Ultra Violet Wedding

What is the color of the year you may ask? We answer: Ultra Violet! Brides, this year this blue based purple hue is very in and we have some creative ways to use it.

  1. Reception decoration : Ultra Violet is a versatile color and perfect for spring or summer weddings. The deep blue base could also work well for fall. We love using flowers with this shade for your reception center pieces. Tree peonies, ranunculus, and heirloom garden roses can come in this pretty shade. We also love using Ultra Violet for ribbons on the back of chairs with decorative clips or table runners.

2. Add Ultra Violet to your cake. Most people think of wedding cake as white so why not accent it with beautiful purple blossoms or a geode effect? We love that this color can not only be used an accent but also as a main color.

3. Your wedding party. If you’re a daring bride you may even wear the color yourself but it also looks great on bridesmaids and groomsmen! We love the pop of elegant violet against a handsome tux or suit. It’s a great shade for skin types as well. You can still give your bridesmaids a choice in the style of dress but the color will unite your wedding party.


No matter what you choose to do with Ultra Violet it’s a great color that it very hot right now! We know you’ll be seeing a lot of this hue in weddings this spring and summer!

Save the Date

October 12Everything is cyclical right? And all fashions come back around again, don’t they? So it’s no surprise that every few years or so, the most popular dates for getting married change and those tried and true dates of the past become quite trendy once again. This year was no different. The most popular date for 2013? Drumroll please…10.12.13!  And while October is certainly very popular, especially in most areas where the weather is pretty mild (not too hot, not too cold) the clever numbering definitely makes it desirable for couples seeking a memorable date…literally.

So what else is in a date?  Well, the once prominent and most popular month of June is back! Big time! The second most popular date this year was June 1st. Thankfully, when a number like 1, or 31 lands on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you can almost always be sure that it will take off in terms of popularity. Venues and churches alike tend to see major spikes when notable dates in the Spring through Fall land on a weekend. Typically in the case of couples with no real ties to a specific date or month go looking for availability they really just end up picking a date that sounds good. And from there, a lifetime love of that date will ensure. Kind of cool, right?

And so far the final numbers are in on popularity with June, the old favorite that was later passed up for Fall fetes, reigning in at number one. September, the favorite of the last few years came in a close second and October, the new fall preference was right on target in third place.



fall wedding

For destination areas in the U.S., experts followed the trends down to Florida concluding that the high times are November and December. The reason for the Holiday wedding spike? Most couples consider their guests desire to escape the colder temperatures and with most people getting more time off for Thanksgiving and the break between Christmas and New Year’s the idea of a beach wedding is music to their ears. Also, the temps in the South are scorching the Summer and even into early Fall, making winter a better time to say “ I Do.”




One thing is for sure when it comes to dates. According to MSN Weddings, if you really want to stand out, set the date for January!

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party by SimplyBridal

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is typically organized by a bride’s maid of honor and bridesmaids to mark the end of her “singlehood” and journey into married life. The guest list almost always consists of the bride’s closest female friends and relative, who get together for a day or night of celebrations.

Although there is no set theme or plan for a bachelorette party, there are important factors to consider when it comes to planning the event. Most importantly, make sure you start by consulting with the bride about the type of event she expects. Once you’ve established this, allow yourself enough time to make the appropriate arrangements, such as organizing invitations, transport, accommodation and itinerary.

To help you keep on top of your party planning, SimplyBridal has put together a handy timeline to ensure you throw the bride a bachelorette party she’ll remember for many years to come.

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Ombre is Everywhere!

Ombre is Everywhere

A few years ago, the word “ombre” probably didn’t mean very much to anyone besides the super chic fashion loyals who were coveting the Prada ombre hobo bag, the hottest designer carrier of the season! But even to the average gal, (or guy even!) the trend is everywhere and it’s certainly a term we are all seeing pretty much everywhere. And whether you subscribe to the trend in order to gracefully and gradually darken your summer- lightened locks or are donning the dip dyed look in your latest wardrobe endeavor, we are all shamelessly in the midst of ombre mania. So it was no surprise when everything ombre became the next super trend in weddings! And it pretty much became officially the next thing when Style me Pretty featured a stunning feature giving tips on how to ombre everything!  Here’s our thoughts and some majorly easy and eye catching ways to bring the fancy craze to your wedding day!


