There’s An App For That!

Just when you thought there was an app for everything (and there is) a pleasant surprise for those of us in the wedding biz has come along that will revolutionize your planning experience. Appy Couple, is an invite-only way to create your custom wedding app for your very own wedding! Finally, something we can use! You would think for the most important day of your life there would be plenty of tech savvy tools for the iPad and iPhone, and in some regards there are, but for the more modern couple, the widely accepted and ultra popular wedding website is just a little too last season.

Appy Couple is like having your very own personal graphic designer custom curate templates and color palettes that reflect your own personal wedding style.  When you begin designing the app, there are more color schemes, personalization and gallery options than you could imagine. There’s even a fun animated champagne- bubble screen that you or your guests can compile “toasts” and other sweet salutations.

Now down to the practical stuff: hotel info, calendar of events and countdown clock are all right there for everyone involved to access down to the minute changes or instructions.  You can even RSVP to each event right from your smartphone or tablet.  And for guests who are only invited to the wedding and maybe not the rehearsal or bachelorette party? No problem, you can control which guests see what content and make sure there are no communication errors in between!  All content, including messages and photos, uploads in real time so guests and members of the bridal party can stay up-to-date (if they choose). Guests can also upload their photos and post messages and toasts on the couple’s message board.

Like other great inventions, this one was inspired by the creator’s real life experience and lack of technological resources when it came to keeping order in helping plan her sister’s 500 person wedding. With countless other events leading up to the big day, they both certainly would have benefited from this genius little tool.  And with its major assortment of layout and custom designs, the app is as gorgeous as it is practical. Some brides are using it as an extension of their wedding décor, by dropping little hints about the colors, flowers, and look of the day by using some of that in their app.  We suggest you jump on over to their site and check out this cool new idea that you will no doubt be seeing everywhere soon. And hurry, this app is free for now, but the company is planning to expand and start launching price packages later this fall.  Along with the new pricing, they promise even more options and customizations. We can only imagine they will be stunning and well worth the price of a download!

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