosen as needed. This is also a great option for brides who frequently gain and loss weight because you don’t have to worry about their dress not fitting if they wake up feeling a little bloated. Unlike a dress that zips up, a lace up corset can be adjusted to fit your body without alterations.

Rock a Fit and Flare

One of the most popular silhouettes is the fit and flare.  This shape, which is a mix between an A-line and a mermaid style, softly drops down over the hips and gradually begins to open at mid-thigh. It is very flattering on most body types.

Accentuate Your Waistlinefit and flare

There is a great fashion secret to creating a gorgeous waistline: belts. This is also true for wedding day fashions. By adding a beaded belt or satin sash to your dress, you can easily emphasis your waistline.  Most dress stores have various belts and sashes that can be sewn on to your dress.

Heels are a Girl’s Best Friend

Heels are great because they elongate your legs, lift your butt, and make you feel more confident. You don’t have to wear a five inch heel to enjoy the benefits of these pretty shoes. Even a shoe with a quarter inch heel will improve your posture and make you look slimmer.

Spend the Money on Great Alterations

We know wedding dresses are expensive, but don’t try to save money by skipping the alterations. Having an expert seamstress make sure your dress fits perfectly is worth every penny. A dress that is too tight or too small will not be as flattering.

Lace Trend for 2013

lace dressLace is always going to be a fabric associated with weddings. It’s so soft and delicate and romantic that it will be ever present. But this year will surely see more of it! If you watched the bridal runway shows last fall, you definitely saw designers incorporating lace into many of their gown designs.

Besides gorgeous lace draped wedding gowns, there are many other wedding details where lace can be used. Start with the invitations. Using a lace pattern printed paper or tying actual lace around the invites.

lace montage 2

If you opt for another fabric for you wedding dress, there are many accessories like jewelry, gloves, headpieces and shoes that have lace detailing to add this trend to your day. Even the reception can have a lace makeover by using lace tablecloths or wrapping lace around vases of flowers or using it as a draping fabric throughout the reception area. Whether you want a big or small statement with lace, there are many ways to use this lovely fabric, and it’s sure to add a romantic softness.

lace montage 4

lace montage 3