Local Vendor Spotlight: Bagable Gifts

Bagable Gifts is a Chicago-based company that specializes in high-end custom gift bags for weddings and events.  Now, we aren’t just talking any old paper gift bag with a few snacks and treats. These swoon-worthy customized canvas creations are true swag bags in every sense of the word. Keeping with tradition, the bags are totally build upon the theme of your wedding and event and can be as simple or as over-the-top as your heart desires!

When it comes to alleviating last minute wedding stress, this vendor is a gem that will take care of the personal details your guests will see upon arrival to your wedding. Whether you opt to leave these bags in each hotel room for out of town guests to feel more at home, or you gift each girl in your bridal party a swag bag, the options are endless and their team will help you come up with just the right contents for any theme.  The idea behind Bagable Gifts, is really about delivering comfort and style in the form of hand packaged, thoughtful gifts. And the packaging is truly what sets it apart. From the vast array of monograms and personalization’s you can choose for your bag , to the hand created labels for each treat, these one of a kind gifts will have guests talking for years to come.

And they’re not just for weddings! Bagable Gifts is perfect for promoting your business as well. Lately, the company has been busy working with Chicago Social, Glossed and Found and Trump Hotels along with countless bridal clients. And what’s even better? The bags are all reusable and eco-friendly. What could be more chic than that? So whether it’s a newlywed monogram or your company’s logo, this company is well worth checking out.

How to Avoid Wedding Vendor Scams

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of blissful couples planning their big day. Often these vendors take your money and never provide the services they promised, or they send you products that aren’t what you expected. These nightmares can ruin your wedding day, but you can protect yourself from becoming a victim. Here is how:

Do Your Research

Before hiring a vendor, do some research. Talk to other couples who recently got married, and find out who they recommend. Also, know what to expect before you meet with a vendor. Find out what prices are common and what is expected of the service provider. Most likely, if the vendor offers something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Be Cautious

It bears repeating: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Yes, sometimes you can find great deals, but make sure those deals are being offered by reputable sources. This is especially true for online vendors. If you are ordering a designer dress online for less than half the retail price, ask yourself how the vendor could offer you such a deal. If the dress is being sold by a woman who bought the dress for a wedding and never wore it, it could be a good deal. If someone supposedly runs a highly discounted online store, you may not be happy with the dress you get.

Get Insurance

The most effective way to protect yourself is by purchasing wedding insurance. For just a few hundred dollars, you could avoid losing thousands of dollars if a vendor decides not to show up. Talk to an insurance consultant to find what is covered.