The best part about ombre is the many hues you can get from just one color. The idea is to gradually lighten or darker by showing every shade in between of the same color. We love the idea of picking a color and sticking to it. It makes it a huge focal point, and monochromatic without being boring or one note. It also has great symbolism in that showing the inflections of each color is like taking a walk through time and reminds us of falling in love. Our favorite picks for a romantic hue? Pinks and reds of course! But we also love yellows and purples for spring!

ombre 3

Our favorite parts for a wedding? Ombre cakes! You can have your baker spray the color over white plain frosting to fade from dark to light. The look is super fun and a great way to a add a pop of color to any scheme.  Dip dyed linens are also perfect for the look. Think Gwen Stefani in her custom Dior wedding gown that was dipped in hot pink at the bottom and faded to light pink then to white! It may seem risky but it actually turned out to be quite classic. The trick is sticking with one color and letting that make the statement. Another great way to ombre is with your menus and invitations. gives a complete rundown on their ombre dinner party guide with perfect tips on how to DIY almost everything. The trend it seems is also fairly inexpensive to replicate!

ombre dress

Whichever way you choose to embrace the trend make sure it is for the right reasons. If you absolutely love a certain color and are looking for a way to do something stunning and also visually interesting this may just be the perfect look for you!

one shoulder wedding dresses

One Shoulder Dresses Are Here to Stay!

One shoulder[pinit]When Oscar nominees Naomi Watts showed up on this past year’s red carpet in a custom Naeem Khan metallic creation I think she made one thing totally clear: the one shoulder “look” is here to stay. So it came as no surprise with Brides Magazine names the one shoulder dress the biggest thing in wedding dress fashion for the upcoming season. We shy away from calling it a trend at this point- it’s more like just another great option that might be the most flattering neckline for many brides- especially those trying to switch it up from strapless.  And let’s face it- it gives enough coverage for a Fall or Winter wedding while also being perfectly appropriate for a Spring or Summer wedding.  Could this be the most versatile wedding dress look yet?

While the look dates well back into ancient Greek and Roman times (think the movie Troy with style star Diane Kruger modeling the look almost exclusively)  it has made quite the resurgence in the last decade.  And while the 60’s saw Jackie O wear it and the 70’s were all about it with designers like Halston making slinky one shoulders a staple look, it seems to be a more permanent fixture nowadays, which makes it perfect for the Tradition dress seeker with modern taste.                       [pinit]one shoulder1

And this season is no exception, with several magazines calling for even more of the look! The bridal runways were filled with one straps of all kinds. Right now, we are especially loving the delicate late wrapped ones and the all beaded, blinged-out one shoulders. For a more feminine look, we think our Southern brides will absolutely love the flower embroidery and ruffled straps we are seeing with full skirts for the utmost in tradition. You really can’t go wrong with the look but here is the low down on the best bets on who is perfect for this kind of dress!

Bridal stylists everywhere agree that while once trendy, the one shoulder is actually extremely easy to wear for the majority of brides of all shapes and sizes.  The one shoulder strap or simply “one covered arm” look elongates the neckline and continues focus downward , which is perfect for accentuating a long torso. It also gives you a very statuesque look, again perfect for long and lean body who really wants to play it up but even better for a girl looking for a little heights. But what is really beautiful away the one shoulder is that is draws attention up to the face. You can play with your hair to sweep mot of it up and have pieces framing the face. Playing up the most important feature for the most important day of your life is always a plus!


one should montage

Pink Redux

We all remember the now infamous line from “Steel Magnolias” when the bride, Shelby is asked what her wedding colors are.  Her mother, played by the amazing Sally Field quips,” Her colors of pink and pink” but the bride insists that they are really, “Blush and Bashful.”  And while at the time, pink for weddings really did echo a certain Pepto Bismol sentiment, today the hue has been reinterpreted to an actual blush, varying in tone to seem softer and more accessible. We even see the grooms embracing the romantic color scheme as a trend in 2013, knowing full well that having a pink wedding is nothing like it used to be.

Blush and Bashful

So here are our thoughts on pink weddings: We love them! And when we say pink, we mean start with the color and then work your way to various shades and tones until you have the perfect balance of romance and elegance.  Or you can take pink to newer and more modern extremes. Hot pink fuchsia orchids or peonies wrapped in Kelly green foliage for a pop of color can make for a preppy and fresh statement.  We love to see brides embrace a very “Kate Spade” look when approaching their themes. Crisp colorful linens, with perfectly tailored accents like contemporary menu cards and modern vases, can take a shocking pink to uber chic levels.

