vendor spotlight drybar

Vendor Spotlight Drybar

vendor spotlight drybarVendor Spotlight Drybar. We’ve been hearing about this new phenomenon for awhile: A trip to the salon JUST for a blow out that keeps your hair styled and perfectly coifed for days. For some, it was an insider secret of the fashionable and super elite. Picture those always put together Upper East sider women heading to power lunches who simply don’t have the time ( or the desire) to give themselves the every exhausting blow out. But now, the “blowout” is more accessible and closer than ever, with a local haunt here in Chicago that is creating quite the loyal following.

Drybar, is an exclusive blow dry bar in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood that is attracting throngs of hair obsessed ladies from all over. And what sets this place apart from the rest is the attention to detail like the complimentary cocktails and great flicks being played on repeat on TV’s throughout the ultra chic salon space.

And the price really can’t be beat. For 40 bucks door to door you can walk in with a hot mess or usual wet bun and walk out a swingy-haired glamazon ready for a special night out or just a work week that leaves very little time for hair maintenance. The hours are super convenient with appointments starting as early as 7 AM and staying open late so that you can get a quick blow out for your early morning flight the next day.

We are obsessed with this idea for brides too. Who wouldn’t love to show up to their rehearsal dinner or bridal shower with hair that looks almost too good? Without the unintended hair nightmare of a self-one updo, Drybar keeps things simple in the best way possible. It literally takes your hair to new levels- more volume, better staying power, and several types of blow outs to fit each customer’s specific needs and events.

The super cute website boasts a simple “menu” that includes blow outs for little ones, at- home services ( what a dream!),  updos and all kinds of add ons like conditioning treatments and scalp massages. And if you think getting your girls together for some pre-wedding pampering is in order, they even do private parties! Perfect for the wedding and beyond, Drybar is our newest obsession- we dare you to try it and NOT go back! CONTACT DRYBAR

Heart and Soul from drybar on Vimeo.

vendor spotlight drybarvendor spotlight drybar

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