The Perfect Wedding Proposal

Ever since you were a little girl (or at least ever since you decided you were dating the man of your dreams), you’ve probably fantasized about the perfect wedding proposal. If you talk to your friends and family or search the internet, you will find countless stories of the most creative proposals as well as embarrassing proposal mishaps. Here a few inspiring, touching, funny, and shocking proposals we found on the internet. Whether you’re recently engaged or nearing the big day, it’s always fun to see other people’s engagement stories as well as reflect on your own.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

This viral video has been featured on media stations and websites. The creative groom-to-be surprised his girlfriend with a well-choreographed lip-synched performance of “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. The video features 60 people dancing in the street before the modern day Romeo finally appears and asks his girlfriend to marry him. Not only is the gesture original, romantic, and comical, but it also sets the bar high for all men who haven’t proposed yet.

Engagement Ring Lost in Sand

A groom-to-be buried the engagement in the sand on a beach for his girlfriend to find it, but he lost it. The man, who happens to be a brain surgeon, doesn’t suggest this plan to other men. Luckily, after tons of digging and some help from a professional, they found the ring and the girl said yes.

A Proposal on Home Plate

This military man, who is supposed to be overseas, surprises his girlfriend on a baseball field. She thinks she’s just throwing the first pitch of the game, but she’s about to become a bride-to-be.

Rejected on Ellen – Real or Fake?

If this clip were real, our heart would go out to this sweet man who took the risk of writing to Ellen and asking to proposal on her show. As Ellen reveals, it is all a set up, but the video went viral as people assumed it was real.  It’s still pretty believable!

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  1. Beth
    Beth says:

    That lip-dub proposal was THE BEST! What could be better than including all of your loved ones? Clearly, the whole family loves this girl and she is soooo lucky!


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