The Recycled Bride

Have you ever thought of selling your wedding dress? For some, the mere thought actually gives them heart palpitations, but for others, the day is done and the attachment is gone: why not make some money by selling the gown? Currently, there are a few sites that specialize in selling your dress for you and for many brides at up to 70% of what you paid!

Typically, according to, most gowns will resell for at least half of the original price of the gown.  Depending on condition and ability to alter or change to perfectly fit the new owner, these gowns are a great way to make some money after your big day and also a way for new brides to have a dress that may have previously been out of their price range when it was brand new. For eco- friendly brides, there is also a large recycling sentiment to buying a used dress.  Some even consider it their something new and something old.

Junko Yoshioka Estee

We have read all over some of the things modern brides are doing when they sell their gowns.  For some, it comes down to recouping some of the expense of their dream wedding, while for others, it is a way to clean house and treat themselves to something new they can actually wear again.  One bride we spoke to decided to sell her Vera Wang gown and buy a gorgeous piece of jewelry to commemorate the day.  Every time she wears it (everyday!) she thinks of all the wonderful memories her marriage has brought to her life. The trend continues with brides gifting their grooms with luxe watches with beautiful inscriptions and in other ways like treating yourself to a surprise anniversary trip to mark a year of marriage.

Vera Wang Eliza

Many brides are still unsettled about whether they could actually part with their gown. We are totally on the fence! On one hand,  there is nothing more romantic and traditional than saving your dress for your daughter’s wedding or being able to hang it beautifully in your closet to see amongst your other clothes as a reminder of your personal style and the most fabulous dress you might own. To the contrary, we kind of love the modern idea of using the dress as a catalyst for something new in your married life. Either way, the dress will always live on forever in your wedding photographs and can we seen at anytime just by glancing through your albums.

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