pink collage

But we still say there is nothing more romantic than the beauty of blush.  Recently, the ombre effect has taken hold of wedding all over and we don’t see this trend slowing down one bit. For those of you confused by ombre, it’s simply the effect of using one color and having the hue fade from darker to lighter or lighter to darker. It’s the perfect way to show off the versatile use of one shade.  And for pinks, the ombre route is the way to go.  We have seen it with wedding cakes, linens, and bridesmaid dresses that vary in style and color while all remaining in the same family.  We even love the idea of Bridesmaids wearing metallic versions of blush tones- we simply cannot get enough and hope to see more metallics as Bridesmaid looks continue to branch out.

pink ombreombre cake

And let’s not forget that virtually no other color scheme is more complimented by candlelight than blushes. The tones tend to give off both silver and gold light and can even push you towards using mixed metals for things like flatware, chargers, and plates. Mixing and matching has never been more appropriate!   Timeless and trendy have struck the perfect balance!

Naked Wedding Cakes

You’re Pinterest board is full of them. Wedding cake after luscious wedding cake, ripe for the choosing. Every picture, more mouth watering than the next, so how ever will you choose? Well, for some of the more adventurous couples, naked wedding cakes have never been hotter. You probably even have a photo of one or two on that very same Pinterest board. You’ve pinned it and you don’t even know how on trend you are! Naked cakes, as they are being called, are still perfectly acceptable for weddings and while they share the same tiered look as more traditional ones, these confections are different in that they don’t have icing or frosting on the outside- showing off the layers of filling and various cake flavors.

naked cake 3

4 Eyes Photography

This option is perfect for cakes featuring fruits or fruit fillings. You know all of those elegant farm inspired pastries with layers wrapped in raffia or colored bows? Well this is the time to bring that to life for your wedding and show off the natural beauty of the cake.  Many wedding cake bakers are highlighting these choices with raspberry preserves or current jellies that add a pop of color and delicious flavor layer to a vanilla or lemon flavored white cake.

naked cake 2

And to show off some of our favorite new options, we have a list or “menu “ of sorts that we’ve compiled from the best of the web. Enjoy, and try not to eat your computer screen!

naked cake 1

Our first choice, isn’t so much a recipe or flavor but the idea of having multiple layers and flavors. Because the outer layer isn’t frosted, guests can easily see their choices and entice their senses by getting a glimpse at multiple cakes. But beware, some guests may go cake crazy and opt for the sampler platter as opposed to just one slice.

Whoopie pie, anyone? Layers of beautiful classic chocolate cake layered with white vanilla butter cream is not only sure to please just about everyone but also doubles as a large scale doppelganger for the sweet favorite, whoopie pies. Topped with some fresh flowers or sentimental bride and groom figurines, it’s an instant classic!

Strawberry Shortcake. Another flavor that brings you right back to summers as a child, this cake can use standout strawberries to unearth a fresh balance between moist layers of buttery white or pound cake.  Paired with fresh whipped cream and you have taken this cake to a whole new level. And the idea of serving it naked is almost a necessity considering how gorgeous the layers look. Think about adding a red tie to each layer or pulling it into a bow for a sweet look.

naked cake 4

Any way you slice it, cake is delicious. But these naked cakes just might be the next big thing. And for those of us who aren’t crazy about frosting to begin with, there isn’t a thing missing! Bon Appetit!

Pinterest: Pins of the Week

This week, we’ve had more than our fair share of fireworks, backyard BBQs, and hotdogs, leaving us thinking about nothing but red, white, and blue.  So in honor of America’s big day, we’re sharing our favorites pins in our three favorite colors!

Bright Red with a Pop of Orange.  Red florals are classic, bright, and vibrant.  Though for some reason, most people tend to picture roses when they think of red flowers.  Yet, we love this festive bouquet, as it uses red to make a statement, sans roses!  Mixed with pops of orange and funky greenery, this bouquet is sure to make a statement for any bride!

Doily Wrapped Invites.  We’ve seen this pin pop up a few times on Pinterest, and every way we see it, we can’t help but swoon at the simple elegance of this look.  Invitations can often be expensive and overwhelming for couples, as there are endless options.  But sometimes simple is best, and this lace and paper combination is the perfect example of this sentiment.  With a package of doilies, some ribbon, and some simple invites, these invitations are an easy DIY for any bride!

Blue Bowtie.  We love the look of a classic bowtie, but when you add a bit of a nontraditional twist, we’re over the moon!  This navy and white polka dot bowtie is perfect for the groom who wants to add a bit of flair without straying too far from a classic look.  We can see this bowtie with a crisp white shirt, a gingham button up, or a classic khaki suit.  It’s hard to go wrong with this blue beauty!