Tips for a Fruitful Marriage

We just love new ideas when it comes to decorating your wedding tables!  Perhaps there is no better way to make a statement than with a show-stopping tablescape that mimics your weddings central theme.  When scanning all of the new trends and timeless accents, we find ourselves always drawn to elements that are both natural and extremely elegant.   Flowers are always our favorite go-to, but there seems to be another “from the earth” statement piece making quite a name for itself of the décor circuit: FRUIT!

fruit centerpiece 1

Studio Benjamin James

From citrus for summer soirees to plums and deep hued pears for Fall fetes, we keep seeing this trend used year after year to compliment florals and greenery.  It sounds like it couldn’t be any simpler, but using fruits and other seasonal objects can maximize their statement when used in some pretty interesting new ways. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use fruit right now!

fruit centerpiece 3

Summer Citrus:  Fresh, vibrant, and fragrant!  Meyer lemons, key limes, and gorgeous navel oranges are all bright and fun but can also add a certain whimsy to a summer wedding.  Our favorite look is taking lemons in bulk and keeping the look monochromatic. That means large revere bowls overflowing with stacked lemons, various sizes of apothecary jars filled to the brim with even more lemons and bud vases and bowl filled with yellow flowers interspersed between the displays.  We say when it comes to the big, bold colors of summer, keeping things all one tone maintains a level of elegance that is imperative for a wedding.  We also love sliced lemons bordering a clear glass vase that is filled with bright yellow roses, tulips, or daisies.  Fun summer flowers like ranunculus can also be a fun addition to the mix!  For those ready to really mix it up, we say it’s okay to throw in a small pop of green with some key limes and lemon leaves. The mix of greenery and long garland with lemons and limes or even oranges mixed in can be a really fresh and organic way to celebrate!

fruit centerpiece 5

Jennifer Weems Photography

Fruits of Fall:  The deep colors of Fall make the season one of our absolute favorites for any event, especially weddings.  In recent years, September and October have replaces Spring and summer months as the most popular for couples to say “I do.” And we can totally see why:  Perfectly rouge plums, pomegranates, and pears are the perfect show pieces for an Autumn affair.  Mixed with plush, deep hued florals and accented by napkins or menus tied with natural raffia, runners of burlap or small natural linen satchel bags, we can hardly resist this look!

fruit centerpiece 4

fruit centerpiece 2

Martha Stewart Weddings

So when planning your event, don’t forget to think of all of the seasonal elements, not just flowers.  Fruits also prove to be a huge money saver considered how much bang you get for your buck. We love seeing this trend and hope its homage to all things natural continues!

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