Shredding for the Wedding

Shredding for the Wedding

Are you skinny fat? Well, skinny fat is not fit. Fit is hot. I’m not talking bodybuilder-type muscles, but toned and defined back, arms, and chest are your best accessories in a wedding dress. Shredding for the wedding versus shedding for the wedding is what to keep in mind when thinking of your dream body. Most women desire long, lean muscles or definition. As you learned before, diet is extremely important. However, fitness is also equally important.

Shredding for the Wedding

Physicians recommend that you not lose any more than 1 to 2 lbs per week. They say that it takes 3,500 calories to lose one pound. There are some easy steps to take in moving more in our busy schedules:

– Walk more and stop relying on your car

– Up your activity level to four to five days per week

– Incorporate weight lifting if you’re a “cardio bunny”

– Be adventurous and try new workout activities or classes

– Workout with your fiancé! They say that pheromones are released during workouts…hello, what a turn-on!

Shredding for the Wedding

As it was recommended with your food intake, also tracking your workouts are a smart idea to know exactly how many net calories your body is absorbing as fuel on a daily basis. Food equals fuel for your body when you are dieting, training, and building muscle.

Two great sites we recommend to track activities are: or These sites have preloaded activities of the average calories burned per exercise. To get the best results, you should wear a verifiable device such as a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Fitbug, Fitbit, or any other device that calculates your heart rate and the amount of activity you are performing.

To learn more about these devices please check out the following links:

Remember, during the stressful months of wedding planning, exercise can be a good distraction, help reduce stress and up the ante on your energy level. Exercise can be your best friend and therapy through those chaotic times!

Wedding Weight Loss and Fitness

Wedding Weight Loss and Fitness

Wedding Weight Loss and Fitness

The dreaded weight loss goal set by every bride fast approaches the final day as the months wane on. As a bride you’ve tried everything from a juicing cleanse, pills, paleo- diet and even considered liposuction. Anything’s got to be easier that resisting that dessert after a long, stressful day at work right?


Wedding Weight Loss and Fitness

We’ve got a few ideas how to make burning calories fun and exciting! Try getting out of the mindset that you need a rigorous, set routine for working out. Actually branching out and trying new work outs is great for your body so you don’t plateau. These could be exploring a new running trail, relaxing yoga or simply setting a goal to go further and harder (more reps, one more mile). A little competition between you and your groom couldn’t hurt either.


Wedding Weight Loss and Fitness

We love the idea of couples working out together. What better way to bond with your fiancé than to sweat together? If you and your man are up for adventure, we recommend rock climbing! If you’re new to the sport or have that distant memory from high school, it doesn’t matter when you start. The best part is that a partner is almost mandatory. Locally, we recommend Vertical Endeavors in Warrenville, IL. The large indoor climbing facility is located inside a Lifetime fitness gym and offers a basic safety introduction for two hours. It’s the perfect combination of burning calories and having fun with your fiancé. You will get to stay after the class as well to practice! We can’t think of a better way to symbolize marriage than by the skinny bride being able to safely belay her groom down a cliff wall.


Wedding Weight Loss and FitnessVertical Endeavors


How to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

I recently saw a story on the news about women using a feeding tube diet to get in shape fast for their wedding. I was shocked that so many brides-to-be would go to such extremes. Not only is this diet inconvenient, but it doesn’t sound safe. Even if you lose weight, quick fad diets like this almost always result in regaining the pounds. Here are five tips for getting that hot body for your big day the healthy way.

Start Early

Losing weight takes time. Sorry, all those magic shakes and pills lie. Healthy, sustainable weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. For many people, losing one to two pounds a week is considered a healthy, achievable goal.

Eat Right

Unfortunately, most of us can’t lose weight while living on cheese puffs and ice cream. Not only are these foods full of empty calories, excessive sugar, and bad fats, they also lack the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to run efficiently. The body needs protein, healthy carbs, and fruits and vegetables. If you don’t know what any of those words are, rush out and buy a healthy eating cook book right now!

Pump Some Iron

Many women focus only on cardio, but strength training is essential for weight loss. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat, so adding strength training to your routine actually helps you burn more calories during the day.

Keep Up the Cardio

Cardio, think running, walking, dancing, swimming, etc., burns fat. If you only strength train, you will build sexy curves, but they will be hidden under gross fat. Aim for three to five cardio sessions for thirty to sixty minutes every week.

Think About Allergies

Food allergies cause inflammation in your body and can make you bloated. Many women are allergic to dairy or gluten and don’t know it. If you have an allergy, eliminating the culprit can help you lose weight.

We know you want to look beautiful on your wedding day and we want you to feel gorgeous as you walk down the aisle, but don’t torture your body with unhealthy diets. Healthy weight loss is possible. All you have to do is follow the tips above and start making changes to your lifestyle. You may also want to consult with a doctor or personal trainer.