The Sweet Smell of Bliss

The Sweet Smell of Bliss

The Sweet Smell of Bliss. It’s no wonder that with all of the crazy planning and attention to detail that comes along with weddings, that brides actually forget to take time for themselves and savor the sweetest of details. We happen to think that choosing a special perfume for your wedding day is ultra romantic and also something that both you and your groom with remember forever. What better way to ignite the senses and have something that only exists in your minds ( and vanity tray!) for years to come. We love the idea of wearing the scent on special occasions and anniversaries to remind you where you started out. And with so many to choose from, we have picked a few of the best with the low down on what kind of bride should wear them!

Marc Jacobs Daisy:  Fun, bright, and whimsical! And that’s just the bottle! But the name Daisy isn’t for nothing! The sweet and youthful flower creates a bold yet innocent undertone to this floral masterpiece. This is perfect for the natural bride, or gal who prefers an outdoor setting. Daytime affairs are also perfect pairs to this fragrance. We have no idea why, but this bottle puts us in a super fun mood and is only to be worn by the most cheerful of brides!

marc jacobs

Miss Dior Cheri:  As if the delightful ads featuring the gorgeous Natalie Portman aren’t enough to make you sprint out to buy a bottle, then possibly the gorgeous bottle itself is! With a sweet bow tie topping adorned on each one, this is definitely a special occasion scent. And what girl doesn’t want to wear a little Dior for their big day? This one is hard to beat and with its notes of sweet vanilla and classic, soft yet playful hints, you simply cannot go wrong.

Miss Dior

Chanel No.5 : Ahh, the quintessential fragrance. Some believe that this one scent is a must-have beauty buy for the ages. Women of all decades swear by it and it translates perfectly between a big night out to a walk down the aisle. Brides take note: When in doubt, wear Chanel. period.


Vera Wang: Classic, crisp, clean and made just for you by the Queen of Weddings. Ms. Wang is now known for her taste in fragrance with her namesake spritz and we must agree that she has us smitten. We think the bottle would pair perfectly with a Vera gown, making it a stellar photo-op.

Vera Wang


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