Outdoor Wedding In the shade

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Ah, the great outdoors! So you’re having an outdoor wedding! What a great venue choice! Before you solidify your wedding plans, there are some aspects you need to keep in mind. Here are some outdoor wedding tips so you can have the best outdoor wedding.

Hot Weather

No one will be comfortable on a summer wedding day with no water or fans. Pro tip: make fan programs. If it’s a breezy day, your guests can simply read the program. On the other hand, if it is hot, your guests will be thankful you thought ahead. If that’s not your thing, you can also provide paper fans that coordinate to your wedding colors. Another important item you need is a water or beverage station or two. It’s important to stay hydrated on such an emotional day for you and your guests. You could arrange for a big box store run before the wedding to have individual water bottles ready on an iced cooler. You could also have a beverage cooler and individual cups. Either way, water is a must.

Another important factor is where you will be outside. Plan for the worst and expect the best. If you are looking at wedding venue options, it may be a good idea to choose one with a shaded area. Then any guests who feel overheated won’t have to miss the wedding. Similarly, if you easily get overheated it’s important you arrange your ceremony in a cool, shaded area. No one wants the newlyweds passing out on their wedding day!


It’s not the most glamorous item on your checklist, but it is necessary nonetheless. If you are choosing to have your wedding in a nature preserve, beach, or park it is imperative you sort out the bathroom situation in advance. There are companies who rent out really nice temporary bathrooms. If there are not bathrooms nearby your ceremony location, time to research options for you and your guests when nature calls.


Though you are over the moon in love on your wedding day, we’re not referring to that sort of electricity. We mean the electricity needed to power lights, wedding music, and microphones. Keep in mind, when you’re having an outdoor wedding, the options for power. Sometimes there are outdoor outlets nearby, but other times it is impossible. In those cases it’s important to ask about your options. There are generators you can rent. Other times, vendors have battery operated options or their own generators. The last thing you want is no music, lights, or sound on your wedding day.

Cool Weather

Sometimes you pick the one fall or summer day that is surprisingly cold. While we can’t predict the weather, we can plan in advance. A great wedding favor is scarves or pashminas. Especially if you are having a fall wedding it is a good idea to plan for this scenario. Another great way to keep your guests warm is space heaters. Often venues have portable space heaters ready to go. If not, it’s important to research into heating options so you and your guests don’t freeze.


Tent, Tent, Tent! If you are having an outdoor wedding one of the smartest things you can do is get a tent if there is no pavilion. Rain happens. It’s the proverbial good luck of outdoor weddings. If your venue does not have an indoor option come rain, it’s important that a tent large enough for your wedding is in your plans. There are so many beautiful ways to decorate tents. If you do get lucky and have a sunny day, many tents have roll up walls so you can bring the outdoors in. Better to be safe than sorry so your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Did you have an outdoor wedding? What was your favorite part of having it outdoors? What were some logistical struggles? Tell us in the comments below!

Saying ‘I do’ Come Rain or Shine

The uncertainty of weather can be one of the biggest causes for anxiety when it comes to a wedding. Unless you’re getting married on the beach in a country where it never rains, then weather will be a factor whether your wedding is inside or outside, in the spring or in the fall. It’s an unavoidable inconsistency that you’ll just have to bear with. That said, here are a few tips.


Rain is probably one of the worst nightmares of anyone who’s planning a wedding. If your wedding is outside, make sure you have a solid back up plan. Does your venue have an indoor option in case of emergency? Or maybe you can hire a tent company to shelter your guests from potential rain?

Even if your event is inside, you’ll still have to get from place to place. If the forecast predicts rain for your big day, invest in some good umbrellas. Have your groomsmen do the favor of holding them to shelter guests walking into the event. If possible, plan to get dressed at your venue to reduce the amount of time you’ll spend outside all dressed up.

Talk to your hair stylist about a back up style that will be less ruined or easily fixable if it should get wet. Keep any flowers and decorations as protected as you can until the last minute. Consult with your wedding photographer, who should be able to work around the rain, whether it’s moving indoors or taking fun photos of you dancing in the rain with umbrellas!


Who doesn’t want a sunny day and blue skies for their wedding? But what if it’s unexpectedly nearly 100 degrees and unbearably humid? If you’re getting married in the middle of July or August, then that could be a real possibility, and you run the risk of ending up with overheated guests and a dress soaked with sweat! Obviously, this scenario is particularly worrying if you’re having an outdoor event.

If that’s the case, look into providing fans for your guests; they can be decorated to match your wedding theme, and your guests will definitely appreciate even the smallest opportunity to cool down. You could also look into providing plenty of water with customized water bottles, to keep everyone hydrated.

If you’ve only just started planning your outdoor wedding, look at dresses that aren’t as heavy and prone to sweating. For your man and his groomsmen, see if you can find a lighter material for their suits or tuxedos. Finally, if you’re sensitive to the sun, use make-up that has an SPF factor so that you don’t burn!


When you’re looking at the weather forecast, it’s usually the temperature, sun, and precipitation factors you look at. But it’s a good idea to check out the wind, too. Especially if you’re outdoors, a strong wind could be detrimental to you and your guests’ dresses, hair, flowers, food, and more. Keep this in mind when planning everything so that you don’t get blown away on your big day!

The bottom line is, weather is completely out of your control, and the best you can do is have a backup plan and not get too worried about it. Come rain or shine, wind or snow, put the plans in place to ensure you have a beautiful day that you will always remember.