Vendor Spotlight: Kio Kreations

Kio Kreations

Contact Us
(630) 862-5486
Located in Naperville, IL serving Chicago and suburbs

What is your vision/mission statement?
We are a boutique event florist and creative services company offering unique, one-of-a-kind designs for awesome couples.

What sets you apart from your competition?
Our creativity and acute attention to detail cannot be surpassed

What can an engaged couple expect their experience to be like with your company?
They will actually get excited about wedding flowers and look forward to seeing our awesome designs at their wedding. They will have a better understanding of what they need, what their flowers and decor will look like, and what level of service they should expect.

What advice to you have for couples when considering booking a florist?
Ask questions, bring inspiration, and be wowed. If you are not wowed, meet with more florists!

What type of online tools do you provide for your couples?
We have an extensive gallery of our work on our website as well as an additional gallery on Flickr. We send quotes out the day we meet with couples and try to do as much via email and online as possible to make the wedding planning process faster and easier for our clients.

How has your business grown or changed since inception?
Kio Kreations was founded in 2004, and has grown exponentially since its inception. We still hold ourselves to strong design standards and are always trying new things, new methods and using new materials to change with the times. We like to be creative trendsetters in our industry while still being affordable for most couples.

What do you enjoy most about weddings?
I love making a fantastic bridal bouquet and then getting an awesome reaction from the bride when I drop it off. I love when they tear up, scream with excitement, and/or hug me. It is my favorite part of the job.

Please enjoy the following floral designs from Kio Kreations.





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